Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 266

Chapter 24 

“One of things I adore the most about you is that you are always confident no matter how severe the situation is.” Amy said. 

Broderick smiled, “Let me get you to sleep then I can leave.” 

“When did you plan on getting us out of here?” She asked. 

“In twenty four hours. Just don’t panic, no matter what happens, okay?” He asked and Amy nodded. 

He helped Amy to lay on the bed then sat beside her, Amy even laid her head on his lap while praying for all these obstacles around them to die down soon so they can live a happy ever after. 

It took almost an hour before Amy eventually fell asleep, Broderick placed his head down gently and then stood and walked out. 

He took his time to survey the entire prison and other cops who saw him didn’t suspect anything, they thought he was only on patrol. 

Seven hours later, Broderick stood before eighht thousand men in the underworld. 

He had divided the men into groups and had told each groups which part of the country to attack. He chose the smartest 

group with him and assigned them to attack the prison. 

“Dead is unavoidable. Whoever is scared to die should raise his hand?” Broderick asked in the dead silence world. 

No one raised their hand. This was what all of them are born to do. Irvin was standing right before Broderick. 

Chapter 24 

“Once it is 12PM in the midnight, we strike,” Broderick said and Irvin made a gesture that made everyone began to walk out one after the other. 

The plan was to hang around where thewere to attack and pretend to be civilian until it is time to attack. 

Whereas, Nolan had got better except for the injury in his left eye. He hasn’t been able to see verwell with his left eye so he had to keep using a shade. 

Today, he had flown through the air over to North Hill to meet with Amy. 

Nolan stood in a reserved office at P Prison while the cops went to bring Amy and the kids. In a jiffy, Amy sat before Nolan while the kids sat on the second rows of seat available. 


“What? Are you happy that I’m in prison?” Nolan asked. 

“Happy? I have always loved youWhy did you think I’ll ever be happy for your predicament? Amy, I’m here to take you 

and the kids back to EastHill.” 

“Did you want to drug me again?” Amy asked. 

“Despite the fact that you tried to kill me by drink poisoning, I still love you. I know you could not have done something like that yourself, someone obviously told you to do it,” Nolan said. 

“But why should you let yourself become a murderer? I know I’m wrong by bringing you here without your consent but Amy, try to understand my feelings for you,” Nolan said. 

“Nolan, I don’t love you,” Amy said. “And…I don’t like you anymore. The only person I like and love is the father of my children, Broderick Alessandro. He may be harsh, strict and all that but he’s the one my heart chose.” 

“Amy!” Nolan said with a painful heart. 

“This is my decision.” 

“Did you want to spend the rest of your life here? If I did not get you out of here then there is no one that can get you out, you know this, right?” Nolan asked. “It’s either you follow me back to East Hill where you and the kids will be able to live a very comfortable life than to be inside a cell with your six kids. These cell can barely contain two people,” Nolan said. 

“Nolan, I’m not following you to EastHill. Let my children and I remain in jail,” Amy then stood and told one of the cops standing by” please take my kids and I back inside the cell.” 

Once Amy left, Nolan suspected that there was something behind her confidence. Being inside the cell for days with her kids can’t be comfortable for her yet she chose to stay here. He then placed a call across to Lucifer, once he answered it, he said, “Lucifer, I think Broderick may be up to something. Amy seemed overly confident and is not ready to leave the cell.” 

“What could Broderick be up to?” Lucifer scoffed. “The prison that she and the kids are is guarded by over a thousand soldiers and police men. Broderick will soon surrender himself. As for Amy, I can increase her torture over there so that she will be forced to leave.” Lucifer said. 

“No, don’t torture her. It’s enough torture that she’s inside the 

10:25 0 


cell with the kids.” Nolan hung up and left to his house at North Hill. 

He planned on going to check Amy the third day and attempt to convince her again. 

Once it was 12PM, heavy sounds of guns could be heard. Many soldiers of the underworld were penetrating easily inside P Prison and taking many soldiers guarding the prison down. 

I’m a jiffy, the main gate to the prison was opened and a lot of prisoners rushed out. The prisoners were more than two thousands so it was hard for the underworld men to locate Amy and the kids. 

Amy remained inside the cell with her six kids, she can’t afford to run with them cause what if a bullet hit one of them. 

In three minutes, she was the only one left in the prison. 

The gate to her prison opened all of a sudden and when the kids saw Broderick, they immediately ran to him, “Dad!” 

They all swarmed around him, hugging him dearly. 

“We need to leave here quick,” Broderick held three of his children while Amy also held the remaining three children. 

Through the earphone in Broderick’s hear, Irvin spoke,” sir, please leave P Prison quick, over five thousand reserved soldiers that we didn’t even know about are coming over.” 

“Got it!” Broderick said and soon got inside the car with Amy and the kids. In a jiffy, the car began to speed.

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