Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 249

Chapter 7

When Broderick realized that Amy will not stop sobbing, he said to himself,” I think I’m going too far.”

However, Amy didn’t say a word. She just remained in that position of a ***********.

“Alright, you can go to bed”. he said and sat in bed. This was the only way he could enact his revenge, he didn’t want to have to resort to having *** with another woman because of her acts.

Broderick noticed that she stood from the bed and then walked over to the bathroom, then came back with only towel around her body and laid on the bed naked after which she covered herself with the duvet.

Broderick turned to her and said,” goodnight.”

However, Amy snubbed and didn’t say a word until she slept off.

She had offended him but while trying to punish her for what she did, he ended up offending her. Broderick didn’t know she will be that hurt, he got a book and a pen and wrote, “I am sorry.” He then signed hus name underneath it.”

He was soon out of the quarters.

When Amy woke the following day, she noticed that Broderick wasn’t in the room, sincerely, she had thought he would sleep over but seeing that he left made her even dissapointed.

It wasn’t that she was angry yesterday, she was just too tired and exhausted to have a conversation with him but Broderick must have thought otherwise.

Her phone then rang, seeing that it was Ray who was calling this early morning, she didn’t know whether to answer the call or not. Ray had began to get her into Broderick’s trouble this days. Was it

not better to stay away from him?

Whereas, after Ray had called Amy twice and she wasn’t answering the call, he then put a call across to his father, it took a while before the old man answered it, “Hey son.”

“Good morning, dad. Well, everything seems to be working well and neither she nor Broderick have suspected who I truly am,” he said.

“I told you things will work out as predicted,” Sir Wesley said. “And even if things didn’t work out, Broderick won’t be able to attack you because he knows I’m just as powerful as he is.”

“That’s why I’m not really bothered. But dad, Amy still loves Broderick. No matter how loving I am, I can always tell that she loves Broderick.”

“Loving Broderick or not shouldn’t be your problem. You have a clear goal and that is to make her love you, right? I already told you from my years of experience that you grow found of someone when you spend time to talk to them or see them often. Convince her wisely to spend most of her times with you, engage her in late night conversation and early morning conversation. Show how much you care, be simple and don’t act too desperate. Before you know it, she will start finding you attractive than Broderick.” Sir Wesley lectured.

*This strategy that I’m giving you has worked severally in the past and will also work now. It’s better than Broderick’s fake *** tape video that we sent to her, that won’t really work cause they can easily resolve such misunderstanding.”

“Okay, father. I will work harder,” Ray said.

“I trust you.” After Sir Wesley said this, Ray hung the call up

Ray went to the gallery of his phone and started scrolling through the pictures of Amy that he has secretly took, he loves her so much.

Ever since the first day he saw her picture, he had fallen in love with her. That was why he and his men attacked Lord Douglas’s soldier on the day that Broderick and Amy were made to kneel cause Michael was suddenly no where to be found. He had to risked his life to save her.

He even got a gunshot for her and almost died but he didn’t care. Some people say love at first sight is not real but for him, it’s real. He can even sacrifice his life for Amy.

Ray folded his arms and picked a medium sized mirror on his table and checked his face, he smirked, no matter how powerful or smart anyone is, it’s impossible for them to know his true identity. The surgery he performed to his face was so perfect, even from his voice, they can’t tell who he truly is.

He then texted Amy.” Good morning, dearie. Hope you had a good night rest? I want to tell you that I had a long dream that I wished would not end. In that dream, we were both playing and having fun. If you are less busy, please text or call me. And one more thing, Amy, you are the most gorgeous woman in the world.”

A smile crawled up on Amy’s lips as she read the message from Ray. Eventhough she had not picked up his call, he wasn’t angry, he even texted her.

Amy went to check on the kids and seeing that they were still sleeping, she woke them up gently and helped them to bath and prepare for school after which they both ate breakfast together.

Moses talked about how Broderick had come to check on them yesterday and woke only him up, other kids were jealous of the

fact that Broderick only woke Moses up, they haven’t seen Broderick since he abruptly travelled.

“Don’t worry, your dad will come and spend time with you all this evening.” Amy said to the kids, trying to console them not to feel bad of jealous about how Broderick appeared to only Moses yesterday

After the children had gone to school, Amy also began to get dress for work. When she was almost done, a knock landed briefly on the door. She had already wore her cloth, it’s just her high heels that was left. She walked barefooted out of her room and went to open the door of the main entrance.

Seeing Broderick, she was stunned at why he suddenly appeared this morning,” good morning, Broderick.” Her face and tone was indifferent. It will be hard for Broderick to tell if she was angry or not.

“Good morning, ” Broderick greeted back and sighted a bracelet in her hand. “Whose bracelet is this?”

The bracelet was the one given to her by Nolan the last time he came to visit her in her office.

“Wait, you can see now?”

“I regained my sight yesterday,” Broderick answered.

Amy now understood why all of Broderick’s act was precise yesterday.

She wanted to hug him as she was so happy for him about the regaining of his sight but the situation they are at the moment was kind of awkward.

“I’m happy for you.” she said with a faint smile but didn’t make a


“Whose bracelet is this?” Broderick asked again. He quickly added, “remember you can not lie to me?” \

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