Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 251

Chapter 9

A few minutes after Amy got to work, Joan informed her through an internal telephone about a stranger’s presence, when she asked whom this stranger was, Joan told her that his name was Ray.

Amy wondered how Ray even knew her company talkless of coming. He then told Joan to let Ray into his office.

A few seconds after she has dropped the phone, she saw Ray walked in.

“Good morning, Amy,” he greeted politely while was standing.

“Good morning, Ray. Please sit.”

Ray sat gently and said,” I know you are at work and I didn’t mean to disturb you. However, I have looked into your company’s works over here and from the look of things, I realized that there hasn’t been a notable increase of revenue for your company in the past one month.”

“That’s true but I think it’s because I’ve not been fully focused here. Then there was a time we had a problem where two of our most skillful staff were sick so it really affected us,” she said.

“Apart from that, the sales has reduced cause I checked the graph during my research, do you know about other reasons why the sales could have reduced?” Ray asked.

“No, those are the only reasons I could figure out.”

“Because there is another site now competing with you. Have you heard about ‘’?”

“What did you say?”

“ is the name of the new website that does the exact same thing your platform does, and they have been growing so


fast lately, so most of your customers are moving to and if something is not done quick, might be left with little or no customers,” he said and added,” cause truthfully speaking, they made their website in a more advanced way than, from the theme to the interface to the fast loading prowess and the cheap cost of buying or selling on the platform.”

Amy immediately picked up her phone and searched for the website, after surveying the website for about two minutes, she confirmed that everything that Ray said was true.

What’s more disturbing about the competitive website is the name, Did Nolan create the company to challenge here?

“Did they have a physical company?” She asked.

“I don’t think they have one here at NorthHill. I am not sure if they have one in other countries cause their address wasn’t exposed on their website,” Ray explained.

Amy finally understood why the sales of the company had been reducing lately. Turns out what she thought was the reason wasn’t actually the reason behind it.

“Did you know whom the CEO of the company is?” Amy asked.

“Not at all, since no one knows where their company is, anyone who want to contact them can only contact their customer service,” Ray replied.

Amy’s heart began to rumble all of a sudden and she stood,” / need to use the toilet.”

“Sure,” Ray watched as Amy walked to the toilet.

It was during this period that Broderick’s text came through to Amy’s phone. It was Ray who replied him with ‘busy…” It was Ray

who left his call answered, it was also Ray who replied him with, “Told you I’m busy, man.”

And finally, it was Ray who texted him back that “lol, if only you know that I’m already ******* your personal assistant.”

Ray deleted these messages from Amy’s phone and placed her phone down gently as it had been. When Amy came back, she sighed. She didn’t know maybe her stomach began to rumble cause of the news about the competing website.

After she had sat, she said to Ray,” what do you advise then?”

“That you also challenge them by reducing the cost and increasing the value of your website. Businesses has always been in a competition.”

“Alright, I’ll discuss with my team this afternoon,” she said and Ray nodded.

“I called you these morning but you didn’t answer, I guess you may be busy preparing for work. Did you see my text?”

“Sure, I did but too busy to reply.”

“Alright, if I have any other updates about the competing company, I’ll let you know,” just as Ray finished saying this, he received a message from his secrete personal assistant and it states that Broderick is on his way to Amy’s office.

Ray stood and said, “I should you leave now.”


“Can you give me a hug before I leave? Just a hug,” he smiled.

Amy smiled, the fact that he was more concerned about the


growth of her business makes her thinks that he deserves her hus so she stood and walked towards him.

As soon as she hugged him, Broderick entered and saw the both of them.

“Amy!” Broderick called and Amy pulled her body away immediately from Ray’s hug.

Broderick looked at Ray who quickly bowed and walked away.

Broderick felt a sharp pain in his heart seeing Amy and Ray this way. So Amy was not blabbing when he texted her that he was having *** with his personal assistant?

“Falling in love is a curse,”Broderick laughed. He didn’t need a witch to tell him that he has fallen in love with Amy but ever since he does, his heart has been getting hurt again and again.


Broderick looked away painfully and shook his head pitifully, he wondered if there is a way he can stop being in love with Amy.

When he received the text from Amy that she was ******* his PA, he though she didn’t mean it but he came and saw them hugging. What was Ray even doing here this morning at her office?

Broderick was dissapointed in her. His mind raced back to his late wife who seemed and looked very honest in all their three years of marriage with him, who would have known that she was cheating on him secretly. He used to think that all women are like his late wife but after getting to know Amy, he began to believe that Amy deserved a chance. Afterall, he had hurt her so much in the past.

He had no idea that giving her a chance will cause him more damage than good


“Is that why you are asking for more time before you can get married to me?” He asked and added,” you don’t love me anymore, right? It’s Ray you love.”

“I love you, Broderick.”

“Shut the **** off,” he shouted on her angrily that she jerked back. His loud voice almost break the wall of the office.

“You!” He gritted his teeth in anger. He then walked out. Firing Ray is not an option. Infact, he would never fire him. Cause this is not about Ray, this is about Amy. A woman should be able to get rid of a man she doesn’t love. Even if the man is persistent in wanting her, she should let him know that her ‘no’ is ‘no’ and not entertain him again and again until something unexpected happens between the both of them.

If he fires Ray and employs another male personal assistant, what is the probability that this man would not get interested in Amy again? So, as far as he was concerned, Amy was at fault.

But did Amy really had *** with Ray? How can she claim to love him yet have *** with someone else? He thought as he approached his car.

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