Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 256

Brett find a private place and then placed a call across to Broderick, once he answered, Brett immediately explained what Amy said to him.

Broderick thought that what Brett said was reasonable, he had not been able to think of a reason why Amy would suddenly leave her kids behind. He knew of how much Amy love her kids.

“Nevertheless, Amy had hurt me greatly, Let her remain with her man while I take care of my kids and think of way to conquer the world,” he said.

“But sir, Amy isn’t happy at all. Didn’t you love her?”

“I do but sometimes, it’s best you let people go. The last time Amy and I met she literally walked out from me and went to meet Nolan. That’s an insult, let her stay unhappy. Let’s focus on how to take the world back, understood?”

“But sir?”

“Whare you concerned about Amy? I said let her be,” Broderick’s voice became a little loud but Brett wasn’t ready to give up.

“She’s the mother of your kids, sir”

Broderick paused his anger and remained quiet for a while, “true!”

Though be had told the kids that their mother went to visit her family, at the long run, they will start demanding to see their mother.

“I’ll give her the last chance. Whenever you are able to get to her, let me speak to her,” Broderick said.

“Okay, sir.” Brett said and they both discussed on how to strategically infilterate a lot of countries that were against

Broderick and break their structure.

Once the call was over, Brett immediately walked over to Amy’s room. When he saa maid walking out, she walked over to the maid and said, “Her lady has sent for me but I want to be sure she’s not with the king.”

“No, she’s alone,” the maid answered and walked away

He then quickly walked through the door and soon appeared before Amy who had her head buried in her palms.


Amy raised her head up and once she saw the stranger, she spoke,” I already know you are Brett, don’t bother to remove your mask, it’s too riskyAny news?”

Brett wanted to close the door so that someone will not barge on them but Amy stopped him,” if Nolan walks in and sees you again, he would start suspecting. Leave the door open.”

“Okay,” Brett then told Amy everything that Broderick accused Amy


“I was truly wrong, I don’t know what was wrong with me,” Amy said guiltily.

“Can you apologize to him?” Brett asked and Amy nodded.

Brett then placed a call across to Broderick and it was answered immediately after which he handed over the phone to Amy.

“Broderick!” Amy cried.

Why are you crying? I thought you have fallen in love with Ray, otherwise, you wouldn’t have walked out of me and go to him.”


“I was very stupid, I’m sorry. Please forgive me,” she cried.

“Did you have *** with him?”

“I didn’t.” She cried weakly,” I swear, I never had *** with him. That day you saw us hugging, he had come over to my office to tell me why the sales of my company were dropping. When he was about going, he told me to give him a hug. I agreed to give him a hug because of how concerned he was about my company. But I never did anything else with him.”

“Should I trust you?” Broderick asked.

“Please do. I’m speaking the truth.”

And as for the kiss on the cheek?” Broderick asked.

“He suddenly appeared in my house and said he branched to my house to check on me, he noticed I’m off and then pecked me swiftly on the cheek, please understand.” Amy pleaded.

“Why can’t you tell him you don’t like those acts. Even if you guys don’t have ***, I will feel hurt seeing you hug and get pecked by a man who is clearly interested in you. You already know about my feelings for you yet you treat my heart as if it meant nothing to you,” Broderick said.

“I am sorry, please forgive me, Broderick. I promise not to do such again. I have learnt my lesson,” Amy cried even more.

Broderick remained quiet and then spoke,” in the future, when I tell you what I don’t like, you should listen.”

“I will, I promise.” Amy said.

Broderick thought of how Amy had proven to be a good woman and how sweet she was to him in the past, these fewrongdoings


should not be capitalized on by him, afterall, everyone makes mistake.

“Stop crying,” when Broderick said this, instead of Amy to stop crying, she felt goose bump and bursted into a loud cry.

Broderick felt bad hearing her cry and then spoke,” I love you, Amy.

Amy suddenly paused crying and quickly cleaned her face, she stood from the bed and pressed the phone to her ears,” what did you say?”

“I said I love you,” Amy felt goose bump all over her body. This was what she had always wished to hear him say. Happiness quickly spread across his heart and a different kind of tears fell from her eyes

“I love you too,” she said in between her tears.

“I know Nolan won’t let you go but if I have to fight the world to savyou, then I’ll do that,” Broderick said.

“I have missed you already and as a matter of fact, missed my kids so much.” Amy said sadly,” I heard that about ten countries are against you and that even as the president of North Hill, your power is limited as you don’t have control over the security system of North Hill.”

“That’s right. But, I, Broderick Alessandro, will defeat them all. Don’t worrybut I need you to promise me something,” Broderick said.

“What’s that?” Amy immediately asked.

“Don’t let him get intimate with you at all. Avoid hugs, kisses, *** or any form of intimacy. Let him understand that you are not pleased with being there. I know he will try to make you happy but

no matter how he tries to, always maintain a cold face,” Broderick said.

“I’ll do all that, I promise you, “Amy said.

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