A Man Like None Other, Chapter 329

A Man Like None Other, Chapter 329 A Secret Lover

At Yeringham Hotel, Josephine was asking Tommy something.

“Tommy, tell me the truth. Where did Jared go?”

“I really don’t know, Ms. Sullivan! He told me that there are some urgent matters, and he left right after!” Tommy replied helplessly.

“Why isn’t he back yet if he left last night? I can’t even reach him! Did something bad happen to him?” Josephine asked. Concern was written all over her face.

“Maybe he has a secret lover out there! Guys like him usually wouldn’t stay loyal to a woman,” Frida teased with a devilish grin on her face.

“Frida! Don’t be ridiculous! I don’t think Jared is that kind of person!” Yasmin chided as she lightly smacked Frida.

Yasmin had completely changed her view of Jared. To her, a low-profile man of his caliber wouldn’t be seduced easily by women.

“I agree! I don’t think Jared would do that too!” Zeke chimed in.

“I trust him, but I’m worried that he might be in danger,” Josephine said.

“Okay, let’s stop worrying about him. Maybe he’ll call you in a while. Let’s go eat!” Zeke suggested.

With that, the five of them went out to look for a restaurant to eat.

As soon as they were out on the street, Tommy felt that something was wrong. He furrowed his brows, and his heart raced when he sensed danger.

“Ms. Sullivan, it seems that we’re being followed. You go ahead with the others first. Don’t look back!” Tommy said to Josephine in a hushed voice.

With that, Josephine nodded in surprise. She quickened her pace with Frida and the others.

In an instant, Tommy held onto his belt and spun on his heel. When he turned, he saw that three men were approaching him with a smirk on their faces.

Even when they were found out by Tommy, they didn’t show a single sign of alarm.

“Who the h*ll are you? Why are you following us?” Tommy asked seriously.


A scream was heard after he said that. It was Josephine’s voice.

Tommy immediately turned in her direction and found that there were three other men in front of Josephine as well.

Zeke trembled in fear when the three men appeared before him, but he tried his best to protect the girls by standing between the men and the girls. Slowly, Zeke and the others moved backward and regrouped with Tommy.

“So, you’re Jared?” one of the men with a crew cut asked Zeke.

It was Tyrion’s uncle, Wilbur Jantz. He had never seen Jared before, so he thought Zeke was Jared.

“I-I’m n—”

“What business do you have with Mr. Chance?” Tommy asked before Zeke finished his sentence.

“Of course, I’m here to kill him! Did he really think I’ll let him live after he crippled Tyrion?” Wilbur replied coldly.

“You’re from the Whitaker family!” Tommy shouted as he tensed in response. He removed his belt and was ready to attack.

“You’re Tommy Lewis, right? A word of advice? Get lost, hero. This has nothing to do with you!” Wilbur shooed Tommy away.

“Such arrogance!” Tommy barked as he lashed toward Wilbur with his belt.

At that moment, the first person who struck first would gain the upper hand.

As Tommy’s metal belt lashed toward Wilbur, the latter didn’t even try to dodge it. Instead, he grabbed onto Tommy’s belt and yanked forcefully at it.

While Tommy was still taken aback, he felt the powerful tug pulling him toward Wilbur.

With that, Wilbur punched Tommy hard in the latter’s abdomen.


Tommy spat a mouthful of blood instantly, and he felt that his ribs were broken.

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