Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 255

Chapter 13 Whereas, Amy was stunned to wake up in a strange bedroom, she sat upright and wondered how she got here. The woman that had disguised as Amy to Broderick at his office wasn’t Amy at all. Amy was drugged by Nolan and then brought over to EastHill without her knowledge.

She stood and walked towards the window, she looked through the transparent glass and realized that the environment was kind of familiar.

A knock landed on her door all of a sudden and she spoke,” come


The door opened and a stranger walked in, the strenger immediately closed the door and removed the mask on his face.


“Hi Amy,” Brett immediately said.

“Where is this place?” Amy asked.

“EastHill.” Brett explained everything that happened in Broderick’s office to her expect the part where ‘the woman disguised in Amy’ acted in support of Nolan.

“So Nolan is Ray? How come I didn’t suspect?” She asked.

“And then you have to disguise as one of the soldiers of EastHill?”

“Yes, Broderick told me I need to stay around here to keep an eye on their moves. Though it’s risky but I’m willing to do anything for Broderick.” Brett said.

Amy sat, “I still don’t know how I get here.”

“You don’t? Didn’t you kiss Nolan at Broderick’s office and willingly

supported Nolan and Lucifer?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. Kiss who?” She asked, her face held so much confusion.

“Broderick told me that you acted against him and joined forces against his enemy. He said you kissed Nolan before him and when he even called you at a time when you were walking out with Nolan, you rolled your eyes against him. I had come here to ask why you acted that way, it’s so unusual of you,” Brett said.

“I?” Amy asked. “I didn’t do anything of such. The last thing! remembered was that Ray and I had a drink outside of his house only for me to wake and find myself here.”

Brett was stupefied at what she said,” so you had no idea about following Ray to Broderick’s office?”

“Not at all, I just woke and find myself here.”

Brett then understood that Nolan and Lucifer must have set this up.

“Okay, just stay calm, okay? I’ll find a way of communicating to Broderick,” Brett said and another knock landed on the door.

Brett was scared cause as a soldier, he shouldn’t be inside this room.

He put on his mask and whispered to Amy,” tell whoever appears that you sent for me, okay?”

Amy nodded and then spoke,” come in.”

The door opened and Nolan appeared,”Amy!”

“Explain how I get here for me?” She demanded.

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Nolan then sighted a random soldier,” the **** are you doing in my woman’s room?”

Brett immediately kneel and spoke respectfully,” My Lord, I was walking by when she called for me.”

Nolan walked to him and kicked him hard in the stomach,” and you had the gut to enter my woman’s room.”

“My Lord, I have sinned, I deserve death,” Brett bowed expecting another kick

“Stop punishing an innocent guard, I called him over, he has done nothing wrong. Let him go,” Amy said to Nolan

“Scram!” He shouted on Brett and he stood and ran away quickly.

Nolan’s face then melted from the stern one into a calm and gentle one,” my woman, don’t be angry, some soldiers can be annoying.”

“I ask how I get here?”

“I’m Ray.”

Of course, Brett had already told Amy this, nonetheless, she had to act like she was shocked,” what! So you were Nolan all along.”

“I have to do everything possible to get close to you,” Nolan said.

“You still haven’t answered my question. How did I get here? The last thing I remembered was that I was having a drink with you.”

Nolan fell to his knees before her and said,” I know that if I tell you to follow me to EastHill, you won’t agree so I had to drug you.”

“What! So this place is EastHill and I guess you are the king now?”


“I am. I have taken over what rightfully belongs to me. I want to rule my kingdom now with you, please Amy. You know I do this out of love not out of wickedness,” Nolan pleaded.

“But I don’t love you. Liking you naturally doesn’t mean I have fallen in love with you. This is wrong. Bringing someone over to another country without their knowledge is wrong,” Amy rebuked.

“Which is why I’m on my knees, please forgive me. Appreciate my love and I’m sure you will fall in love with me,” Nolan said. “You know what it means when a king kneels?”

Amy gritted her teeth and said,” how about my kids?”

“They are at NorthHill with Broderick. You don’t have to worry about them as Broderick will take a good care of them. He’s still the president of NorthHill.”

“My children are my life, how can you separate me from them?” Amy asked. “Please just stand and stop acting pathetic. How does kneeling down solves the problem of separating me from my kids?”

“Amy!” Nolan called.

“Stop ******* calling me, please! Stop. Take me back to North Hill or let me go on my own,” she demanded.

“I can give you everything in this world except to take you back to North Hill. Please Amy,” he pleaded, “Agree to be my woman and we would have kids together.”

“You are such a wicked man! I should have been very careful around you,” Amy began to cry. Although Nolan was on his kneels, she knows that he was obsessed about her and the last thing he would allow was let her out of his sight.

“Just get out,” Amy said, her mind trailed back quickly to her beautiful kids. The relationship between her and Broderick had not even been stable lately, they have been having a misunderstanding upon misunderstandings yet this ******* set a woman who looked like her up to act like she was in support of him.

Nolan stood and said,” I have appointed a maid that will take care of your needs for you, she will be here soon.” Nolan then stood and walked out like someone who feels guilty for what he had done.

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