A Man Like None Other, Chapter 330

A Man Like None Other, Chapter 330 Replacing Josephine30

“Hmph! I can’t believe the underground king of Horington is just another weakling!” Wilbur scoffed.

Tommy fell to the ground after that. His face winced in pain. Even if he wanted to get up, he couldn’t muster the energy to.

“Are you Jared?” Wilbur asked again as he walked toward Zeke.

At the moment, Zeke was scared to death. He knew how strong Tommy was, so when he saw how Wilbur took the latter out with just one punch, he was completely stupefied.

Wilbur frowned when he saw Zeke’s reaction. Tyrion told him that Jared was very strong.

If that’s really Jared, why is he shaking like that? Hmph! There’s no way Alfred would die in his hands!

“You’re not Jared, are you?” Wilbur asked once more.

“N-No…” Zeke shook his head vehemently.

“Then, where is he?” Wilbur asked with a murderous look in his eyes and took two more steps toward Zeke.

At that time, Zeke could almost feel Wilbur’s breath on his face, and he didn’t even dare to look into Wilbur’s eyes.

“I-I don’t know… H-He has left Yeringham!” Zeke stuttered as he trembled out of fear.

“He left?” Wilbur frowned before he turned to the three girls. “Which one of you is Josephine?”

All three of them looked at him with terrified looks on their faces, and none of them said anything. It was because they knew why he wanted to find Josephine.

“Not speaking, are we? Fine then. I’ll tear your clothes apart and throw you out in the streets so that everyone can see how you look then…” he threatened as he glared at them.

Josephine and the others held each other tightly as if they were trying to calm each other down. Nevertheless, no one was able to calm the others at the moment because all of them were utterly terrified.

“How could a man like you bully women? You’re so shameless! Leave them alone! Come at me if you dare!” Tommy yelled angrily from the ground when he saw how frightened Josephine and the others were.

Wilbur ignored Tommy completely as he gestured for his subordinates to deal with Tommy. The next moment, his subordinates moved toward Tommy and started beating Tommy up.

Josephine and the rest paled at the sight of that.

“I’ll ask you one more time. Which of you is Josephine? You have three seconds to think about it, or else I’ll take all three of you away!” Wilbur yelled again as he threatened them.

After that, he started counting down.

“Three! Two! One!”

At that moment, Josephine gritted her teeth and was about to walk forward because she didn’t want to drag Frida and Yasmin into it.

However, before Josephine could do anything, Yasmin walked forward.

“I’m Josephine,” Yasmin stated with a determined voice despite the fear on her face.

“H-Hey…” Josephine said softly. She didn’t expect that Yasmin would step out for her.

Wilbur took a good look at Yasmin and grinned coldly. “I get why Tyrion likes you now. You’re easy on the eyes!”

When Zeke saw Yasmin step out, he turned pale and wanted to call out to her. However, he stopped himself when she shot him a look.

People would be selfish when it came to moments like this. Yasmin was his girlfriend, so he didn’t want her to get in danger. He knew what would happen if Wilbur took her to Tyrion.

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