Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO Chapter 243

Chapter 1

The first aid box almost dropped from Amy’s hand, so many weird thoughts ran through her mind, she remained freezed for about a minute and when she didn’t hear any sound anymore, she walked out of the room with the first aid box. When she appeared at the living room, she saw that the door was wide opened.

“Hey! Hey!” She called as she walked carefully towards the door, wondering why the door was wide opened.

When she eventually appeared outside of the door, she saw the PA where he had left her, she dropped the first aid box and quickly asked,” did anyone walk in?”

“Not at all.” The PA replied.

Amy squatted and began to bring out the first aid kits,” I was just surprised that I heard a loud bang of the door.”

“It was the wind. It seems the rains want to fall,” the PA said.

“Oh! Let me be fast then,” Amy immediately began to administer treatment to him, the rain started by falling like dew, judging from how forceful the wind was blowing, Amy predicted that the rain will soon pour heavily.

Eventually, she was done administering the first aid treatment to him. She stood and said,” you should see the doctor tomorrow for proper treatment. This is just a temporal treatment but it will make you feel better until you can see the doctor tomorrow.”

“Alright, thank you,” just as the PA finished saying this, the rain began to pour heavily.

Amy carried the first aid box and said in a loud voice,” bye!” She quickly ran towards her door but before she got there, the PA spoke,” please let me stay in here until the rain subsides.”

Amy paused and turned to him, despite the rain falling heavily on both of them, she said in a loud voice,” no, please go to your quaters.”.

“It’s far from here,” he spoke loudly back. They had to speak loudly to communicate because of the heavy sound of the rain.

“Please manage to go to your place,” Amy opened the door and walked inside. She was already wet just by spending few minutes in the rain.

She went to drop the first aid box then went ahead and change her cloth after which sge went to lay back on the bed. She wondered why the man wanted her to accomodate him. What if he has an ulterior motive?

After ten minutes had passed and she hasn’t slept, she decided to confirm if the man has left. She walked to the door and on getting there, she opened it and realized that the man was still under the rain, shivering very hard

What! Was he crazy? Why can’t he run over to his quaters? “Why are you still there!” She asked.

The man turned to her and said,” my quaters is far from here…” He gritted his teeth reflexly and then said,” I…I don’t have the strength to go there.”

“Come in,” Amy said without hesitation and the man quickly stood and walked in. But he was so soaked.

“With this wet cloth on you, you would still be feeling cold,” Amy said and the man nodded, still shivering hard.

Amy felt pity for him and said to him, “come with me.”

The man stood at once and followed her to the guest bathroom,

when they got before it, Amy said,” you can warm yourself inside the bathroom, I’ll drop one of Broderick’s cloth for you here so that when you are done bathing, you can change to it.”

“Alright,” the man said.

When Amy was about to turn away, she asked the man,” what’s your name though?”

“Ray,” the man answered gently then Amy walked out.

She went to get Broderick’s cloth and came back to place it in the room then she went to sit at the living room. A couple of minutes later, Ray apepared in Broderick’s cloth. He was no longer shivering and now looked calm.

Amy watched as he came to sit before her,” thank you so much, Amy.”

“You are welcome. You look calm now, will you be able to go home?” She asked.

“Yes, I’ll try.” Nolan said, looking intently at Amy. Amy pretended as if she didn’t notice his intense gaze on her and then stood and went to the door, she opened it and turned, expecting to see Ray but she was surprised to see that he was still sitting.

“I thought you said you can go to your quarters now?” Amy asked.

“That’s right, but can you give me a chance to talk to you?”

“About what? About the fact that you find a mother of six kids attractive, right? Please get out,” Amy became angry at him.

Ray stood and said, “Is it my fault that I love you?”

“Get out” Amy’s voice was stern. “I had just helped you and this is

how you decide to pay me back, huh?”

Ray walked over to where she stood and said, “the reason why! advised you not to tell Broderick that I find you attractive is because if you tell him and he fires me, my father will be angry and attack him.”

“Who is your father?” Amy took steps back and asked. She didn’t like how close they were.

He tucked his two hands into his pocket and said,” not many people knows that Broderick is blind but my father told me.”

“I asked who your father is,” Amy asked.

“The previous *** of war, sir Wesley.” He answered.

Amy remembered how Sir Wesley had saved Broderick at East Hill from Nolan at a time when Nolan was almost disgracing him. She also knew of how powerful sir Wesley is but didn’t Brett say Broderick confided in Sir Wesley and him about his predicament yet Sir Wesley chose to tell his son.

Plus Sir Wesley isn’t even a citizen of North Hill, how did his son ended up becoming a PA to Broderick? Amy had so many difficult question in her mind.

“So you are threatening me to hide your silly act from Broderick? | don’t care who your father is but when Broderick comes, I’ll tell him,” Amy said.

“If you insist,” he turned to the door and said before walking out,” thank you once again, Amy.”

Amy shut the door hard after he had faded off her sight. She immediately ran to her room and placed a call across to Brett but it wasn’t answered. She assumed that he must be sleeping as it was

around 4AM in the morning.

She went back to bed and slept.

In the morning, after ensuring that her children left for school, she wanted to dial Brett’s number again but saw that he had already

texted her saying that he was having a four hours meeting today and that he would put a call across to her as soon as the meeting is done.

Amy wanted to inform Brett to tell Broderick to be be very careful of Sir Wesley

Amy soon got her food from the kitchen and placed it before her. her plan was to rush to eat the food before her so she can get to work early. Oh yes, she still works despite being the wife of the president

When Amy was about to take the first spoon, her phone chirped briefly and she checked, seeing that it was sent from an unsaved number, she opened it casually and her eyes furrowed as soon as she saw the thumbnail of the video that was sent to her. It was a lady sucking a man’s ****.

