Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 262

Chapter 20 

As he watched the mother of six lead the children to sit, his phone rang and he checked the caller ID, seeing that the caller ID was Irvin, he answered it quickly, “boss, leave where you are asap. There is a tracker in your car and they are tracing it.” Broderick didn’t have the time to ask him how he knows, he went to whisper to Amand said,” there is an urgent meeting at the presidential lodge, have fun with the kids.” Then he kissed her cheek. 

Amy smiled and said,” okay, come as soon as you are free, okay?” 

“You and the kids are what I live for now, any of my free time will be dedicated to you,” Broderick said and looked at the kids,” I love you all.” 

We love you too, dad. Bye!” The kids waved at him and he waved back. He walked towards the door calmly as if he was not in hurry, once he walked out, he closed the door and ran speedily to where his car was. 

On stepping in, he started the ignition of the car quickly and used all the strength in his leg to match on the accelerator, the sport car sped off like wind. 

As he drove through the empty streets, he suddenly got to a junction, there was a tied road that leads to the left and an untied road that leads to the right. 

While wondering which he should turn to, he heard sounds of cars behind him and on looking through the front mirror, he saw many cars coming after him. 

He turned to the right, through the untied road and began to drive as fast as he could while the dust of the roads kept 



Chapter 20 

flying in the air. 

The two hillixes behind him also followed suit and sped as much as they could. 

Broderick drove towards an old and abadoned house and immediately stepped out and ran inside the house then locked the door. 

The two hiluxes behind him stopped before the old and abadoned house and the soldiers stepped down. 

Since these soldiers were not citizens of North Hill but of different countries, many of them couldn’t speak English not hear unless they have an interpreter doing the job for them 

Unfortunately, all the twelve soldiers here couldn’t speak English language so no interpreter could help. 

They spoke in their language demanding for Broderick to step out. They weren’t even with gun but were with other ammunition for safety. It’s not as if Broderick commited an offence, they just wanted to know where he went to at this time of the night since Lucifer had told them all to keep eye on all his movement. 

One of the soldiers shouted in their languge out of frustration telling Broderick they didn’t intend to hurt him. 

Broderick peeped through the small hole in the door and after confirming that they were not with guns, he stepped out. 

One of the soldiers spoke to his phone so that google transaltion can help him translate all he said. Once all he said was on the screen of his phone in English Language, he threw 


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Chapter 20 

the phone to Broderick, 

Broderick received the phone and overall, they were asking why he was running and that they only wanted to know where he went this night and that he better tell them or they will be force to hurt him. 

Broderick used the same phone to speak English Language and set the transaltor to their language, saying, “This is my country yet I’m being treated like a slave. My most precious beings are safe and at this moment, the fight for freedom starts.” 

Once it converted to their language, he too threw the phone back to the same soldier who had thrown the phone to him. The soldier was expecting a corporation from Broderick but reading what he said angered him. He gave the phone to his friends and on reading it, they were also beyound angry. 

One of the soldiers charged towards Broderick in order to hit him in the face as he thinks he was enough to deal with Broderick. It’s only people in North Hill who knows Broderick well, people living outside of North Hill had no idea how powerful Broderick is. Not just in influence but in strength and capacity. 

He hit the man heavily in the stomach before he could make a move, the man almost coughed out his intentine. When 

others saw this, they were beyound angry. They immediately regret not coming here with their guns otherwise, they could have immediately shot him. 

The rest of the men charged at him but Broderick defeated them all in ten seconds. Seeing all the men bleeding on the floor, he squatted to the ground and hit the sounds angrily, 


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he roared like thunder, “North Hill, my country. I will take you back from menemies.” 

The fury in his eyes was too much, it can devour the most dangerous beast in the forest. Remembering how he was taken to prison for twenty four hours angered him more. Remembering how Nolan kidnapped Amy to EastHill angered him even greatly. 

He then placed a call across to Nolan and he answered it, “Expect me!” 

Nolan laughed, “Expect you?” 

“You better begin to admit that despite being the president of North Hill, you are still a slave to Lucifer and I,” Nolan said. 

“Where is Brett?” Broderick asked. 

“In the darkest dungeon, starving night and day,” he said. 

Broderick laughed angrily, ” release him.” 

Nolan thought that Broderick had ran mad, “Man, are you alright?” 

“I will say it for the last time, release him and I’ll let you die an easy death.” 

“**** you Broderick! How dare you threaten me?” He asked in anger,” i’ll make sure you sleep behind bars for seven days without food or water.” 

