Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 252

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Ray met with Broderick in the office a couple of hours later and they even worked together, but Broderick didn’t react coldly to him at all. It was if he didn’t see him hugging Amy at Amy’s office.

Sincerely, Ray was surprised about how Broderick maturedly handled the situation, some other bossess would have fired their subordinate for that.

When Ray arrived at his quaters, he stood before his mirror and mumbled,” everything is going as planned.” He had a subtle smirk on his lips.

When he guessed that Amy would have arrived home from work, he walked out of his quaters and began to walk towards Amy’s quaters.

“Where are you heading to?” A voice suddenly sounded behind him.

He turned and saw Broderick, “Sir!” He was shocked that he suddenly appeared behind him without him even suspecting.

He composed himself and answered truthfully,” to Amy’s quaters.”

‘t see…” Broderick also had a clear guess he was going to Amy’s quaters.

“Don’t you want me to go, sir?” Ray asked.

“Why not?” Broderick shrugged,” but in all you do, avoid my children.”

“Sure, sir,” Ray bowed and began to walk away.

Broderick trailed behind him carefully and watched as Ray got before the house. Broderick expected that after how he angrily left Amy’s office this evening, she should still be remorseful and not


let Ray inside the quaters.

After Amy heard a couple of knocks on the door, she walked to the door and on opening it, she saw Ray.

“Hi!” She greeted.

“Hi Amy, hope work isn’t too stressful today?” Ray asked.

“Not at all, thank you. Why are you here?” Her voice was a bit off.

“Oh! I was heading over to one of the senator’s quaters in order to deliver an assignment. But I can’t help but check on you. You look a bit off, Amy, are you fine?”

“I’m cool, thank you.” Her response remained blunt.

“Seems you did not want to see me, I guess I’ll take my leave then,” he said.

“Ray!” She called and then Ray looked at her.

“I am not in a good mood at the moment, I hope you understand?”

Ray nodded with a smile, “if you need someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to call me. You should go inside and rest.”

“Alright, thank you.”

“Why do I feel like you need a warm hug to feel better?” Nolan asked.

Amy smiled,” thank you, I’m fine. You should head quick to where you are going.”

“How about a peck?” He asked and Amy smiled even more, before

she could respond, he pecked her cheek and said,” that should make you feel warm.” He then left with a smile.


Amy was shocked at how he pecked her swiftly, but thinking that it was just a peck and nothing more, she shrugged like it really meant nothing and walked inside.

After going back to the dinning table where the kids were, she was surprised that they had all stopped eating, “why did you all stop eating?”

“We can’t eat without you, mum,” Queen said.

“When I heard a knock on the door, I thought it would be dad,” Elijah said.

“Even me,” Elisha added. The kids had missed their dad so much and it was obvious.

“Don’t worry, he will come. Now let’s eat,” Amy said.

Broderick walked in and saw that the kids were eating, so he remained where he was until they were done eating. He then appeared before them, once the kids saw him, they ran towards him merrily and hugged him dearly.

The sight was so beautiful that a refreshing smile appeared and remained on Amy’s lips.

Broderick spent time with the kids and only advised them to go to sleep when it was night. Even at that late hour of the night when their eyes had become heavy and was full of sleep, they were not willing to leave him.

Both the father and the children had a fun filled time. It’s been long that Broderick had laughed but he laughed for real while playing with the kids.

Amy appeared and persuaded the children to sleep as they needed to wake up early the following morning for school.


After she had ensured that the children lay in their rooms, she walked out of the kid’s room to meet Broderick and said,” I can see that you had fun with the kids?”

“I did.” He answered and slowly, his face grew cold.

Amy sat beside him and after a few seconds of silence, she said, “Broderick, I’m sorry for…”

“I watched Ray kiss you a couple of minutes ago, what are you sorry for?”

“That was just a peck,” she said.

Broderick smirked,” really?”

“Broderick, Don’t be overly jealous. Just because Ray came over here and pecked me doesn’t mean there is something going on between us,” she said.

“So basically, I can peck anyone I wish to, right?”

“Why not? Maybe when we are about to get married, we can talk about what we want and what we did not want but for now, you are only my children’s father while I’m only your children’s mother, nothing more!” Amy said.

Broderick almost spilled out blood. Really? If this was the relationship that had subsisted between then, why has she always wished for him to divorce Martha and had always told him consistently that she loved him.

Now that he fell in love with her, she was now acting as if she had never had feeling for him. As if her wish isn’t for the both of them to end up together.

“You are tempting me,” Broderick said.

“I don’t understand what you mean,” she said.

Broderick was referring to how tempted he was by his secretary **** body figure, he was battling with **** on the inside and this woman that he loves wasn’t even helping matters.

“Did you really have *** with Ray or you were just babbling?”

“***? Who told you I had *** with him?” Amy asked angrily and stood,” Broderick! What the **** is wrong with you? Why did you keep up bringing assumptions. You are taking everything too seriously. You know what? Just leave,” Amy folded her arms angrily.

Broderick felt like a sharp needle pierced his heart,” you want me to leave?”

“Cause you kept on making what is not a big deal a big deal,” she screamed.

Broderick stood slowly and said angrily,” so *** with another man isn’t a big deal.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Amy was furious. So just because Broderick saw her hugging Ray, he already assumed they had ***?

“If you won’t leave then I’ll walk away,” Amy then walked out angrily from the building.

“She walked out on me?’ Broderick thought incredibly.


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