Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 270

Chapter 28

“Martha has a rare and powerful blood. According to history, someone with such type of blood only gets to be seen once in a hundred years. I used Martha’s blood to cure my long-term secret illness. So, I owe her. Helping her to recover her health is not enough, I also want to help her get the man she loves,” Lucifer said.

“And you see where that has landed you? I‘ll say it again, Lucifer, Broderick is not someone you want to fight with. He’s too smart,” Amy said.

“Just save me, please,” Lucifer said.

“I can‘t help you,” Amy said.

“Then I’ll spill the secrete between us to Broderick,” he threatened and spat another mouthful of blood that had stored in his mouth.

“He won‘t believe you, he will assume you were talking rubbish. Did you even have prove?” Amy asked.

Lucifer frowned,” Amy, don‘t dare me. I don‘t want to spoil the relationship that is already working out between you and Broderick.”

“I advise you don‘t say what will make Broderick command his men to beat yoto death,” with that being said, Amy walked away and walked over to the room that Broderick was.

She saw Broderick resting on the sofa with eyes closed, she went to lay on him merrily and kissed his neck, “my man!” She caressed his chin softly but Broderick remained stiffed and didn‘t open his eyes.

She raised her head up and kissed his succulent lips yet Broderick remained stiff. “Broderick, are you sleeping?”

Broderick opened his eyes slowly, there was anger glaring on his face, that made Amy scared that she had to withdraw her

body from his.

“What‘s the secret between you and Lucifer?” Broderick asked.

Amy was shocked. She didn‘t expect for Broderick to have heard.

Actually, there was a webcam and microphone in the room that Lucifer was so Broderick heard and saw it all.

“Broderick,” she swallowed and didn‘t know how to tell it to him.

Broderick sat upright and asked again,” what‘s the secret between you two?”

Amy just stuttered, she couldn‘t say it. Broderick then barged out of the room and walked inside the room that Lucifer is,” tell me.”

Lucifer raised his face up to him and asked,” what?”

“The secret between you and Amy.”

Lucifer was also surprised that he knew there was a secret. Although he threatened Amy with it, he didn‘t have a plan of spilling it out to Broderick, at least not yet.

“Erm…there is really not secrete,” as soon as he said this, Broderick threa punch to his mouth that sent two of his

Chapter 28

front teeth falling to the floor.

Broderick walked over to where the plier is and picked it up, “I’ll pluck out the rest of your teeth if you dare to lie to me.”

Seeing the anger and fury on his face, Lucifer spoke,” Amy and I had ***.”

Broderick‘s heart sunk to his belly, he smiled incredibly and looked around the room wondering if he was dreaming,” what did you say?”

“We had *** during the time that she was in prison. I didn‘t drug her, I invited her to my office and one thing lead to the other and we had ***,” Lucifer said without any remorse on his face.

Broderick felt as if a hot fire from **** was being poured to his body, he felt burnt both in his heart and his body. He gritted his teeth in pain. The pain that held onto his heart was incredible that he could not help but let the tears that quickly welled up in his face fall.

When Lucifer saw him crying, he smirked,” sorry man! You really can‘t trust women.”

Broderick turned to the wall and hit his head hard on it as if he was begging for death. He had a scratch on his forehead that made blood start spilling.

He turned back to Lucifer with a ****** face, Lucifer’s smirk dissapeared at once and fear gripped onto his soul. Broderick looked like a blood sucking demon from the deepest part of ****.

Chapter 28

He turned and walked out. When he got inside his room, he couldn‘t find Amy in his room.

He screamed in anger,” Amy!” The blood in his head was still dripping down his nose to his mouth.

When he got no response, he began to search for her in the dungeon, he finally heard some sounds coming from Irvin‘s room.

Without knocking, he kicked the door with his leg and the the door fell off, “You had *** with Lucifer?” He asked her with a broken heart.

Amy had come to Irvin for safety cause of the fear of what Broderick may do to her. Amy immediately hide behind Irvin.

“Boss, please tamper mercy with justice,” Irvin pleaded.

“Scram!” Broderick yelled on Irvin.

“Boss, she‘s my sister, ” even Irvin was scared that Broderick may just kill Amy.

“I say scram!” Broderick shouted on Irvin but he would not leave the side of his sister.

It‘s in the rules of the underworld that a subordinate dare not to refuse their leader, even if the leader command them to die, they must immediately drown themselves in the sea or shoot themselves in the head yet Irvin disobeyed him twice.

Broderick walked over to him in anger and threw a heavy blow to his cheek, Irvin fell to the floor immediately and fainted. Broderick had used all his power as the *** of war to hit him

Chapter 28

Who is Irvin to Broderick? Its like comparing a goat to a lion.

Amy immediately bent before Irvin and shouted, “brother! brother!” Amy thought that Irvin was dead. The blow was just too heavy. It sounds as if a heavy mountain was thrown to Irvin‘s cheek.

Broderick grabbed her in the neck and pulled her up angrily, he slammed her to the wall in a hard way, it was as if her back with break.

“How does my heart looks to you? A toy you can play with ?” He was carrying her in such a way that her legs couldn‘t touch the ground and she was loosing life fast as she could barely breath.

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