A Man Like None Other, Chapter 327

A Man Like None Other, Chapter 327 Astral Attraction

With this revelation, Jared applied the Focus Technique, and the outflow of spiritual energy came to a jarring halt.

Next, an intangible vortex formed at Jared’s core and drew energy toward its center. The tide changed as the spiritual energy, Dorieus’ included, gushed back to Jared.

Dorieus’ face turned a ghastly white when he felt the energy loss. His eyes grew wide with fear.

“H-How did you learn the Astral Attraction?” Dorieus exclaimed in trepidation.

Dorieus could feel the energy draining through his limbs as it naturally gravitated to Jared. He fought to escape, but Jared was like a huge magnet, and Dorieus was the metal that stuck to it.

Dorieus’ muscles quickly became emaciated, and he plummeted into a chasm of unadulterated terror.

After ten minutes, Dorieus was nothing but skin and bones. His eyes bulged out of their sockets, his frightened expression eternally frozen. The rest of his body had shriveled up beyond recognition. .

Jared loosened his grip, and Dorieus collapsed to the ground with a light thud. His features were no longer human, and not a single moan escaped Dorieus’ cracked lips in his last moments.

Jared was in awe by the changes in his body. He could feel his abilities grow stronger, and every fiber of his being hummed with the extra energy. He never thought that the Focus Technique could be used in such a way, and it was a fascinating discovery for Jared.

“J-Jared,” Renee called out timidly.

Renee’s voice snapped Jared out of his thoughts. He hurriedly took off his jacket and draped it over Renee’s frail body.

By the time Jared escorted Renee out of the hall, Leonidas and Diomedes were still engaged in battle. Both men were drenched in sweat, and monks’ dead bodies were strewn all over the place.

The two men were already at their limits. Each assault they unleashed sapped their energy, but they gritted their teeth and pressed on, well aware that a moment of carelessness could cost them their lives.

“Master Leonidas!” Renee cried when she saw Leonidas. Tears streamed down her dainty face.

With her father dead, Leonidas was now Renee’s only family.

Upon hearing his name, Leonidas turned to look at Renee. His heart filled with relief when he saw that Renee was relatively unscathed.

Diomedes had a sense of foreboding when he saw Jared and Renee standing side-by-side. While Leonidas was distracted, Diomedes jabbed at Leonidas and prepared to flee.

Leonidas swung his cane at Diomedes to parry the attack, but it was already too late.

“Ah!” Renee’s horrified scream filled the place as she watched Diomedes’ spear approach Leonidas’ exposed chest.

Jared harnessed his energy, and with a flick of his wrist, a bolt of white light struck Diomedes’ arm.

Diomedes flesh split open, and he lost his grip on the spear.

In the same instant, Leonidas’ cane crashed into Diomedes’ head.

Blood gushed out of Diomedes’ mouth as he crumpled to the floor, unable to get back up.

“Traitor, I’d love to see you try to escape this time!” Leonidas bellowed at the prostrate Diomedes.

“S-Senior, please have m-mercy on me. I was wrong! Dorieus forced me to do it; it wasn’t my fault! Please don’t kill me, please…” Diomedes groveled at Leonidas’ feet, begging for his life.

“Scum like you deserve to go to hell, so how dare you covet life?”

With that, Leonidas aimed a forceful kick at Diomedes’ head.

Diomedes’ head cracked open on impact, its contents splattering on the ground. Void of energy, Leonidas’ legs gave away beneath him, and he slumped on the grou

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