Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 268

Chapter 26

“It‘s too risky, bro… What if we get shut? Since you already came over with thousands of men, they should be able to deal with it,” Nolan said.

Lucifer smiled,” you seem scared of Broderick.”

“At this point, I must admit.” Nolan said

“I‘ll end Broderick, this, I assure you,” Lucifer said but his phone rang after he said this.

Seeing that it was his head of soldiers at West Hill, he immediately answered it,” what?” He asked.

“My king, the palace is on fire and so many places are being destroyed,” he said making Lucifer‘s heart almost fall off.

“What are you talking about?” Lucifer asked.

“Some men came over with jets flying in the air and started to throw bomb everywhere, even me…” This was the last word he said before Lucifer heard a loud blast.

“******* Broderick!” Lucifer shouted.

“What‘s wrong?” Nolan and Martha asked at the same time.

“I don‘t know how he knew that I have left WestHill with many men, his men are over there destroying my country,“Lucifer almost cried.

“I kept a lot of golds inside my palace, is this how I‘ll loose them all,” Lucifer sunk to the couch sadly.

The entire room fell into a drop dead silence as the three adults in the room, Nolan, Lucifer and Martha had fear of

Broderick Alessandro written all over their face.

Whereas, Irvin was flying the jet in the air alongside his men, happily throwing big bombs all over West Hill, he was even laughing and then said to Broderick who was on call;” sir…hahaha…I won‘t leave West Hill until it is deserted. We will make it a land that had once existed.”

On the other end, Broderick said,” those who don‘t know about Broderick Alessandro are those who don‘t fear me.”

Broderick shouted from the center of the first big hall in the underworld that he was standing,” My name is Broderick Alessandro.”

All the soldiers of the underworld who had returned untouched and unharmed to the underworld all echoed. “Tthe most powerful man in North Hill!”

Broderick smiled,” Now I need to get my boy out.” Broderick was referring to Brett.

Broderick told Amy about where he was heading to and told her not to worry or fear as the underground world is the safest for anyone in North Hill.

Broderick picked a few men with him and flew over to East Hill however, there were men at their embassy who started firing missiles.

They lost a bird and some men but had to return back. EastHill was heavily guarded at this moment.

After Broderick’s birds and that of his soldiers had landed, they all returned back to the underworld but it was late at


Broderick walked inside the room that Amy was in a frustrated manner, although his wife and kids were here, Brett was also very important to him.

He needs to get Brett out first before he would get rid of Lucifer and Nolan. Unless he sees Brett, he would not be able to fight with Nolan and Lucifer directly. He thought it was wise to get Brett out first.

He kissed Amy in the forehead and went to the bath then laid beside him, Amy immediately hugged him out of fear, she mumbled, “save me?” But her eyes were still closed.

Broderick knew that she was having a nightmare so she cuddled her tenderly and said, “my woman, I‘m here with your. No harm will befall you.”

In a jiffy, he also fell asleep.

One week later, WestHill, the glorious and beautiful country, the country with the fastest growing economy has unfortunately now become a ruin, many of her citizens had vacated as a result of the non stop shooting and bomb. A country with over five million population including male and female now remained less than 300,000. Even the three hundred thousand people that left are those in the rural part of WestHill where the chaos hasn‘t hit.

Lucifer and Nolan arrived at WestHill today cause it was yesterday that Irvin and his men finally left WestHill. Irvin and his men made WestHill devoid of peace for six consequtive days. Burning their oil resovier, bombing all the companies that produce things needed for the country to keep surviving

and bombing heavy assets.

When Lucifer got before his palace that use to compete in beauty with the palace at EastHill, he fell to his knees and cried. The palace was now in ruin, all the beauty is gone and there was not a single soldier around. They had all fled for their life.

Lucifer felt empty, as for all the countries who are backing him, he has to sign an agreement before he can use their soldiers but he didn‘t bother to use them cause he beleived he can handle Broderick alone.

He didn‘t know that Broderick is far from a human being, he‘s a beast, He‘s truly a wind that is impossible to catch.

Lucifer carried the sand of East Hill in his hand and mourned by pouring the sand on his jelly hair, while Nolan and Martha simply stood behind him. They felt very pathetic for him.

Lucifer gritted his teeth hard and shouted,” Broderick Alessandro, you have made my city a ruin, I‘ll destroy everything you have laboured for.” He cried even.more. His heart hurting terribly.

Nolan knew that EastHill was very safe as there were soldiers all around EastHill eagerly waiting to take down anyone who dares to come in, either by water, by land or by air.

“Broderick‘s personal assistant is with me,” Nolan said.

Lucifer stood with fury all over his face and said,” command your men to give him a painful death then bring me his head. I want to hand his PA’s head to him personally as gift when we meet.”

“Okay,” Nolan immediately placed a call across to head of security at EastHill, ” kill Brett.”

“Copy that.”

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