Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 267

Chapter 25

Amy’s heart was throbbing, the chaos in P Prison was too much and blood had litered everywhere.

In the future, her children will sure have stories to tell.

Amy looked at the fearful look on her kid‘s face and felt so sorry for them, “we will soon be in a safe place, okay?” Just as Amy finished saying this, the car made a screech.

Broderick wasn‘t the one driving so he shouted on the driver, “what happened?”

The driver parked in the middle of the long road and saw the one of the tires bursted, he immediately told Broderick what happened.

“Drive like that!” He commanded.


“Did we have a ******* choice? I said drive like that,” the driver immediately got in and drove with the wheel until they were a distance away to the portal.

“Sir, if I drive to the portal, the wheel of the car had been making marks on the road and hence, they can easily trace us to the portal. It‘s better we get down here and run to the portal.” He said.

“Nice idea,” Broderick got down and helped the kids and Amy to get down the car after which they all began to run to the portal. Once they got there, Broderick sqautted to the ground and punctured a code, the portal gave way and they all climbed the stairs down to the underworld after which the man who drive closed the portal.

Chapter 25

Whereas, there was still heavy fights going on in North Hill. Every citizens were stuck in their houses and no one dare to step out.

Broderick lead the kids and Amy inside one of the available rooms and then took the boys inside the bathroom, bath for them and began to change their dress into a nice cloth while he told Amy to go and bath for the girls.

In a jiffy, the kids were all looking fresh, clean and calm. The look of fear on their face had vanished as the underground world was as quiet as a graveyard.

“Come with me,” Broderick lead Amy to the bathroom, undress her and placed her gently on the bathtub.

“Is it bad to make love in the middle of chaos?”

“Why should we stop having fun?” Amy asked and they both giggled.

Broderick bathed her tenderly then he also went to stood under the shower and bath himself. Now that the both of them were clean and naked, he helped her out of the bathtub and pinned her gently to the wall.

He made her back him and then he spanked her round *** gently making Amy to moan.

Broderick centered his **** right on her ***** and pushed it in gently, the fact that she was very wet already made it easy for his **** to go inside of her deeply.

“Oh my! I‘ve missed it,” Amy said and Broderick spanked her *** hard and pushed in deep then he began to thrust in and

out of her while she kept moaning in pleasure.

He found her left breast with his hand and played with it even as he continued ******* her, he played with her ******* for a while then pulled out and suddenly turned her towards him.

He carried her in his arms and ensured that her ***** swallowed up his **** while Amy curved her two arms around his neck. He began to hit her *** right on his waist making her ***** to keep swallowing his very hard ****. It was a very sweet session of *** that neither of them wished for it to stop.

His head find his way to her breast and he sucked on the ******* tenderly even as he keeps ******* her hard, when Amy was about getting tired as the very sweet *** had lasted for up to thirty minutes, Broderick placed her down gently.

Amy could barely stand as her legs had become jelly, he made her kneel to the ground and set her *** in a doggy style, he pushed in his **** and ****** her so hard until his **** felt an even greater amount of pleasure.

He suddenly released mercilessly inside of her while breathing erratically, Amy also clenched her fist had and tightened her eyes so hard as she released some hard substances from her *****.

Both felt releived and calm, he took her to the shower and they both showered together.

Whereas, Nolan was pacing to and fro the living room, he had heard of the chaos and he knew this was Broderick. He didn‘t expect for Broderick to even make an attempt to fight with them.

A knock landed on the door as if it was urgent and he walked quickly to the door, “who the **** is there?”

“It‘s Martha.”

Nolan opened the door and Martha walked in. He immediately closed the door back.

“Hope you are not traced here?” He asked.

“Not at all,” Martha immediately went to sit.

“All the prisoners in P Prison had escaped and the entire North Hill is in chaos. Broderick caused chaos in North Hill after going to EastHill to cause chaos, what sort of a man is he?” Martha asked in confusion.

“Sincerely, I also can‘t understand. He‘s really too mysterious. Whenever he says, I‘m Broderick Alessandro, the most powerful man in North Hill, I used to think he was bragging not until now that I see the way things are unfolding.” He said.

“This is serious, what do we do now? I‘m sure Amy would have escaped from prison,” Martha said.

It‘s no wonder Amy spoke with confident that she was not leaving the prison. She must have known that Broderick has a plan.

“Is the presidential lodge safe?” Nolan asked.

“Yes, Broderick‘s Soldiers didn’t attack us but he attacked every single station of the police and the barracks of the soldiers, I wonder where Broderick’s soldiers were getting bomb, if they keep bombing everywhere this way, won’t North Hill become deserted?” Martha asked.

Chapter 25

Nolan received a call from Lucifer at this moment and on answering it, Lucifer spoke,” Nolan, hope you are safe?”

“Yes, I am. I‘m in my house at North Hill but did the COB still have everything under control?” He asked.

“No, he told me he has lost all men but I’ve almost arrived at North Kill with over ten thousand soldiers. I‘ll end Broderick Alessandro today,” Lucifer said.

“Alright, ” Nolan said and Lucifer hung the call up.

Once Lucifer arrived with his men in about three hundred aeropanes, they immediately dispersed for battle.

Lucifer however drove over to Nolan‘s house and on getting there, he knocked and once Nolan confirmed that he was the one, he opened the door for him and he stepped in.

“Nolan, can we fight together?” Lucifer asked.

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