Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 248

Chapter 6

Amy had grown so intimate with Broderick that she didn’t see any reason to be ashamed of her nakedness before him. It’s just that she was worried about what he intend doing to her with those stuffs on the bed.

“I have taken it off,” she said after pulling off her blouse.

“Have you taken off your bra or did you want me to rip it apart?” Broderick asked, ooking at her sternly.

Amy became confused about his blindness at this moment. Was he blind or half blind or was he pretending? She knows Broderick is smart but he had gone to the wardrobe just now to pick up these stuffs and he did that perfectly. Also, he was acting too precisely as if he wasn’t blind. He even guessed that she still has a bra on.

She took off her bra and asked,” can I take off my skirt too?”

“And your pant,” he commanded and Amy took off her skirt and pant. When Amy was about to throw her pant on the small wardrobe beisde her, he demanded,” let me have it.”


“What’s in your hand?” He answered.

“It’s a pant,” she said and when she saw that Broderick didn’t say a word but looking at her strongly, she walked up to him and said,” here is it.”

Broderick collected the pant from her and sniffed it in, “sweet!”

Amy was stunned at his action, she blushed and took steps back from him.

“Take off my shirt,” he commanded and Amy immediately moved closer to him and began to unbotton his shirt. After she was done,

she pulled the shirt from his body, leaving him shirtless.

“Lay on the bed,” he commanded and Amy went to lay with her back on the bed.

He picked up the rope and crawled towards her head, “separate your two hands.”

Amy did as commanded. He tied her right hand with the rope to the right pole of the bed and the left hand tied to the left pole of the bed too.

He then took another object from one of the stuffs he took from the cupboard, when Amy saw that he was bringing the object closer to her *****, she spoke,” what is that, please?”

“As old as you are, you don’t know what this is?” He asked and said,” separate your laps and don’t ever close it.”

Amy separated her legs but she was scared of what he wanted to use the object to do with her, the object looked like the shape of a ****.

Broderick pressed the down part of the object and the object immediately became stronger and start to vibrate, “it’s a *****.”

Amy had heard this before but she had never seen it before, it was her first time seeing it.


“Like I said, don’t make a mistake of closing your laps,” he commanded and placed the vibrating ***** on the skin of her *****, a sudden wave of pleasure surge through her that she moaned helplessly.

Realizing that this was a punishment, she immediately shut her mouth and hummed hard.

“Moaning is allowed,” Broderick said and then set the ***** at the entrance of her *****, it had barely been there for two seconds when her ***** became very wet and slippery.

“Oh my days? This is too much,” she said and was almost tempted to close her laps but he had warned her that she dared not to.

He pushed it in slowly. As Amy felt the vibrating ***** slide into her, she dugged her nails inside her palm and shook her head aggressively, “Ouchhhh!” The pleasure she felt was unbearable.

He pushed it inside her, deep until she moved from moaning to screaming out loud in pleasure.

He pulled it out slowly then pushed it in again and began to thrust the vibrating ***** in and out while she suffer under the immense pleasure. She almost closed her lap at some point cause she just couldn’t hold it anymore but Broderick stopped her two laps from closing.

“It’s part of your punishment for lieing to me and being with another man till an ungodly hour of the night,” he said and continued thrusting in and out of her.

When he saw that she was about to explode, he pulled out and threw the ***** away. Amy had almost get to that point where she had almost ***, but she didn’t expect that the ***** will be taken away suddenly.

She felt dissapointed and pained, the feeling was glaring on her face, she almost cried.

“You don’t deserve to ***,” he said and stood, he went ahead and unlock the handcuffs in her hands and Amy sat upright slowly.

“Who told you to sit upright?” He asked and added,” lay with your chest to the bed.”


Amy laid with her chest to the bed obediently, he spanked her left *** and Amy moaned slightly, he spanked it two more times. It was a feeling of pain mixed with pleasure cause the last spanking was hard.

He took the belt with his right hand and centered his middle finger and index finger of his left hand at the entrance of her *****, “don’t ever collect any flower from any man again.” Before Amy could respond, he dipped his two fingers straight inside her ***** and at the same time, used the belt to beat her ***.

Amy screamed in pleasure mixed with pain, with his finger deep inside her wet *****, he asked,” will you accept flowers from another man?”

“No… Ouchhhh!”

His fingers had already thrusted in and out thrice while she was responding.

“Will you lie to me again?”


He beat her *** with the belt again and ****** her a couple of times with his fingers.

“Will you spend your time with another man again?” He asked and beat her for the last time with the belt. This time, he only kept his finger deep inside her, he didn’t move it.

“No…” Amy bursted into tears. She began to cry.

He removed his fingers from her ***** and stood upright in front of the bed while he watched her cry to the bed.

“I’m not done,” he said and commanded,” stand and come over


With tears on Amy’s face, she stood and crawled over to him, the bulge on Broderick’s trouser was so glaring that Amy was scared that if he brings out his ****, he would **** her without mercy.

“Loosen the belt and bring the **** out,” he commanded.

With a throbbing heart, she loosened the belt and brought out his ****, while holding it, she asked,” can you be gentle with me?”

“I can’t be gentle with a liar,” Broderick said and opened her mouth with his hand then shove in his **** right inside her mouth, he ****** her mouth without mercy that she almost choked to death. His **** was literally reaching her throat.

He pulled out all of a sudden and Amy coughed a couple of times, she almost died. Her eyes had turned full red.

“Please, be gentle,” she pleaded with tears on her face.

“I would have been gentle if you are truthful to me. Turn from me and kneel in a *********** on the bed.” He ordered.

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