Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 271

Chapter 29

“You are the same with my ex wife. I give you my heart, my love, my affection and you abused it by ending up in bed with another man?” He asked in fury.

He wanted to kill her and bury her with her brother.

“I will revenge the pain you caused me now and the pain my ex wife caused me on you alone.” He carried her in that same hand and took her to where a large table was.

He threw all the books and files there away making it scatter to the ground then he slammed her on the table.

Amy let out a painful cry.

You ******* cheat! you deserve death,” he said and removed his hand from her neck. Amy immediately began to cough, she almost coughed out her life.

Broderick looked around for how he can torture this woman, who dared to cheat on him, to death. He then sighted an acid.

He walked towards where the bottle of acid is and brought it over, “this is an acid, I’ll disfigure your face, your breast and your stinking *****. You evil woman.” Broderick‘s heart was hurting as he was saying this.

Whereas, Irvin has already woke up, when he saw Broderick open the bottle of acid and was ready to pour it on her sister, he immediately carried a plank and ran to hit it on Broderick‘s head. The plank was so heavy that he expected for Broderick

to fall.

But it was as if a foam was thrown to a mountain, Broderick only knew that something hit him, he didn’t feel a single pain.

Chapter 29

He turned and threw the acid away then sent Irvin crashing to the far end of the wall of the room with his hard kick.

Irvin was also strong so he immediately stood and cried,” I‘m sorry I have to fight you boss but I can‘t let you hurt my sister.”

“I‘ll kill you and your cheating sister,” Broderick said and Irvin flew towards him to attack him. Although Irvin was short, he was skilled in fighting.

All the blows he was sending was being guided skillfully by Broderick, Amy had used this opportunity to stand and ran to the exit of the door.

Irvin hit Broderick in the mouth all of a sudden making Broderick adjust back, he spat out blood and the fury in his face increased.

“You made me spit blood?” Broderick roared like like an angry liom,” I‘ll let you have your final breath.” He charged at him angrily and hit him unexpectedly in his stomach, Irvin bent out of pain and coughed then he him in his jaw then in his back and then in his nose.

Irvin lost all strength with these consistent and fast hits and fall, Broderick stood on him and kicked him with his hard shoe in the groin, Irvin felt as if his ******* will break.

Amy felt like Broderick will kill her brother so she ran to Lucifer‘s room.

“Broderick is about killing my brother and I, can you save us?” Amy asked quickly. Lucifer is the only person who can svae them at this moment.

Chapter 29

“Yes, untie me quick,” he requested.

The ropes that Lucifer was tied with was so thick that Amy couldn‘t loos it with her hand, but luckily, she sighted a knife. She picked up the knife and cut the ropes loose in no time.

Lucifer stood and roared as he beat his chest hard, “I, Lucifer, it‘s my time for revenge.” He then said to Amy,” Lead me to Broderick quick.”

Amy ran as fast as she could while Lucifer ran after her, Lucifer entered at a time when Irvin‘s face was covered entirely with blood. One could not recognize Irvin again.

Broderick was standing and hitting his face with the sole of his shoe while groaning in pain,” those who fight Broderick Alessandro don‘t always live to tell the stories.”

“You! Broderick, today is your death day,“. Lucifer said and threw a knife swiftly to Broderick. He had picked up the knife that Amy used to unloose the rope that he was tied with.

Before Broderick could guide the knife, it hit him hard on his shoulder making blood spill immediately plus the knife was stuck deep inside of him.

He ran to Irvin and helped him up, then carried him in his shoulder, ‘let me help you carry him to the hospital.” He began to run out with Irvin.”

When the underground soldiers wanted to stop Lucifer, Amy motioned for them not to stop. Soon, Lucifer, Amy and Irvin was outside of the portal.

Amy suddenly felt bad for Broderick, what if he dies?

Chapter 29

“Hold on!” She said to Lucifer and ran back to the underworld, she saw Broderick leaning on the wall and groaning in pain.

“Broderick, why are you angry because I have *** with Lucifer, huh?” She shouted angrily,” as if you don‘t have a past too.”

Broderick felt like throwing Amy inside a pit filled with snakes, with an angry look, he said,” you cheated on me and made fresh the wound that my late wife caused me.”

“I didn‘t cheat on you.”

“You ******* cheat on me!” Broderick shouted back.

“I didn‘t cheat on you. We haven’t even met eachother when I had *** with Lucifer. It happened many years ago, I had just clocked eighteen and went to WestHill with my friends for some sight seeing and for tourism purpose, I fell in love with Lucifer who was a prince then cause he was charming and gave him my first time. Actually, it lead to pregnancy.” Her voice trailed off and tears streamed down her face.

“When I noticed that I was pregnant, that was two weeks after I returned back to North Hill. I was still in college and was scared of what my stepmother and father will do to me if they get to know. They will literally stop me from schooling and make my life miserable.”

She continued, with tears on her face, “I didn‘t tell anyone ! was pregnant and I also didn’t tell anyone before I aborted it.”

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