Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 269

Chapter 27

Brett had not seen the sun nor the moon for the past eight days. He was being given hard beans only as food and it happens only once a day. He was hoping that somedayBroderick Alessandro will get him out of here.

The first gate that leads to the dungeon he was got opened, then the second gate and the third gate until the fifth gate was opened. The dungeon is deep down under the palace, no one has been kept there for centuries not even Broderick.

Brett was immediately made to stand and then getting dragged out. He couldn‘t see anyone‘s face cause the darkness in the dungeon was thick. The darkness will make anyone think they are blind. There is no difference between closing your eyes and opening your eyes.

Brett was immediately taken to the center of the large field before East Hill palace. A burning flame had been set there and the heat alone is enough to stop anyone from breathing.

Brett suspected what was about to happen and pulled back,” please don‘t throw me, please!” Brett was damned scared of death. What‘s worse, he will be dieing inside a fire. This kind of heavy fire will not only burn his body to ashes but also burn his skeleton to nothing.

Whereas, Nolan said to Lucifer, they were still standing before the ruined palace at West Hill,” if we kill Brett, it means we have nothing against Broderick anymore. Broderick loves Brett and we can keep him as hostage. Remember the person whom we are after is Broderick and not Brett?” He suggested.

“You made sense, if he hasn’t been killed yet, tell your men to send him over here,” Lucifer said.

“This place is ruined and is far from safe. Brett can easily be made to escape here. East Hill is heavily guarded as I speak to you and you can be sure that Brett is safe,” Nolan said. He knew that the calamity what had befallen Lucifer‘s country would not let him think rationally so Nolam was trying to make him see things the right way.

Lucifer sighed,” okay, keep him.”

Nolan immediately placed a call across for Brett to be back to the dungeon.

“I want to strike Broderick back in a way that will hurt him and everything he loves,” Lucifer said.

A rope was immediately thrown down and the rope tied itself hard around Lucifer, in a jiffy, Lucifer was dralwed up in the air. If firstly looked like magic in the first two seconds but after the aeroplane on top had dragged Lucifer inside, Nolan came to consciousness.

Before the aeroplane could drive away, a letter was thrown to the floor from it then the aeroplane drove away.

Nolan shifted back first and Martha quickly went to hold onto him, “Lucifer has been taken away,” Martha said fearfully.

“This Broderick is becoming something else,” Nolan said and went to where the letter had dropped. He picked up the letter and it reads,” Lucifer of course, will now be in my custody. I know his death may not affect you much but if I can destroy Lucifer’s country and capture Lucifer, don‘t think I can‘t destroy you, Nolan. I’ll say this for the last time, Release Brett.”

Nolan shivered in fear, he suddenly felt unsafe. It was as if Broderick was somewhere looking at him.

“Martha, we are not safe, let’s go to East Hill.” Nolan said.

Martha feels safer with Lucifer than Nolan, nonetheless, she trusted that Nolan can not hurt her. North Hill is dangerous for her to stay now so she better elope with him to a safe place.

Nolan and Martha soon got inside the presidential aeroplane and they both got driven to EastHill.

In the underworld, at North Hill. Broderick stood before Lucifer in one of the rooms that was available at the far end of the underworld. The room was brightened and there were only two chairs in the room.

One was a royal kingly chair where Broderick sat while the other was a metal chair where Lucifer sat. Lucifer was dressed in only pant and had been tied to the chair. He had been beaten mercilessly that he now had all sort of scars all over his body. His head could barely stand on his neck, he looked weak, exhausted and like someone that will die soon.

“Didn‘t you sayou were the *** of the world, huh, Lucifer?” Broderick asked. “You made me a president and also betrayed me, you liased with Sir Wesley and with the support of tens of countries, you think you can defeat me?” Broderick asked.

Maybe because Lucifer had been beaten to an extent that life was almost crawling out of his mouth, he couldn‘t talk.

Broderick stood and walked out then saw Amy im the hallway. He had appeared behind her, “Amy!” She called and Amy turned immediately at him.

Chapter 27

“Where are you heading to?”

“To the kitchen,” she lied. Actually, she wanted to go and check where Broderick is. He had heard of loud cries of someone in the room that Broderick was and she wants to see whom this person is.

Broderick smiled and said,” are you lying to me?”

“Yes…sorry? …I wanted to come and see who you are with in that room,” Amy said.

“It‘s Lucifer. I captured him,” Broderick said.

“Lucifer? Was he the one been beaten that way?” She asked.

“Sure, he even deserved death,” Broderick said.

“Indeed. Can I check on him? Like, I just want to see him,” she said and Broderick nodded.

“I‘ll be inside our room,” he said and walked away

Amy then walked inside the room that Lucifer was. Once Lucifer saw her, he spat his mouthful of blood and said,” Amy! Save me.”

When he saw that Amy was just looking at him without saying a word, he said,” I don‘t love you anymore, the feeling is dead, I don‘t care if you are with Nolan or with Broderick. I was just trying to be a ruler of most countries and also helping Martha to revenge.”

Amy hummed and asked,” why are you helping Martha to revenge?”

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