She immediately played it and watched as the lady sucked the guy’s **** in the first ten seconds of the video then the camera moved upward towards the face of the man and it turned out to be Broderick

Her heart throbbed that she pushed her food aside, as she watched, she saw Broderick pull the girl up and slam her to the wall, making her back him then he put in his **** from behind and began to **** the lady hard while she moaned.

Isn’t Broderick in the battle field? She thought but the video hasn’t ended yet, she suddenly saw three soldiers barged inside the room and saluted Broderick then said,” Captain, our enemies have

crossed our border and are approaching us with speed, we need your command to strike back.”

Broderick pulled his **** away at once and the video came to an end before he could utter a word.

He was truly in a battle field. But why was he ******* another woman? Amy felt betrayed. She felt heartbroken. She shut her eyes and tried to absorb the excruciating pain surging through her bones and marrows.

She suddenly lost the appetite to eat and the courage to go anywhere, her head began to ache and tears began to rush down her cheek. The last time she felt jilted was when she caught Callan having *** with his secretary.

Although Broderick and her weren’t in a marriage, yet, nonetheless, they share a deep relationship. Broderick knew she loved him so much, plus Broderick confessed to her a few days ago that he would love to spend forever with her.

How could he pick a random woman and have *** with her? Did he not value the love she has for him at all?

Amy felt dejected, she remained in the seat at the dinning and continued sobbing hard then after ten minutes, a knock sounded on the door.

She cleaned her face and stood, then walked over to the door. She assumed that someone from the Presidential parliament probably came to deliver a message to her.

As soon as she opened the door, she unexpectedly saw Ray, dressed in bodyhug white shirt and joggers.

“Amy. I came to say thank you’ for yesterday,” he said.

Amy only nodded, she didn’t have any strength to speak.

“Bye,” when she was about slamming the door on him, Ray stopped the door from closing with his hand and quickly moved closer to her.


“Amy, you are crying, what’s wrong?” His voice held so much concern.

Although there was no more tears in Amy’s face, she assumed that he must have realized that she was crying by how swollen her eyes had become.

She laughed dryly as if all is well with her yet she dared not to say a word for the fear of breaking down in tears. She didn’t want to break down before a stranger. As far as she was concerned, Ray was still a stranger to her.


“Please tell me what is wrong, maybe I can help.” He said and wanted to hold her but withdrew his hand. “I can’t touch you without your permission. But please let me help. You helped me yesterday, I want to help you now too. Just tell me.”

Amy quickly looked away from him when tears start to pour Uncontrollably from her face, Ray went to stand before him and just watched her without saying any word.

When Amy raised her brow to behold him as she was wondering why he was staring quietly at her, she saw tears on his face.

“Why are you crying?” Amy asked.

“I don’t know what’s making you cry but I want to share your pain with you,” Ray said.

Amy smirked,” so you don’t even know what’s hurting me and you are crying?”

Ray nodded as more tears streamed down his face.

Amy sighed, she didn’t want to tell him something so personal,” | can’t tell you.”

“I understand if you don’t want to tell me why you are hurt but probably if you spend time talking with me, your pain might ease?” Ray suggested.

“No…no…” Amy pushed him gently away in his chest,” just leave me, I need to be alone.”

Ray nodded and brought out his card then stretched it towards her, “if you need someone to talk to, please don’t hesitate to reach me.” Amy only looked at the card but didn’t collect it. She didn’t even have the strength to collect it.

Ray dropped the card on a flower beside her and said, “I’ll take my leave now.” He said and walked away.

Amy shut the door hard after he had left and sunk to her knees.

“It hurts!” Her mouth shiver as pain stings her heart hard, she sobbed aggressively and remained in that position for another one hour.

She thought that after crying for a while, she would feel better but the pain remained. It didn’t reduce at all. The more the video played in her head, the more her heart hurts.

She then attempted to do the thing she had been trying to avoid. She walked to kitchen and picked a bottle of alcohol.

Afterall, she was the only one in the room. No one will see her messed up and even if she gets drunk, she would have recovered before evening when her kids would come around.

She opened the bottle of alcohol and began to drink, she just wanted to drown herself in her sorrow. She drank until she could barely see anything. The bottle even fell from her hand reflexly and she didn’t have any any verve left to pick it up.

“Broderick… Alessandro… ” she called like a drunkard as she staggered towards the exit of the kitchen, “I gave you my heart…and you…” she laughed crazily, “you stabbed it. You pierced it like it’s nothing.”

She staggered to *** knows where and kept walking aimlessly,” why did you break my heart? Why?”

She cried and suddenly vommitted on the floor, she stepped forward after vomiting and fell, “you! You said you will spend forever with me.”

She managed to stand again and she continued walking, she didn’t even know if she was still inside the house. Then she saw a card on a flower

She picked it and suddenly remembered Ray, he had told her to call her if she needs someone to talk to.

What’s the need of being loyal to someone who treats your heart like nothing? She thought. After she had vomitted, she had a little bit of her senses back but she wasn’t herself fully still.

She brought our her phone and dialed the number and it got answered immediately,” are you….erm…’ She suddenly couldn’t remember his name anymore but she added.” I’m broken.”

“Amy! 1…The person on the other end said something reasonable but she couldn’t really make a meaning of it.

She tucked her phone back in her pocket and let herself fall to the floor flat, her body was numb that she couldn’t even feel pain as a

result of falling, she hit the floor again and again and shouted, “Are all men cheats?” She almost slap the ground open yet she didn’t feel any pain in her hand. The pain she was feeling in her heart swallowed all the pain in her body.

She suddenly heard the door opened and she immediately turned, she had barely identify whom the person that entered was when she faded into unconsciousness.

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