Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 253

Chapter 11

Broderick gnashed his teeth in anger, he then went inside the kid’s ward to check on them, seeing that they were sound asleep, he walked out of the building.

He thought she was going to see Amy hanging around outside the building but he didn’t see her. Where could she have gone to?

A silly idea about Amy going to Ray’s place popped up on his head but he waved it off, why would she go to his place this night? He was about walking back to his quaters when he decided to check Ray’s quaters just to confirm if Amy was there.

On getting there, he saw that Ray’s door was locked. Implying that Ray wasn’t even at home.

About turning to leave, he saw two people approaching him, when they got closer to him, he identified the two people to be Amy and


“Wow!” He exclaimed and said to her, “so you walked out from me to come to him?” He then walked away.

When he was about entering his quaters to drown himself in his sadness, a call came through to his phone and seeing that it was a call from his secretary, he answered it.

“Sir, you have some visitors, sir. Will you be able to meet them this night cause they want to meet with you this night,” his secretary said.

“Who are they?” He asked.

“The king of EastHill and his entourage,” she answered.

Lucifer? What could Lucifer be doing here at this hour of the night?

“I’ll be there,” he said to his secretary and turned.


In a jiffy, he was inside his office. His secretary appeared and said, “Good evening, sir. I’m sorry I disturbed your sleep.”

Broderick’s manhood charged hard on seeing her, he almost stood to demand for *** but he cautioned himself,” not a problem. Let them in.”

“Alright, sir,” the secretary said and walked out of his office. Broderick couldn’t stop looking at her round shape big *** as she walked away

He drank from the warm water before him and sighed. A few minutes later, the door opened and Lucifer walked in. He had braided his hair like that of a women and he was dressed in a white long robe.

Broderick smirked at his outlook and said,” Lucifer, why the sudden visit?”

“I heard about the battle you are fighting with Egypt and it’s Allys.”

Broderick interrupted,” I don’t need your help on that, I’ll handle it myself.”

“I’m not here to offer you my help.” He said and walked closer to his table,” I’m here to advise you to give EastHill back to Nolan. Afterall, you already took over your country from him.”

“Whose side exactly are you? That of Nolan or me?” Broderick was angry. Who was this man to think he can tell him what to do and what not to do.

“Don’t get angry, yet. I have someone to show you,” he said and turned to the door then clapped.

| The door opened and a woman adorned beautifully like a king



Broderick stood in shock, “Martha!”

Martha smirked, “even I thought it was over for me but *** gave me a second chance.”

Broderick looked at Lucifer as if asking how he was able to heal her.

Lucifer smirked, “did you know sir Wesley is Nolan’s biological father?”

Broderick became even more confused.

Lucifer continued,” King Travis wasn’t his biological father, but both King Travis, Nolan and his twin brother, Amold weren’t aware of this. Sir Wesley claimed Nolan as his son a couple of months after king’s Travis death. The DNA test result actually proved that sir Wesley was actually Nolan’s father. Sir Wesley explained that it was him that Nolan’s mother love and wish to marry but Nolan’s mother family sold her to king Travis. But before she could become a queen, she was already pregnant for Sir Wesley.”

“You should be able to reason with me that Sir Wesley won’t choose you over his son. Sir Wesley wants Brett, your personal assistant to step down as the king of EastHill so Nolan can take his rightful position. And if you are not selfish, you should allow that to happen,” Lucifer explained.

The revelation was too much for Broderick to handle. He meditated on all that Lucifer said and spoke,” but Sir Wesley

fought with me against Egpyt and it’s allies.”

“Yes, that’s only because he has a personal grudge against the prime minister of Egpypt but he won’t be able to fight with you anymore.” Lucifer said.

Broderick loved Sir Wesley cause he had helped him severally in

the past and even in the battle so he called him and once he answered the call, he said,” Lucifer came now and was telling me that…”

“All he says is truth plus, I was the one who shot you when you were almost entering the plane that will take you back from EastHill to North Hill,” Sir Wesley said.


“Immediately command Brett to step down from his position as that position belongs to my son. Otherwise, I will also join the allies of Egpypt to fight against you,” Sir Wesley said.

“Infact, the king of WestHill, Lucifer will join in the course and fight against you. You alone can’t defeat all of us, you know this?” Sir Wesley asked.

Broderick didn’t respond, instead, he hung the call up.

“Nolan took me over to his country, tied me publicly and beat me day and night. He took me to the dungeon and let me suffer. Nolan also tried to take the mother of my children away from me. He even once took over my country, he deserved death.” Broderick


Lucifer laughed,” Broderick, I installed you as the president but I can also let you fall off this position easily. I’ll ask you for the last time, will you let Brett step down?”

“If EastHill, WestHill and Egypt alongside their allies decides to fight me, I’ll be ready for them,” Broderick said and Lucifer laughed.

“What if your personal assistant and your soldiers also join us in the fight against you?” Lucifer asked.

| “What are you talking about?”


Lucifer clapped and Ray walked in, Ray removed the facial skin mask on his face and Broderick almost fall off his foot. So Ray is Nolan?

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