Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 261

Chapter 19 

When Broderick arrived at his quaters, he heard the sound of 

an adult from inside. He had brought his kids to come and live with him in his quaters. He wasn’t expecting an adult with them. 

He quickly walked inside and saw Martha sitting comfortably with the kids at his living room. Once the kids saw their dad, they all rang to hug him. 

“Hey Broderick, you are welcome,” Martha greeted him with a smile. 

Broderick snubbed her and lead the kids inside their room with the promise that he was going to come and play with them at night. 

He then walked back to the living room and asked,” what gave you the ordersity to come my room?” 

“Broderick! I only came to play with the kids.” 

“The same kids that you heartlessly wiped off their memory? Do you intend on damaging them even more?” He asked as he walked closer to her in anger. 


“Get out and don’t ever show up here anymore,” he commanded. 

Martha immediately began to cry but unlike those days, he wasn’t moved at all. 

He grabbed her hand and dragged her outside then locked the door on her. 

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Chapter 19 

Martha couldn’t believe that Broderick could do this to her. She immediately placed a call across to Lucifer and once he answered it, she sobbed to the phone. 

“What did he do to you?” Lucifer asked. 

“I went to his house to play with his kids and…” She sniffed in her tears and added,” he grabbed me and pushed me out.” 

“Watch me deal with him,” Lucifer said and hung the call up. 

A couple of minutes later, an aggressive knock could be heard on Broderick’s door. He had just finished showering at that time so he got dressed and walked towards the door wondering who had the gut to bang the door that way

On opening it, he saw many soldiers before the door. 

“We have been ordered to arrest and detain you for the next twenty four hours,” one of the soldiers said. 

“The ****! Who gave you such order?” He asked. 

“Lucifer,” one of the soldiers responded. 

Broderick then placed a call across to Lucifer who immediately answered it, before Broderick could speak, he said,” you should have known better not to treat Martha rudely. Yes, I ordered them.” He then hung up without giving him the chance to saa word. 

Broderick was immediately handcuffed, he felt like a slave as he was being taken awayWho would take care of his children while he’s away

Broderick was soon locked inside the prison, the handcuff in 



his hand wasn’t released at all. 

How can the president of a country be treated this way? All because he didn’t refuse to treat Martha well? 

Broderick remained in the prison for another twenty four hours after which the prison was unlocked. The handcuff in his hand was also unlocked. 

Then one of the soldiers handed a phone that was already on call to him, he collected the phone and Lucifer’s voice came through,” Broderick, be good to Martha and marry her quick and you won’t have problem. Also, I expect that the marriage should happen in forty eight hours.” 

“Alright. I don’t have a choice,” Broderick said and handed over the phone back. 

While he was walking back to his quaters, Martha quickly ran towards him,” Broderick, I’m sorry you were taken to the prison for twenty four hours. I have no idea Lucifer will do that to you.” 

“Alright, we are getting married tomorrow so make preparations,” he said and Martha jubilated merrily. 

“I need rest, as you can see, I’ve been in chains for the past twenty four hours. I hope you don’t disturb me?” Broderick asked calmly. 

“Oh! We’ll see tomorrow then,” she said. 

“Alright,” Broderick then walked away. There was a secrete anger boiling inside of him but he couldn’t act cause of his kids that are around. 

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He went inside his quaters and saw his children playing game, once they saw him, they ran to him merrily,” dad, you went for an assignment and you didn’t tell us again?” Moses frowned. This was the lie that Martha told the kids so they wouldn’t bother about their dad. 

Broderick smiled, “I’m sorry but I actually went to meet your mun. She won’t be able to come here cause of some reasons so i’ll be taking you to her this night.” 

“Aww…I can’t wait to see mum,” Debby said, jumping up merrily. 

“Same here,” Queen also said. 

“I need to get some things done, hope no one is hungry?” He asked. 

“Not at all,” Majority of the children replied and watched as Broderick walked inside. 

“Dad looked lean, am I the only one who noticed it?” Moses asked. 

“Brother, you are always noticing weird things about dad. Dad is fine,” Queen said. 

“Dad said he is just coming from mum, how can he look lean? Plus he is only away for a day,” Angel said. 

“Dad looked distressed,” Moses insisted. 

“Dad is fine,” Queen insisted and walked away with Angel. 

Moses looked at his brothers. 



“Let’s go back to resume the game,” Elijah said and left with Elisha leaving Debby and Moses alone. 

“Well, I could be wrong.” Moses finally admitted that he could be wrong. 

“Our parents are going through a lot, I think they are intentionally hiding some stuffs from us so we won’t be disturbed. You may be right but let’s cheer up,” Debby encouraged Moses and he nodded after which they joined others to resume the game that they had paused. 

Broderick drove out of the presidential lodge secretly at night, he had dressed like a security guard and told the kids to keep their heads down in the backseat of the car so the soldiers at the entrance of the presidential lodge won’t suspect that he was going out with the kids. A 

Luckily, everything went as planned and after Broderick began to drive on the empty street of North Hill, he ordered 

for the children to raise their head up again. 

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