Nolan hung up and immediately placed a call across to Lucifer and told him how Broderick was threatening him, “I’ll do as you have said. Infact, I will add seven more days to his 

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punishment. By the time he’s done starving in the prison for fourteen days and forteen nights, he will realize that we are truly his leader and that he’s just a slave who has no power anymore?” 

Chapter 21 

Debby asked,” dad, is anything wrong?” 

“I don’t want people in the presidential lodge to know that I’m taking you away,” he said. 

“Oh! Are we coming back here?” Moses asked. 

“I doubt it,” Broderick said ,”but i’ll come over to meet with you guys often.” 

The children never stopped asking their father all sort of questions until he parked at the deserted area that Amy was residing. 

He soon stepped down with the kids and when he appeared at the entrance, he knocked but got no response. 

He knocked severally but got no response still.. 

He immediately became disturbed. Hope these people haven’t found Amy? 

He then placed a call across to Amy, the call was almost coming to an end before she answered it, “Broderick!” She said with a hoarse voice. 

“Amy, where are you? I’m before the house I told you to stay,” he said. 

“Hold on,” Amy said and a few minutes later, the door opened and Amy immediately jumped on Broderick as soon as he saw him. 


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The children were happy to see how loving their parents had grown to become. 

The family of eight walked inside the house. 

Amy immediately began to hug her kids one after the other while squatting to their level, she was examining their face to be sure nothing was wrong with them. 

“Ha! I’ve missed you all so much,” Amy said and lead all her kids to sit. She has thousands of questions that she wanted to ask them and the kids also had a lot of gist for her, expecially the girls. 

Broderick was happy that he was able to make Amy and the kids reunite. The happiness on Amy’s face was so glaring that a refreshing smile crawled up on Broderick’s lips and remained. 

Once Nolan hung the call, Lucifer immediately placed a call across to the chief of the security men in the entire North Hill. This chief of security use to be his bodyguard at WestHill and the one he trusted the most that was why he installed him as the cheif of all securities at North Hill. 

“Arrest Broderick immediately and lock him up in the smallest prison where he won’t even be able to stand, he will be forced to sit and remain the same position. Let him remain there without food nor water for forteen days and seven nights,” Lucifer said. 

“On it, sir,” COB, meaning, chief of bodyguards said and hung up. 

The COB immediately commanded his men to find Broderick 


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His men went over to Broderick’s quaters but didn’t find a single soul there. While reporting to the COB, someone ran in, he was a soldier from another department as these soldiers have different department with different functionality. 

“Commander, we found out Broderick Alessandro left the presidential lodge in disguise. Twelve of our men followed him but we haven’t heard from them all.” 

“All cars has a tracker, track the location of the car immediately,” COB commanded and the soldier immediately ran out. The COB trailed after the soldier who had just left while his escorts followed. 

On getting to the computer room where cars are being tracked, the COB said, “find the location of the car quick.” 

The man before the computer had already gotten into work immediately so he spoke a few seconds later,” it seemed that the tracker of the car had been removed.” 

“The ****!” The COB immediately walked out to summon all the soldiers in the presidential lodge. “Find every hooks and crannies of North Hill and bring me Broderick Alessandro with disrespect.” 

“Got it,” over ten thousand voices of soldiers sounded like thunder and they immediately dismissed with their guns. 

Messages had been sent across all stations and barracks in North Hill for all the soldiers and police men and women to begin to search for Broderick Alessandro. 

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10 22 

In command, every Tstations in the country had been hijked to announce Broderick Alessandro as a wanted man and that if anyone sees him, they should report immediately to the COB’s cabal. Also, everyone was threatened not to accomodate Broderick Alessandro as there would be a house to house search in the entire North Hill. 

Amy was in her room reading the news about Broderick, her heart was beating so hard. Praying that she and her kids wouldn’t be found and also praying that Broderick will not be found. Now that Broderick had fallen fully in love with her, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him in peace. 

But didn’t Broderick say he was going to a presidential meeting? 

Her phone chirped and she immediately answered it when she saw that it was Broderick, “Broderick, have you heard the news?” 

“Yes. Don’t worry, I’m like a wind, it’s impossible for them to catch me. I’ll be burying my sim after this call so they wouldn’t use it to trace me, all I need you to do is to trust me and don’t ever leave that house, okay?” Broderick said. 

“Are you sure we are safe here?” 

Very safe. I assure you.” Broderick said. 

“Broderick, nothing must happen to you, okay? Remember your kids and I needs you,” she said. 

Broderick smiled,” I’ll stay alive, I promise you. When everything has died down, we will make another baby.

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