Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 265

Chapter 23 

“Don’t take my kids away from me, no matter what,” Amy said while the soldiers walked towards her and handcuffed her. 

“Did you want your children to live with you in the prison?” He asked. 

“I don’t care, I want my children around me,” Amy said, eventhough she didn’t know how being in the prison will look like. 

“If that’s what you want, I’ll grant your request. The purpose of your arrest is so that Broderick can show up,” Lucifer said. 

“He won’t show up.” Amy said. 

“You mean he won’t care if you rot in jail with the kids? Well, we shall see,” Lucifer motioned to his men and Amy and the kids were immediately led to the back of one the hilux cars. 

While Broderick was studying the map of EastHill and how to navigate his way to save Brett, he saw a notification of the most trending news in North Hill. 

He clicked on it and the news displayed pictures of Amy and the six kids with the caption, “Broderick Alessandro’s Ex Wife in detention With Her Six Kids.” 

His heart felt like it was being stabbed when he heard that. How was it possible for them to trace where Amy was. He had studied the map of North Hill very well and thought that where he kept Amy and the kids was the safest. 

Or could it be the call he placed across to her? 

Broderick Alessandro’s mood deflated at once, he made a research about the prison that Amy and the kids were being 

kept and he realized that it was the biggest and the most secured prison in North Hill. 

Broderick stood, confused on whom to safe first. His personal assistant whose life is in jeopardy cause he was a hundred percent loyal and obedient to him or Amy and the kids who meant everything to him? 

He paced to and fro the room and angrily hit the hall, “Lucifer, Nolan, I swear with my life that I’ll make yotwo die the most horrible death. Just watch!” 

He began to storm his brain on what to do. 

Three days later, Amy sat in her small cell with her six kids. She has grown lean. She wasn’t given a cellmate since she already has six kids with her. She doesn’t get to decide what type of food she wants to eat, she doesn’t have her freedom and as for her kids, they couldn’t go to school. 

Though Lucifer provides whatever the kids needs for them in terms of food and ensured that no one in the prison bullies them but as for Amy, he cares less about her. . 

Just yesterday, Amy was beaten by two female gangsters because she wouldn’t lick the ***** of their gangster leader. The gangster female leader was a lesbian who abuses many female prisoners. 

Amy’s bodwas very weak and a side of her head had been bleeding. She did her best to hide it from the kids since yesterday but today, after making the kids sleep, she felt more pain in the head but it was incomparable to the pain of being stuck here with the kids. 



She wanted to go out to inform one of the cops about her head injury but to do that, she has to leave her children behind. There are many dangerous people here, what if they hurt her kids? 

While thinking of what to do, a cop appeared before her cell. Seeing the tall figure of this cop, she stood quickly and walked towards the door. 

The cop looked left and right and then unlocked the cell gate carefully and walked in. 

“What are you doing here?” Amy asked. She thought that this man wanted to hurt her. 

He removed the facial skin mask on his face and it turned out to be Broderick, she almost exclaimed loudly but he was quick to cover her mouth. In a quick sussession, he drawled her closer to himself and kissed her passionately. 

With tears streaming down Amy’s face, she kissed him back too. 

After a feseconds, the duo disengaged from the long and deep kiss. He cleaned the tears on her face with his thumb and spoke,” life will be boring without challenge.” 

Seeing the confidence in his face, Amy chuckled. Maybe it doesn’t make sense to laugh in the middle of all these chaos but Amy did, and with tears dropping from her face. 

“Amy,” he called affectionately and said,” together, we will rule the world.” 

Amy nodded and said,” this police uniform doesn’t fit you.” 


Both adults laughed quietly. 

They suddenly heard sounds of steps and Broderick immediately hide beside the bunk, It was one of the cops doing cell check, when he got before Amy’s cell, he saw that Amy was laying with eyes closed, thinking that she was asleep, he moved on to the next cell. 

Broderick appeared from hiding and Amy also stood from the bed,” was scared!” Amy said. 

“You don’t have to.” Broderick said and made her sit. He also sat beside her. 

Amy rested her arm on his shoulder and said, “how about Brett?” 

“EastHill is even more guarded than North Hill at the moment. They are not allowing movement in and out of the country so | couldn’t penetrate but from what I gathered, Nolan got injured during the bomb blast I caused at his palace, either is health is getting better or not, I can’t really say. So it’s impossible for me to know how Brett is doing,” Broderick responded. 

“I really hope that Nolan doesn’t hurt him.” Amy said. 

“Don’t worrywe’ll win,” he assured her and kissed her on her forehead. 

“Broderick, this is too dangerous, what if you are caught?” Amy asked. 

“I miss you and the kids so much that I had to risk my life,” Broderick stood and kissed all his kids in the forehead. He felt 

10:24 D 


bad that they had to be in this position. 

“I will be studying this entire prison and see how I can get you all out,” Broderick said with confidence.b 

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