Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 258

When Nolan came in the night to Amy, he realized how moody she was and then asked,” I’m so sorry for how I reacted in the morning. I just don’t want to have *** with someone else.”

“I don’t care if you have *** with anyone else,” she said and sighed.

“I’m sorry, please forgive me,” Nolan apologized.

“I prepared a coffee for you though,” she said and looked away.

“Are you for real?” Nolan was surprised that Amy could do that. “Where is it?”

Amy stood and picked up the cup of the warm coffee then handed it over to him.

While Nolan was holding it, she asked,” why did you give me this?”

“Just felt like I was too harsh on you,” Amy said.

Nolan stood and said,” I’ll be back.”

“Where are you going?” Amy asked.

“I’ll be back, I assure you,” Nolan smiled and walked out.

Once he got out, he immediately ordered for a physician to be brought over and once the man arrived, he ordered him to test if the drink was okay to drink.

After the physician had examined the drink, he said it was poisoned.

Nolan guessed as much. He gritted his teeth angrily and walked back to meet Amy but she didn’t find her inside the room. He searched every hooks and crannies to be sure but still didn’t find


Where could she go? Or did she realized that he had found out about the poison? He immediately sent forth for the maid that attends to her and then asked about Amy but the maid said she had no idea where Amy went to.

In anger mixed with fury, he commanded for Amy to be searched and brought to him but he added that he she shouldn’t be hurt.

Whereas, as soon as Nolan left Amy’s room, Brett trailed him secretly and seeing that he sent for the physician, he already guessed that the physician would confirm that the drink was poisoned so he stormed Amy’s room and told her she needed to leave cause he was worried that she would be hurt.

Amy immediately covered her head in a veil and escaped secretly with Brett but she was still around the palace.

“There is no way we can get out cause of the numeous guards at the entrance but just hide here until I figure a way out,” Brett said and Amy nodded.

She was so scared, she didn’t expect for Nolan to even suspect that she can poison her drink since she thinks he trusted her so much.

Brett left Amy in that dark and private place and while dialing Broderick’s number to inform him, he noticed that there was a chaos in the palace. On asking a guard, he was told that the king had ordered for Amy to be searched and brought to him.

Brett’s heart skipped, when Broderick eventually answered the call, he narrated what was going on in the palace for him.

“Can you make her disguise like one of the country women and get her out of the palace then we can find another woman to disguise as Amy?” Broderick suggested.


“Won’t the woman who will disguise as Amy be punished severely by Nolan for an offence she doesn’t even know about? Also, even if Nolan didn’t want to punish her for food poisoning, he would find out in no time that she’s not Amy and then punish her for deceiving him,” Brett said.

“True, we can’t let an innocent woman suffer,” Broderick said and thought for a couple of seconds.

“Let then find Amy.”

“Sir?” Brett assumed he didn’t hear what he said well.

“Since he loves her, he may not punish her.” Broderick said.

“Is there something else that we can do?”

“None for now,” Broderick said and hung up.

Brett’s heart became troubled, he find his way back to where Amy was but didn’t find her there anymore. His heart sunk out of fear that she may have been found.

About five guards ran towards where he was and one of them asked him,” what are you doing here?”

“Finding the woman that the king told us to search,” Brett answered.

The guards searched the place but didn’t see anyone then Brett left with them.

After hours of searching, the head of the palace guards went to report to Nolan that they couldn’t Amy.

Nolan was angry and frustrated, he then sent a news with Amy’s picture all over EastHill that if anyone dares to accomodate Amy,


such family will face his wrath and that if anyone ever finds Amy, they should report her.

Unbeknowst to Nolan that Amy was still inside the palace but was dressed like a maid. During the night time, Amy walked towards the gate of the palace and when the guards asked her where she was going, she told them that she wanted to go and give her family the money she promised them.

The guards didn’t suspect anything since they thought that the person the king was searching for was outside of the palace.

As soon as she got outside of the palace, she immediately made her way to the seashore where she would take a boat to EastHill.

Because of the way she was dressed, those at the seashore had no idea that she was the one that the king was searching for.

Eventhough Amy didn’t have money for transport, she still hopped inside the boat that would take her to NorthHill.

Eventually, the boat left EastHill and after a six hours journey, the boat eventually stopped at the seashore of North Hill.

Once Amy stepped out, the captains of the boat asked her for the transport fare but she immediately took off and began to run away.

The captains thought she was a theive and then began to run after


Eventually, they caught up with her and grabbed her. Since they had no reason to respect her anymore, they removed the veil on her face and when they saw her face, one of the men said,” isn’t she the one that the king has been searching for?”

| The second man immediately checked his phone and then


compare the picture of the woman the king was finding to hers. Seeing that she was truly the one he affirmed,” oh my days! She’s the one. The king will reward us greatly if we take her to the king.”

“Please don’t take me back, he will hurt me,” Amy immediately began to apologize. These men were way stronger than her and it’s impossible for her to fight them.

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