Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 244

Chapter 2

Amy woke a couple of hours later and found herself on the bed, she tried to remember what happened to her last. She had got herself drunk and then made a call across to Ray. However, she couldn’t really recollect what she said nor what Ray said in return but she had remembered that someone walked inside before she faded into unconsciousness.

She sat upright. She was now fully conscious. She realized that it was the same cloth that she was wearing earlier that was still on her but how in the world did she end up on the bed? There was even a duvet that covered her.

She glanced around the room randomly and her eyes set on a flower that was made to lay gently on the bed. She picked up the flower first and the smell of the flower was so mesmerizing coupled with the fact that it looked beautiful.

Then she caught sight of a letter and picked it, the content of the letter reads,” I hope you love the flower, Amy.” Then the name ‘Ray’ was signed under.

Was he the one who helped her to the bed? Did he….

She immediately picked up her phone and dialed the recent number on her call log and it got answered after a few rings, before she could say a word, the person on the other end spoke,” Amy, hope you feel better now?”


“Yes, it’s Ray. You called me and I came around only to find you drunk. Infact, you faded into unconsciousness in no time so I helped you to the bed.”

“Did you do anything to me?” She asked. What she meant to ask was if he took advantage of her. Though she didn’t feel anything strange in her body.

“No, I didn’t. Except for the fact that I helped you up and took you to your room, then covered you with a duvet,” he said and added,” and of course, left a flower and a letter behind.”

Amy didn’t have any reason not to believe what he said so she simply spoke,” thank you.”

“You are welcome. How do you feel now?”

“I feel better,” she said this and wanted to ask if he was chanced, she wanted to spend some time to talk to him maybe that would make her feel better.

However, a knock landed on her door.

“Talk to you later,” she said and hung the call up.

She stood and wondered who could be knocking on the door of her bedroom, she opened it nevertheless and was stunned to see Broderick.

“Amy,” he smiled as soon as he perceived her presence before her, he stretched his hand wide and said,” come, my woman?”

Amy frowned and turned from him then went to sit, Broderick’s hand dropped to his side and he wondered what could be wrong.

“Amy, isn’t that you?”

“I am,” she answered as she sat on the bed. “******* cheat!” She mumbled angrily while looking at him with disdain.

“Amy! What did you say?” With the way she mumbled, he could tell that she was angry. Yet, he couldn’t even tell why she was angry.

“Did you think I won’t find out you cheat on me?” Amy asked with an angry look.

“Cheat on you? We aren’t even in a relationship or in marriage, how is it possible for me to cheat on you?” Broderick asked.

That even pained Amy more, she stood and said with anger,” then why do you come here? Why am I even here with my six kids?”

Broderick then said to her,” help me to the bed.”

“I can’t. Go back to your office or your quaters. I don’t want to see you here anymore,” Amy said.

“I have been fighting back to back for the past forty hours that didn’t even have time to sleep. Didn’t Brett told you I went to war?”

“Of course he did.”

“Oh! And this is how you will welcome me from war?” Broderick asked, dissapointed.

“You should have known better not to have *** with someone else,” Amy said.

“How can we even live together when we do not even trust eachother?” Broderick turned and as he walked away, Amy noticed that he wasn’t walking properly.

She stood at once and followed him then asked,” why are you walking this way?”

“How do you expect a man who is just coming back from war to walk?” Broderick asked as he trailed his path carefully towards the exit of the door.

“Hold on, you need to rest” Amy said.

“You just told me to leave,” Broderick said and continued walking.

You can rest for a while here then you can leave,” Amy said, She’s

still pained that Broderick cheated on her of course but she still cares. It’s an act that she couldn’t help.

Broderick continued walking as if he didn’t hear what she said, Amy held his hand and said,” why are you angry? I should be the one angry here. Did you expect me to be cool with the fact that you had *** with someone else? Yes, we are not in a relationship but it will hurt cause I love you.”

Broderick groaned in pain all of a sudden, shutting his eyes tightly. Amy held onto him tightly and moved closer to him,” what’s wrong?”

“Help me…to sit,” he said and Amy lead him to the couch where he sat.

Broderick then pulled off his suit and Amy noticed a stain of blood at the inside of the suit. She stood and looked at his back only to see that his white shirt had been drenched with blood. “Oh my days! What’s wrong with you?”

“Please let me pull off your shirt for you.” Amy pleaded and immediately began to unbotton his shirt before he could even say a word nor act.

Once she was done pulling off his shirt, she saw how blood was streaming down his body, “oh my days! Let me get the first aid kit.” She immediately ran inside and came back in no time and administered the treatment to him.

“It’s deep, is it a gun shot?” Amy asked, “and why weren’t you treated before you left there?”

Broderick shut his eyes deep as he tried to absorb the pain going through his body, “Neither of us were having an upper hand during the battle so we agreed to suspend the war.”

“What if they strike you guys without warning? Can you really trust your opponent?”

“They can’t. We have put proper.. “he groaned slightly again in pain and continued,” we have proper security measures in place.”

Amy felt as though she was the one going through the pain,” how about we call a doctor to treat you, I’m so worried about you.” With the way Broderick was reacting to the pain, she could tell that the pain was intense.

“I’ll be fine.” He said and turned to her.

“No, let’s get a doctor. My treatment is just a temporal one,” she said worriedly.

Broderick locked his lips into hers abruptly and kissed her for a few seconds after which he pulled his head away,” you lips has more power to heal me.”

“Is that so?” Amy moved hiş lips closer to hers and began to kiss him, the duo began to kiss very passionately that Broderick felt his middle man charged up.

He removed her clothes in no time leaving her with her bra but continued kissing her still, during this intimate session, he pushed her back gently to the couch and immediately unzipped his trouser, he took her skirt off and then her pant after which he separated her laps and thrusted in.

She gasped in pleasure and hugged his back tightly with her hand, Broderick forgot the injury in his back at this moment and continued ******* her so hard while she kept moaning.

He would kiss her briefly and passionately in the process then dug his mouth into her neck and **** on it like a vampire while thrusting in hard like someone that had been starved of *** for


He grabbed her breast and fumbled it then found her ******* in no time and began to **** on it. The feeling was so pleasurable to Amy. She felt so much ecstasy that she feared that she may break.

Her scream was so loud and she didn’t care if anyone outside of the quaters hears her at all, Broderick kept sucking on her *******, interchanging his mouth between the left ****** and right ****** while thrusting in and out of her.

He pulled out all of a sudden and carried her then made her sit on his laps, “it’s your turn now,” he said and Amy nodded.

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