Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 247

Chapter 5

Amy furrowed her brow and glanced at Ray, “a man?”

“Otherwise, what else could you be doing here?”

“Broderick, don’t you trust me?” Amy asked.

Broderick smirked, “you have changed. I thought I could trust you but you have grown to be good in lying. You are with a man, that I’m sure of.” Broderick still didn’t expose the fact that he can see.

“If you did not beleive me, then there is nothing I can do,” Amy said and turned from him, then walked over to Ray.

Broderick watched with a painful smile and said, “good night.”

He then turned and walked away.

Amy felt very guilty and then said to Ray, “Ray, I need to leave.”

“But we are not done with the game yet,” Ray said. “It remains one more round?”

Actually, Amy had spent so much time with Ray because of the game they were playing, the game was so intriguing and fun that she didn’t even know that time has been fast spent.

“I’ve been lying to Broderick recently and I’m feeling very guilty about it. I’m not a type that lies but I’ve done that again and again. I feel like I’m taking advantage of him cause he can not see,” Amy said sadly.

“Common Amy! You need to have fun too, right?” Ray said.

“Ray, please understand, I need to leave,” she said and then turned, she immediately walked away from there and hoped she can catch

up with Broderick but she didn’t see him in sight anymore.

Could he be in her quaters? She thought and walked speedily to her quaters, as soon as she walked in, she looked around the living room but couldn’t see anyone.

Broderick could have gone over to his quaters then, she sighed and went to sit on the couch instead of going inside her room. She felt very bad about having to lie to Broderick. Broderick even came over to her twice and she sent him away. What exactly was wrong with her? She thought.

She suddenly heard a movement behind her and she turned fearfully only to see Broderick behind the couch that she was sitting on.

She stood at once and called,” Broderick!”

“I thought you were supposed to be in bed, sleeping?” Broderick asked.

“Yes…but…” She swallowed and said,” when I came in, I didn’t see you, where are you?”

Broderick ignored her question and said,” let’s go inside.”

Amy guiltily walked to him and he held her and soon, they were both inside the room.

Amy sat on the bed instead of laying while waiting for Broderick to sir or lay however, Broderick only remained standing before the bed with a now stern face.

“Why don’t you lay on the bed?” Amy asked.

“Because I need to punish you for lying to me.”

“Lying to you!” Amy repeated.

“It’s hard for me to trust people again, not after what my ex wife did to me. This is why I’m scared to fall in love cause it becomes a responsibility to trust someone that you love. I have decided to finally trust you cause I’ve realized that you are good naturally but now, I think otherwise.”

Broderick continued, “with the way I see it, I think trust isn’t a word that should be found in the dictionary cause it actually doesn’t exist. Amy, you lied to me that you were not with another man yet you were with Ray, my personal assistant. I came twice to you and you sent me away because of him. Do you say you love me?”

Broderick scoffed, “When next you say you love me, I’ll only think of it as a joke, cause it’s actually a joke. Do you have a mission to make me fall in love with you and break my heart later? You want me to be faithful to you eventhough we are not in a relationship yet you spend time with other men, you even received flowers from them.”

“I asked Moses if he gives you any flower and he said ‘no.” Broderick clapped sarcastically, “Wow! Wow! I thought you were innocent but it seems there is not really a difference between you and Martha. Did you know that lies is an act I hate most?” Broderick asked.

As if Amy knew that Broderick will find out all her lies, a man like Broderick Alessandro can not be lied to. He would always find out the truth.

Amy didn’t know how to apologize, the feeling of guilt she was feeling was too intense.

Broderick went to the door and locked it. Amy became scared. Thinking about how he made Martha turn from a living being to a

non living thing scares her. Was he about to punish her in that manner too?

Her heart was at her throat and she felt like she would cough it out anytime from now. Her heart kept throbbing hard.

Broderick then walked over to the wardrobe and brought out some stuffs that he had kept there then dropped it on a side of the bed. These stuffs were belt, rope, handcuff and one other stuff that she didn’t know what name it bears.

Did he want to hang her to death? Or did he want to beat her to death? Different thought ran through her mind. Should she run away? Afterall, he was blind.

He looked at her and Amy immediately stopped thinking, his gaze was as if he could read her mind.

“Your punishment is that you must do as I say this night, understood?” Broderick asked.

“Yes…yes,” Amy responded immediately. She kept looking at the stuffs he had brought out of the wardrobe and also at him.

“Did you kiss Ray?” Broderick asked, staring at her intently

“Oh my gosh! No, why would I do that?”

“Don’t ask such question. People who can lie can even kill talk more of kissing another man,” he said and Amy dared not to say another word.

“Take off your clothes,” he commanded.

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