A Man Like None Other, Chapter 328

A Man Like None Other, Chapter 328 The Travel

“Master Leonidas…”

Renee ran toward Leonidas and hugged him tightly.

“Are you okay, Renee?” Leonidas asked with concern in his eyes.

“I’m fine… B-But my dad…” her voice trailed off as she started sobbing the moment she thought about her father.

Leonidas let out a sigh.

Right then, Jared walked toward Leonidas. With a single move, he pulled Leonidas up and channeled some spiritual energy into the latter’s body. In an instant, Leonidas felt a wave of strength wash over his body.

“Thank you, Mr. Chance, for all you’ve done for us! We will never forget it!” Leonidas said as he was about to kneel before Jared, and Renee followed suit.

However, before both of their knees came into contact with the ground, Jared stopped them. “Abbot Leonidas, please don’t kneel. It is fate that bound us together. Besides, Renee has helped me a lot too!”

If it weren’t for Renee’s help, Jared would have needed to spend much longer cultivating his abilities. The frosty energy trapped inside her body helped speed up the entire process.

With that, the three of them walked down the mountain and reached Lagrange Monastery. The place had already been cleared and cleaned, and not a single soul was there. Yet, something was different. More than ten tombstones could be seen in the open area behind the main hall.

Renee couldn’t hold it in anymore as she broke down in s**s at the sight of it.

The buried bodies there were her seniors and juniors she had grown up with. When they were still alive, some of her seniors used to take care of her and doted on her. Alas, all of them had become cold, lifeless bodies that were buried underground.

Situated in the front was the biggest grave compared to the rest. Renee’s body trembled when she walked up to it, and she held onto the tombstone tightly.

“Dad… Please come out! I’m Renee! Please call my name like how you used to! I’m here! Please…”

Renee’s grip was so strong that the rough surface of the tombstone broke the skin of her fingers.

Leonidas’ eyes reddened at the sight of her actions, and he wanted to help Renee up. However, Jared stopped Leonidas from doing that because he knew Renee needed to let it all out.

After thirty minutes, Renee eventually calmed down as she finally accepted the fact that her father had died.

“Abbot Leonidas, Renee, what do you plan to do next? If you need a place to stay, I can make arrangements for you in Horington,” Jared suggested. He thought about the state of Lagrange Monastery and the poor Renee who had lost her home.

Leonidas didn’t say anything, but he merely looked pitifully at Renee.

Renee met his eyes and said to Jared, “I only have Master Leonidas now. Wherever he goes, I’ll go.”

“Mr. Chance, don’t worry about us. I’ll bring Renee with me as we explore the world. I’ll never let her get hurt for as long as I live!”

“All right. Since you’ve decided, I won’t force it,” Jared responded as he took out Starry Compass. He continued, “Renee, take this. When you feel sick again because of the frosty energy inside you, use Starry Compass to get that energy out. One more thing, as long as you don’t go to places with strong frosty energy, there won’t be a relapse within a short period of time.”

With that, Jared put Starry Compass into Renee’s hand.

“Jared… T-This is your magical item! I can’t accept it!” Renee exclaimed.

She knew how much this magical item meant to Jared because he killed Falcon for it.

“Just take it. It’s just another magical item in my hands, but in yours, it can save your life. If we meet each other again, I’ll help you unleash your potential once I’m strong enough!” Jared said while smiling as he patted her head.

Renee remained silent, holding Starry Compass against her chest tightly.

The three of them went their own ways after they went down the mountain. Jared looked at Renee and Leonidas’ silhouette as the two of them walked in the other direction. Right then, Jared didn’t know that his decision to give Renee Starry Compass would save him countless times in the future.

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