Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 257

Broderick was busy browsing the internet activities of all the countries that were against him one after the other, he was working very hard on identitying their weakness. He had also contacted Irvin to visit him the following day as he was now ready to take on the position of the *** of war from him.

A knock landed on his door during this process, he frowned and looked towards the door, he asked with a loud voice, “who is that?”

“It’s me, Martha,”

Broderick frowned deeply, “what is this ***** doing here?”

Considering the condition at which Lucifer place Martha here, he knew he needed to be good to her so he stood and went to open the door.

“Broderick, I have waited an entire day for you but you didn’t show up, I’m missing you so much,” Martha said with a pathetic face.

“Your love for me ended you up in the hottest mountain where you spent seven days and seven nights, you almost lived the rest of your life as a paralyzed woman. You said *** gave you another chance to live, right? But you are repeating the same thing. Is it hard for you to stop falling in love with me?”

“It’s impossible,” she said with tears streaming down hee face, “please let me in.”

Broderick opened the door wide for her to walk in. After she had walked in, she went to sit.

Broderick went back to sit on the seat he stood from, after a moment of silence, he asked,” so what now?”

“Broderick, please don’t be harsh on me.”

| “You are quiet aware that I’ll be busy, right?” Broderick asked with

an harsh tone.

Martha sighed,” can you let me sleep with you this night?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I mean sleep on the same bed with you.” Martha explained.

“Why? Why can’t you remain in your quaters, we aren’t married, yet, so?” He asked.

“Broderick, please,” she pleaded.

“Okay,” Broderick agreed,” can I get back to work now?*

“Broderick, I don’t think you should be stressing yourself too much. It’s already late this night, why don’t you go to sleep?” Martha asked.

Broderick smirked,” you are acting like you care for me.”

“I really do.”

Broderick was frustrated with the woman before him and then carried his laptop and walked inside his room.

Martha went to the kitchen and prepared a coffee then brought it over to him, “have this and I won’t disturb you anymore.”

Broderick collected the coffee from her and placed it on the small table beside him, “I’ll take it later, can you stop disturbing me now?”

“Okay,” Martha said and watched as Broderick got busy with his laptop in no time.

She clenched her fist hard as she wondered if Amy’s love was still

in his heart. Didn’t they set a woman up to disguise as Amy and act like she was in support of his enemies yet he still didn’t show her love.”

Martha then went to the bathroom and showered then came back with only a towel, she laid beside him after pulling off the towel but she covered herself with the duvet.

She hoped that her naked body would be able to attract Broderick but he acted like he didn’t even see her until she faded off to sleep.

After Broderick had ensured the children went to school the following day, he resumed to his office and placed a call across to Brett. Once he answered, he asked,” Can you find a way of giving the phone to Amy?”

“Nolan has been in her room for the past one hour, I have no idea why he isn’t out yet,” Brett said.

“Confirm what he’s doing inside there and also let me speak to Amy once she’s free.”

“Got it, sir,” Brett said.

A few minutes later, Broderick’s secretary told him that a visitor with the name ‘Irvin’ was here to see him.

“Let him in and please excuse us,” Broderick said to the secretary as his secretary’s desk was in the same large office as his.

“Alright, sir,” the secretary walked and almost immediately, Irvin walked in.

“Boss,” Irvin said.

Broderick stood and went to hug him, after he had disengaged, he

said,” I have acted bad to you during the time that I had a loss of memory.”

“I’m just glad that you’ve got your memory back, boss,” Irvin said with a polite smile.

“Please sit,” he gestured and Irvin sat after which Broderick went to sit.

Broderick examined everything that jyad occured in the past forty eight hours to Irvin and then said,” I need to take back my position as the *** of war now.”

“Sure, boss. The entire underground world had been waiting for you to take over,” Irvin said. “So my sister is currently with that ******* Nolan?” Irvin was very angry.

“We must not act irrationally and we must not let our anger control


Irvin was actually very angry and wish he can storm EastHill to save Amy from Nolan but as Broderick said, if their anger controls them, it will lead to Jeopardy. They need to strategize wisely.

“I need to visit the underworld,” Broderick said.

“The portal to the underworld opens by 12PM, and you have to come without anyone knowing. Since you don’t know where the portal is, I’ll be waiting for you at B junction to pick you up,” he said.

“Alright. Stay safe,” Broderick said.

“Sure boss,” Irvin said and stood, he then walked away.

Broderick can’t wait to take over his position back, once he resumed his position as the *** of war, he would know how to


multiply the soldiers there and see how they can defeat the world.

A call came through to Broderick’s phone twenty minutes later, seeing that Brett was the caller ID, he answered and the voice on the other end spoke,” Nalan is a *******, he came to me early this morning telling me he slept ***** yesterday and woke honry this morning and was demanding for ***. He’s a beast, I hate him.” Broderick heard Amy’s frustrated voice on the other end.

“So what happened?”

“I kept pushing him away and kept telling him to stay away. He kept begging me and at some point, he even brought out his **** and started ************ before me. I didn’t know that he is someone like that,” Amy said, disgust glaring on her look.

“You don’t get to know whom people really are until you get stuck with them. I’m working hard on getting you out of there but can you do something for me?”

“Please tell me,” Amy demanded.

“I need you to poison him. It will work since he trust you.”

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