Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 250

Chapter 8

“Remember the day you decided to follow me to my office because you were bored at home alone?” She asked and Broderick nodded.

She continued nervously, “Remember also that Nolan had come to visit nie even without me inviting him. He invited me over for lunch but I refused then he gave me the bracelet as a gift.”

“And you accepted it and start wearing it?” Broderick asked.

“Is there a reason why I shouldn’t accept it?” She added,” He gave it to me out of the goodness of his heart.”

“There is no such thing as that. When a man that loves you and wants you gives you a gift, it’s because they are trying to win your heart,” he said.

“Oh! Well, I love the Bracelet.” Amy said.

“So you won’t throw it away?”

“What! Why would I? Nobody even knows where Nolan is anymore. Dead or alive, no one can tell so why are you bothered about such a person?” She asked.

“So if you see me wearing a bracelet that Martha gave to me, you will be cool with it, right?”

“Why not?” She asked. “It’s just a bracelet?”

“Broderick, it’s very early this morning, I don’t want us to have a long argument, I need to go to work now?” She said.

“So you think I’m here to argue?”

“Broderick, please!” She exclaimed in a loud voice.

“I think we should get married.” Broderick said.


Amy turned to him surprisingly, “we have misunderstanding most of the times, did you think marriage will favor us?”

“Then are we suppose to be living like this? You don’t like it when I get too close with another woman and I don’t like it when you get too close with another man but none of us even has the right to accuse eachother cause we are neither engaged not married.” Broderick said.

“Marriage is possible between us, I just think we should give it more time. Maybe get to understand eachother more,” Amy said.

“Seriously? I thought you always wish for us to get married? What suddenly went wrong? You even told me to divorce Martha and now, you are being reluctant to accept my proposal to get married to you.” Broderick said.

“Broderick, I love you. But let’s get to understand eachothe more before we get married.”

“Who said couples in marriage don’t have misunderstandings?” Broderick asked.

Amy sighed as if she was tired of his words,” I need to leave.”

When she saw that Broderick wouldn’t say a word, she walked inside and went to wear her heels. Then she came back with her handbag but saw that Broderick was still standing on the door.

Broderick felt very hurt seeing her snub what he had come to discuss with her plus she even walked away from him.

He said with a painful heart,” you don’t even know what you want.”

“I do know what I want and what I want is for us to give it time before we get married,” Amy was blunt. She excused herself from him and walked away.

Tears almost fall off from Broderick’s eyes. When did Amy change?

He didn’t even expect for her to protest about the marriage yet she was asking him to give her time. What time? They have known eachother for more than three years and she still want more time.

Broderick turned from the door and walked over to his office. On getting there, his secretary, Elva said to him, “sir, there are some media houses carrying rumors that you are dead and that it’s someone else who looked like you that’s currently the president. They went further to show a picture of your dead body in a battle at East Hill.”

“Find out who’s sponsoring this fake news,” he commanded. He had a lot of works to review today plus his entire day was booked as he had a lot of delegates and ministers to meet.

“Alright, sir,” Elva carried the report about the fake news parading the country and walked out of the office , she went to drop it on the desk of one of her colleagues who was good at finding out secretes of media outlets

“The president want you to find out who is sponsoring the fake news,” she said to the young man.

“I’ll get to work immediately,” the young man drawled the file closer and got to work.

“When can I come for feedback?”

“Erm… In twenty four hours, I’ll get back to you,” he said.

“Alright,” she then walked away.

As she appeared back at Broderick’s office, he couldn’t held but notice her perfect figure eight. Although he had been working with

this secretary for days, this was the first time he was noticing her figure. She was big in the front and loaded at the back.

The fact that her skirt was short suddenly turned him on, he didn’t know how his body was suddenly ******* after this innocent secretary.

He tried to resist the temptation but it was hard, he even wanted to ask if she has a boyfriend but he swallowed it. That would be unprofessional.

He tried to focus on his work but it wasn’t working so he picked up his phone and texted Amy,” how is work, Amy?”

It took ten minutes before Amy replied with one word,” busy…”

What? Busy! Just one word to reply him? That’s rude. He then placed a call across to her, he thought that chatting with Amy will surpress the temptation he was having towards the secretary.

However, she didn’t answer the call.

He called once more and after the call came to an end, a message popped to his phone, seeing that it was from Amy, he quickly opened it and checked but saw the words; “Told you I’m busy, man.”

Man? He called her man?

Broderick was angry. It seems as if he has fallen in love with Amy. Otherwise, how can whatever she does affects him so much. It doesn’t use to be like this. He had tired so hard not to fall in love but it seems love is a game of the heart.

He clenched his fist hard and looked at the secretary who was busy with work, he wanted to say something but cautioned himself, so he texted Amy again,” if you did not answer my call, I’ll


**** someone else.” He didn’t intend to do that, he just wanted to persuade her to answer his call.

“LOL… If only you know that I’m already ******* your personal assistant,” Amy’s message entered two seconds later.

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