Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 246

Chapter 4

Amy turned and saw Broderick, her heart almost fall off when she saw him, she turned to Ray and told him to not to make a sound. Ray nodded and remained quiet.

“Hey Broderick,” Amy walked over to him and was soon standing before him.

“The meeting we were supposed to have has been adjourned so I told my secretary to lead me to where you are,” Broderick said.

“Oh! Great,” Amy was very nervous.

“Where is this place?” He asked.

“Well, this is just a random place. I came here to…erm…” She shrugged and turned to look at Ray who had no iota of fear on his look, she looked back to Broderick and said, “to catch some fresh


“At this time of the night?” Broderick asked.

“Yes,” she answered.

“Amy, you know I trust you so much, what are you here for?” Broderick asked.

“Trust me, I came here to catch some fresh air. I assumed that the meeting you will be attending will take hours and seeing that the children were already asleep, I decided to come here,” Amy said.

Broderick hummed and said,” then I guess I should catch some fresh air with you.”

“Oh! Is that necessary? You can just go inside, I’ll come and meet you,” Amy said.

“Fine.” Broderick nodded and walked away. After taking a distance

away from them, he hit the statue that was before him that it almost broke.

“If only she knows that I can now see,” Broderick said with a clenched fist. There was never a presidential meeting, he actually went to meet a special doctor who came all the way from Japan after hearing Broderick’s predicament, the man administered his treatment to him and luckily, he got his sight back.

After paying the man, he left the room and then came back to Amy’s quaters only to find out that she wasn’t there. While searching around for her, he found her sitting with his personal assistant. They were both discussing merrily.

Didn’t Amy accuse of him of cheating yet she was here with another man at this time of the night?

Broderick folded his arms and gritted his teeth in anger mixed with pain, he didn’t even know why he felt pain, it’s not like he love her or did he? It was impossible for him to tell.

Broderick was just beginning to trust Amy and now, she had just feed him with lies. If there is an attribute that Broderick hates the most, it’s lies. He beleives that people that lies are not worthy of trust.

How many more lies has she fed him when he was blind? Broderick then remembered when he saw a flower on the bed. She had told him that the flower was given to her by Moses eventhough it’s a ‘flower of love and he believed her without doubt. What if it was his PA that delivered the flower to him?

Broderick walked over to Amy’s quaters and went straight to the boy’s room, on getting there, he saw that they were already sleeping

He woke Moses up gently and helped him to sit, it took a while

before Moses fully recovered from sleep. As soon as he caught sight of Broderick, he shouted happily,” Dad!”

He hugged Broderick tightly and said,” dad, I’ve missed you.”

Broderick kissed him on his forehead briefly and then asked,” how have you been?”

“I’m fine. Dad, don’t leave us next time without informing us, please.” Moses said.

“I’m so sorry about leaving you without informing you, it was an urgent call,” he said.

“Okay Dad, I noticed that something is wrong with you a few days ago, did anything happen to your eyes?” Moses asked. Although his sisters didn’t believe him when he said something could be wrong with their father, he had a strong conviction that Broderick was not fully fine.

“I’m perfectly fine, trust me,” Broderick said. Moses examined his father’s face worriedly, Broderick giggled lightly and ruffled his hair,” trust me, I’m fine.”

Moses then nodded.

After asking a few questions about school and about his brothers and sisters, he then asked,” did you give your mum any flower?”

“Flower? Not at all,” Moses answered.

Broderick felt his heart sunk hearing this, he felt greatly pained that Amy lied to him again.

“Alright, you can sleep now. I’ll see you guys before you get taken to school tomorrow,” he said.


Moses yawned, he was already feeling sleeping again so he fell back to the bed. “Goodnight, dad.”

“Goodnight, son,” he covered him well with the duvet and waited a few more minutes in the room.

So Amy lied to him without conscience yet she said she was pained cause she found out he was having *** with someone else. Broderick can’t even remember having *** with anyone. At EastHill, he was on battle feild for forty hours fighting and strategizing non stop, how could he even have the time to have *** with someone else. Plus he wasn’t a type of man who have *** randomly with women, unless he feels specially attracted to the woman, he can’t bring himself to have *** with such woman

He walked out and went to wait inside Amy’s quaters, when it was 11PM, his heart clenched painfully even more as he wondered if Amy could still be with his PA at this moment?

He then stood and walked out of the quaters then began to walk over to where Amy was. He hide when he was almost there and watched as the PA and Amy laughed together. They were not even sitting as before, they were both standing close to eachother like lovers.

The sight hurts Broderick so much, he then appeared and called again,” Amy!”

Amy turned as if she was caught doing something wrong, “hey Broderick! Why are you here? I told you I’ll go back to my quaters once I’m done here.”

Pretending like a blind man, Broderick said, “but aren’t you done receiving fresh air? Actually, I find it hard to sleep without you. Let’s go.”

“Broderick, don’t worry, I’ll come and join you.” Amy said.

Broderick then dropped his gentlemanliness and said angrily, “I think you are with a man.”

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