Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 254

“So you have been Nolan all along?” Broderick asked in shock. It was impossible for him to hide how surprised he was. As smart as he was, he didn’t suspect at all that Ray was Nolan.

Nolan smirked,” why did you think I’m after Amy?”

“Broderick, did you still want to be stubborn or should we show you what we can do?” Lucifer asked.

“What can you do?” Broderick asked.

“Okay, don’t blame us for being ruthless,” Lucifer said and placed a call across and said to the phone,” subdue all their soldiers.” Immediately sounds of gun shots filled the air.

While that was going on, Lucifer said,” my soldiers and the soldiers of the countries that are in alliance with mine had strategically hijaked all the barracks and stations in every states and their capitals in North Hill. And even now, we are subduing the securities around the presidential house and you will soon be left with nothing.”

Broderick remained fearless, even if he was going to die today, he wouldn’t bulge.

Broderick sat back and wanted to call Brett but Lucifer snatched the phone from him. Broderick was furious and then stood to challenge him but about twenty guards walked in and pointed the guns at him.

“It’s over, Broderick,” Lucifer said.

Logically speaking, Broderick knew that it would be impossible for him alone to fight Egypt and all the countries associated with it, to fight WestHill and all the countries associated with it and to fight Sir Wesley and all the kingdoms under him. But still, he remained fearless.

“We are heading over to East Hill now to take over, if you want Brett to keep living, tell him to run away before we get there otherwise, we would be forced to kill him.” Lucifer said.

“Don’t worry, we won’t take North Hill away from you. You would still be the president of North Hill but under one condition.”

“Whom did you think you are to put me on condition?” Once Broderick said this, the head of a gun landed on his cheek hard that he groaned in pain. It was done by one of the soldiers pointing the gun at him.

“Broderick, don’t you get it? You don’t have power anymore. We are the one ruling the world right now. All the soldiers of NorthHill will be scattered across our ally countries and the soldiers that will be here in North Hill would be selected soldiers from our ally countries. That way, we would have control over the security system over here.”

“So I would just be a figurehead. Leading without power?” Broderick asked.

“Exactly. Just a president ruling without power. It’s not like you are totally powerless though, it’s just that your power is limited,” Lucifer said.

“I can’t wait to take over my country and rule it with my woman,” Nolan said and smirked.

“Your woman?” Broderick repeated, hoping Nolan wasn’t referring to Amy as his woman

“Baby,” Nolan called and Amy appeared. She leaned on Nolan and even kissed him briefly on his lips.

Broderick felt like everyone betrayed him. If the woman he loves


the most even join his enemies, then he had truly lost power.

“So Broderick, the condition at which you must remain a president is that you must marry Martha. If you can’t do that, then you would have to step down as a president.” Lucifer said.

“I would rather step down,” Broderick said.

“Actually, if you step down, we believe that you will become a rebel cause it’s only when you are a president that we can monitor you closely. Hence, we would lock you up in the darkest and deepest dungeon if you step down.” Lucifer threatened with all sense of seriousness.

Broderick knew at this point that wisdom is profitable to direct, this was not the time to usurp his power. If Lucifer threatens that he would lock him up in the dungeon then he would.

If he would fight all his enemies who seems too much, he needs to use wisdom.

“I’ll marry her,” Broderick said.

“Good. If she ever complains to us that you maltreat her, then we would strike you hard.” Lucifer threatened but Broderick didn’t say a word. Lucifer dropped Broderick’s phone on the table and said,” I’ll advise you call Brett to flee for his life.” He then said to his men, let’s leave to East Hill.”

As the soldiers, Lucifer, Nolan and Amy left, Broderick called,” Amy, are you really leaving me?”

Amy turned, rolled her eyes against him and walked away with


Broderick felt empty, although he will continue to remain as the president here, he had already lost North Hill again to his enemy.


He shouldn’t have agreed when Lucifer wanted to install him as president.

People who suddenly decide to help you without any reasonable reasons always end up stabbing one again unexpected.

Broderick rested on the backrest of the chair and as he thought painfully about how Amy reacted to him and how she chose Nolan over him, his heart broke.

Martha was the only one left in the office with him.

“Broderick, I know this is a tough time for you but…”

“Quiet.” He commanded. “You are one of my enemies.”

Martha sat and said to him,” Broderick, remember you can’t be hash on me, Lucifer must not hear about it.”

“So you are threatening me to be good to you so you won’t report to Lucifer, right?” Broderick laughed at himself. He feel powerless.

He had never been a situation where he would be choiceless.

“Leave my office,” Broderick commanded.

“I don’t know anywhere around here, please take me over to where I’m to be staying,” she said.

Broderick called his secretary over and told her to lead Martha to a quarter

“Broderick, you will come and visit me often, right? Remember we must marry.” She said.

“Take her away,” Broderick said to the secretary and soon, the

secretary and Martha left.


He should have actually killed Martha. Like bury her in the deepest grave. So Martha is back to his life? Even if Amy wasn’t in view, Martha can never be an option. Never!

Broderick walked out and ran to Amy’s quaters to check on his children. When he got there, he saw his children sleeping sound.

He sighed. As long as his children are not taken away, he would be fine and know how to fight back.

So Amy actually left six children behind and followed Ray or Nolan… whatever his name is to East Hill, really? What sort of woman has she grown to become? Thought she use to care so much about her kids?

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