Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 245

Chapter 3

Amy positioned her ***** right on his **** while her two knees rested on both sides of his laps, with her two hands resting on his shoulder, she began to wine her waist perfectly against his ****.

“Oh my gosh! Broderick… awww….you are so sweet,” she moaned reflexly as she ****** him passionately

The intimate moment went on for another ten minutes after which Amy felt an increased pleasure surge through her, her ***** clenched and she felt like she would explode in no time. She grabbed Broderick like a lion about to feed on it’s prey and sucked on his lips hard even as she raised her *** up and down aggressively against his ****.

In a jiffy, she cummed hard all over his **** and almost tore his lips apart in the process of the uncontrollably hard kiss. The feeling of ecstacy that she had was so great.

She then pulled her lips away from his and rested her body on his chest, breathing erratically.

“That was hot,” Broderick said and kissed her shoulder. She didn’t even have the energy to speak, she was so tired.

Broderick then placed her gently beside him and stood, he carried her in his back and carried her like a baby to the bedroom. Of course, it was Amy who was guiding his direction.

When Broderick was about to place her gently on the bed, Amy spoke,” I want to bath first before sleeping.”

“Alright.” Broderick took her to the bathroom and placed her down on the bathtub, eventhough he could not see, he used his inner sight in bathing her. Though Amy helped too.

When he was done bathing her, he took her out of the bathtub. Amy got the towel and handed it over to him,” please dry my body,”

“What can I not do for my woman?” He teased and dried her body with the towel then carried her back to the bedroom after which he laid her gently on the bed.

It didn’t even take twenty seconds before Broderick hear her snoring. She must be so exhausted for her to fall asleep so quickly.

Broderick then sat, he could now feel the pain in his back. He sustained the injury after the war had been suspended. He was about entering the jet to fly back to North Hill when a bullet hit his back. His bodyguards searched around East Hill to see who shot him but couldn’t find the person.

Brett, who had escorted Broderick to the airport asked him to stay behind so he can be treated but Broderick refused bluntly saying that he had missed Amy and that he must arrive at Northh Hill today. He only commanded Brett to help him find who shot him.

This was why Broderick came back home hurt but eventhough he had just finished having a great ***, he didn’t like the fact that he can not see. It was frustrating him badly on the inside.

There were so many task that he should have accomplished easily on the battle field but he couldn’t cause he can’t see.

Broderick had send a message all over the world that any doctor who can make a blind man see should contact his personal assistant, Brett.

Broderick beleived strongly that he was going to see, there must be someone in this world who should be skilled and outstandingly knowledgeable when it comes to making the blind see.

Broderick then decided to lay beside Amy and have some rest, though he couldn’t lay on his back cause of the injury there. As he was trying to lay on his right side, his hand landed on something.

After touching it for a while, he smelled it and then confirmed that it was a flower.

The scent of the flower depicts that it was sent by someone who loves another. He didn’t send any flower to Amy so who send her flower? Cause for the flower to be here then definitely, someone sent it.

The appetite to rest suddenly vanished from him and he sat upright, did another man send Amy a flower? But it’s barely two days that he travelled, how can another man send her a flower of love?

Broderick decided to question her when she wakes, Broderick remained in that position until five hours had passed. This was when Amy eventually woke up.

She yawned and stretched her body then turned and saw Broderick in a sitting position on the bed with eyes closed.

“Broderick!!” She called as she sat upright but her mind suddenly skipped when she saw a flower in his hand.

Broderick opened his eyes slowly and asked with a smile,” how was the sleep?”

Amy forced out a smile and answered” relaxing, thank you. Why are you sitting?”

“I found a flower on the bed, whose is it?”

Amy swallowed hard and took a while before she responded,” it’s for me.”

“It’s a flower that signifies love, who sent it to you? Is it Nolan?”

“Nolan? I don’t even know his whereabout,” Amy responded.

No one has heard a thing about Nolan ever since he escaped West Hill’s soldiers who were trying to arrest him then.

“Then who?” Broderick’s voice was calm. It didn’t show any sign of anger at all.


“Well….well” Amy was dumbfounded. She should she say it was his PA? The PA has proven to be a gentleman and even helped her in her drunken state. Exposing him will definitely make Broderick fire him. Not like she cared if the PA gets fired but the fact that the PA, Ray didn’t take advantage of her in her druken state had made her respect him.

“Moses did,” she lied.


“Yes, I was surprised when he came back from school yesterday and handed it over to me. He said their teacher at school taught them to show signs of love,” she lied.

Thinking about what she said, Broderick beleived it was reasonable. There was no man in sight apart from Nolan who could have sent Amy a flower.

“Our kids are so thoughtful of us,” Broderick said.

“Yes, they are.” Amy felt very bad that he had to lie to him.

Broderick then handed over the flower to her and said,” you can keep it.”

Amy collected the flower and stood from the bed then went to keep it.

Two days later, around 8PM in the evening, Ray stood in a beautifully designed garden. There was only a table and two

beautiful golden seats there and all other things that speaks love.

Dressed in black suit, he looked at his wrist watch and mumbled, “she should be here already.”

He suddenly sighted a beauty like that of an angel approaching where he was. He smiled and watched as she approached him graciously in her green stony gown.

Amy looked around the beautifully designed garden and said,” ! didn’t know that there is a place like this in the presidential lodge.”

“I actually designed it this way all because of you,” Ray said and gestured to the seat,” please have your sit, my princess.”

Amy smirked, she wanted to tell him she wasn’t his princess but so as not to ruin this atmosphere, she shut her mouth.

Ray then went to sit before her. On their table were three bottles of drinks and two glass cups alongside some beautiful tiny red flowers.

Amy looked around the place adorably again and said,” this would have cost you a lot.”

“Let’s not talk about how much it cost me. I’m just glad you love it,” Ray said. “We have not been able to eet since the last time I helped you to your bed in your drunken state.”

“That’s right,” Amy responded.

Amy had received an invite from Ray yesterday for her to make it here this night, since Broderick will be busy this night, she decided to heed to Ray’s invite to thank him in person for his kidness the last time she got drunk and probably get to know him more. Afterall, he had said he was the son of Sir Wesley, the previous *** of war. She was curious to know how a son of Sir Wesley ended up

in North Hill and even ended up serving as the personal assistant to the president.

She didn’t expect to see a garden that looks like a paradise of love. This garden would have been better made for a couple who are having their honey moon.

“Are you getting better now? I know you didn’t want to tell me what made you sad but I want to be sure that you are getting better?” Ray asked.

“I am. Actually, I received a video of Broderick having *** with someone else. Though he hasn’t really said anything about it eventhough I confronted him about it, but the video of his *** tape was crystal clear. I don’t even know why I’m hurt cause he’s only the father of my kids and nothing else. I love him though but…” She swallowed, “it’s complicated.”

Ray sighed,” I am sorry about that. So you were actually heartbroken that day?”

Amy nodded in response to his question.

“Broderick love the kids, that I’m sure of but I don’t really know if he loves you. Since you love him, I hope he can love you back someday,” he said.

Amy looked at his face in surprise, didn’t he say he find her attractive? But he seems cool with Broderick loving her.

“I hope so too,” Amy said.

“I have seen many beautiful women in this world but I have never seen any woman who has the same beauty as you,” he said and Amy almost blushed. She lowered her head and smiled.

“Don’t flatter me. Why did you invite me here?” Amy asked as she

raised her cute and calm face towards him.

She watched as Ray smiled and as he opened his mouth to speak, Amy heard another voice behind her calling her name,” Amy!”

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