Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 260

After they had finished finished having ***, both adults felt very relaxed and refreshed. Broderick had released all the ****** longings in his body into her. He had been struggling so hard with trying not to have *** with his secretary and he was glad he didn’t until Amy came.

Amy breathed out deeply, Broderick could tell that she was tired so he carried her to the bathroom and bath for her then went to place her down gently on the bed like a baby.

“Due to the nature of my work and the fact that I have many eyes watching me, I may not come here often but any free chance, I’ll come here, okay?” He asked.

Amy nodded and said,” so you are abiut leaving?”

“Yes, I need to leave now before anyone in the presidential lodge will suspect my dissapearance,” he said.

“Alright, tell my children I miss them,” she said.

“Sure, I will.” Broderick said and remain seated while Amy shut her eyes tiredly. The journey from EastHill to NorthHill was already tiring coupled with the fact that she had just finished having a hot and hard ***. Amy felt asleep in no time.

Broderick kissed her forehead and covered her well with the duvet. He didn’t know that a day would come when he will fall in love with her. He assured himself that as soon as he was done fighting and defeating the world, he will dote on her and spoil her with every good things in this world. He would make the rest of her life filled with peace and joy only.

“My woman,” he smiled to himself as he looked at her beautiful and cute sleeping face

He then turned and walked out. Once he got to his car, he drove

over to the portal that leads to the underworld. Once one of the soldiers in there confirmed his presence, they immediately went to open the portal for him and he stepped down.

The soldiers stood at alert immediately they sighted him and bowed in his honor, he had now taken his position back as the *** of war.

“*** of war! You are welcome,” Irvin made a signal and everyone said this words immediately with a bow.

“Like I said the last time, everyone needs to be prepared for the final battle. It’s going to be a world war. They won’t expect it. We would infilterate these countries at their weakest point and strike them hard. Those in the gun department, ensure that you become more skilled in accuracy cause a miss in battle can lead to your death.” He said in the deadly silence room.

“And those in the swords department, ensure you train more to acquire more accuracy and more defending skill, those using knives, work harder. Irvin and I are working hard to recruit about ten thousand more soldiers but we would be testing their loyalty before bringing them here. Whenever they come, welcome them and train them quickly. Understood?” Broderick asked.

“Yes boss,” their voice resounded like thunder, echoing across the entire underworld.

He then signalled for them all to be ‘at ease’ after which he walked inside his underground office with Irvin.

He sat and crossed his legs and asked,” Any news about the spy you sent to West Hill?”

“Yes, Lucifer will be celebrating his grandmother’s birthday party at

their city central hall on the fifth of next month, we can strike them | unexpectedly,” he said.


There will be securities around, that may not be so easy.” | Broderick said.

“But they wouldn’t expect it. Right now, Lucifer thought he’s ruling the world and that anyone would be scared to strike him. Eventhough there will be many guards around the central hall, none of them will be expecting such attack. All members of the royal family will be there, if we destroy them all, WestHill will fall.” Irvin said.

Broderick thought about it and said, “do it.”

“Okay, boss,” Irvin said, still standing as there is only one seat in the underground office and that was where Broderick was seating.

“I’ve found your sister and she’s safe,” Broderick said.

“Sir! Really? Amy?” Irvin was shocked and Broderick nodded.

“Oh my ***! I thought we would only find her only after we have defeated the world. I’m so happy right now. Is she at NorthHill?”

“Yes, safe and sound,” Broderick said.

“Oh my! I can’t wait to see her. I’ve missed her so much and thank you, boss,” Irvin said.

Broderick nodded then his phone rang.

Seeing that the number was an unknown number, he thought of whether to answer the call or not.

“Boss, you can answer it. It’s impossible for anyone to track this place,” Irvin said confidently.

“It’s a video call, that’s why I’m thinking about it,” Broderick said.

“There is no harm in answerina, boss.” Irvin said.

Broderick answered the call and placed it on loudspeaker, he was stunned to see Nolan.

“Broderick! Did you get Amy out of here?” Nolan asked with an angry look.

Broderick smirked, “did you think it’s possible?”

“I know how smart you are so yeah, it’s possible. If you did not send Amy back to me, then I’ll kill your personal assistant,” Nolan said and Broderick’s heart skipped. Nolan directed the camera to Brett who was made to kneel with both of his hands handcuffed t the back.

“Bro, I don’t have Amy with me. Don’t hurt an innocent man,” Broderick said to Nolan.

Nolan smirked,” innocent? You think I didn’t know that you told Brett to remain here so he can help Amy escape. It’s impossible f Amy to escape without the help of Brett. So basically, Amy’s escape was planned by you. I’ll give you seventy two hours to ser my woman back to NorthHill otherwise, I will kill Brett,” Nolan placed knife on Brett’s neck and let Broderick see it through the camera then he hung the call up.

“Nolan has Brett in custody, oh my!” Irvin gritted his teeth.

“Getting him out will be as hard as breaking a rock,” Irvin added.

“But rock is breakable, right? We’ll get him out,” Broderick assurer though logically speaking, it will be impossible cause Nolan woul so much tighten the security around Brett.

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