Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 259

“Please!” She pleaded even more.

The men grabbed her and began to drag her back,” my husband can give you any amount you ask for.”

When she said this, the men paused the dragging and the one by her left asked,” who is your husband?”

“He’s actually the president of NorthHill.”

“Wait! Broderick Alessandro?” One of the men asked and Amy nodded. The men exchanged surprising glances.

“Can you pay us ten thousand dollar each?” The men asked. As long as they are paid, they are ready to keep their mouth shut. There is no probability that Nolan will reward them monetarily anyways.

“Sure,” Amy answered confidently and freed herself from those men. She can already tell with the look on their face that they are men who coveted money so much.

“So how do we get paid?” The man by the right asked.

“Let me have your phone so I can call him,” she requested and one of the men handed over his phone to hee. Since she already knows Broderick’s mobile nimber offhand, she dialed it and put a call across.

Broderick took a while before he answered, he was quiet at first but when he heard the familiar voice on the other end called,” Broderick!”

He furrowed his brow and said,” Amy, is that you?”


“Yes. I made my way to NorthHill but nobody knows except the captain that brought me here but they are demanding for ten thousand dollar each before they can let me go,” she said.

“Tell them to send their account details. Where are you?” He asked.

Amy told him where she was and then hung the call up. “You can send your account number to the number I just called.”

The man immediately forwarded his account details and then said to Amy,” we are sorry but we would not let you go until we get credited.”

“Okay,” Amy knew that Broderick wouldn’t take time before he sends the money.

They waited for about fifteen minutes then one of the men spoke,” this is taking time. We will be forced to take you back if we did not get credited in the next ten minutes.”

“Just hold on,” Just as Amy finished saying this, a car drove towards them and parked. Broderick stepped out of the car and Amy immediately ran to hug him.

She knew someone was going to come and pick her but she didn’t expect that it would be Broderick himself.

Broderick handed over the money in cash to the men and warned them to keep their mouth shut otherwise, he would find them and kill them. The captain of the boats immediately dissapeared from his presence.

“Get inside,” Broderick said and Amy immediately got inside. He drove her over to a familiar but deserted street.

After he had parked before a bongalow, he stepped down. Amy


stepped down too and asked,” why are we here?”

“Actually, there are many eyes on me. I had to sneak out carefully cause if I send someone to come and pick you up, they may inform Nolan and Lucifer since these people are practically the real leaders over North Hill. I’m more like a figure-head.”

“So will I be staying here?” Amy asked.

“Yes, to be on the safer side. You will be staying here. Don’t go out unless you call me. As for food and everything you need, I’ll supply them every Friday.” Broderick said.

“How about my children? I have missed them so much,” Amy said.

“I’ll bring them over here to stay with you permanently,” Broderick said and Amy nodded.

“I wish we all can just live together happily,” Amy said, almost crying.

“About ten countries are against me at the moment, and I, Broderick Alessandro can never run away. I’ll fight them all and defeat them. Just have faith in me, okay?” He placed his hand on her cheek.

“I have faith in you,” tears streamed down her face gently and then, she collapsed on his body and hugged him tight.

After a moment of being in his hug, Broderick led her inside. “How about my brother? Did you hear from him?”

‘Yes, we are working together on how to defeat the world,” he said and sat on the couch. Amy sat beside him and rested her hand on his shoulder.

“Broderick, not that I’m doubting your capacity but can you really 3/5

fight over ten countries at a time and defeat them? The soldiers of those ten countries will be more than a million, that I’m sure of.” Amy said.

Broderick looked at her and asked,” didn’t I tell you to have faith in


“I’m just trying to think logically but anyways,” she shrugged.

“How do you feel now?” Broderick asked as he caressed her hair.

“I feel so much better and safer seeing you. When I see my kids, I’ll be much happier,” she said.

“You will see them soon,” Broderick smiled and kissed her lips unexpectedly but he did it gently.

She had missed him so much that she didn’t let him go when he wanted to withdraw his lips, she kissed him back and the kissing went on for another two minutes. The two adults were licking on eachother lips passionately.

As the passionate moment grew intense between the two, she helped him pull off his shirt and he also helped her pull off her shirt. In a jiffy, he had made her lay on the long couch that they were.

He unhooked her bra swiftly and sucked on her breast quickly making her moan out loud, he pulled back and took her skirt and pant away at the same time. He took off his belt quickly and she helped him unzip his belt and bring out his ****.

He laid on her and let his **** find it’s way to the entrance of her *****, he placed his mouth on hers and as he kissed her, he thrusted in slowly and he moved in deep inside of her.

She couldn’t help but moan even as they kissed, he pulled out

slowly and thrusted in again, all of a sudden, he began to move in and out of her in an hard way, his lips has parted away from hers but was close to hers.

As he ****** her, she kept moaning out in pleasure.

“Did you…like it?” He asked as he ****** her.

“So much,” she even laughed and suddenly dugged her nails into his back when the pleasure she was feeling suddenly increased. He kissed her briefly but intensely again and took his mouth away but he didn’t stop ******* her hard.

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