A Man Like None Other, Chapter 326

A Man Like None Other, Chapter 326 Cultivator


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The oak door splintered to pieces. An old man with an unkempt beard appeared in Jared’s line of sight. He was hovering over Renee, who only had her undergarments on.

Startled by the noise, Dorieus whipped around to see a young stranger standing by the door. His bushy eyebrows knitted together.

“Jared, save me, save me…” Renee pleaded when she noticed Jared. She hastily pulled the blanket over her body to protect her modesty.

“Who are you, kid? Do you know the consequences of barging into the Phantom Monastery?” Dorieus growled menacingly.

“I was the one who murdered your grand-disciple and stole the Starry Compass. Come and take the Starry Compass back if you can!” taunted Jared as he presented the Starry Compass.

Dorieus’ expression lit up instantly when he laid his eyes upon the Starry Compass. “You’ve got the guts, kid! Since you’ve come to me of your own volition, I’ll end your pathetic life today!”

With his words still hanging in the air, Dorieus’ robes billowed out behind him despite the lack of wind. He threw a punch at Jared.

Jared’s eyes glinted coldly as they bore into Dorieus. His intimidating aura swirled around him, singing the promise of death.

“You shameless criminal, on behalf of the heavens, I’ll make sure you receive retribution!”

With that, spiritual energy coursed from Jared’s core to his clenched fist, engulfing it in golden light.

Dorieus was stunned. Shock flashed across his eyes, but his fist did not falter as it continued to fly toward Jared. Instead, he injected more internal energy into the punch.


With a deafening boom, a force swept through the room and wreaked havoc.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Dorieus staggered back three steps before he regained his footing. His whole arm was numb from the impact.

Jared, on the other hand, was completely unaffected as he regarded Dorieus with contempt.

Dorieus could not hide his astonishment. He never imagined that a young man like Jared would possess such great power.

“You’re a cultivator?” Dorieus asked with narrowed eyes. “No wonder you dare to challenge me!”

Dorieus could pinpoint Jared’s identity from the blow. It seemed like the youngster had trained with cultivators.

Jared, too, was taken aback by Dorieus’ acuity and ability. Had Jared not achieved Level Nine of Energy Cultivation, the previous attack might have ended in a draw.

“Now that you know what I’m capable of, why aren’t you pleading for mercy?” Jared quipped impassively.

“You’re too arrogant, young man!” Dorieus cackled. “You’re just a mere cultivator, and I just so happened to have absorbed your energy for my own use!”

Dorieus’ laughter stopped abruptly. He leaped into the air and spread his fingers. His digits transformed into claws as he slashed at Jared.

Jared nimbly dodged the attack and seized Dorieus’ wrist. To Jared’s surprise, the old man did not try to escape his hold. It was as if Dorieus had intended for it to happen.

Instead, Dorieus mirrored Jared’s actions and gripped Jared’s wrist as well. The two men grappled with each other, each trying to overpower the other with their internal energy.

The corners of Dorieus’ lips quirked upward in a smug smile. Soon after, Jared felt his spiritual energy rush from the center of his body to his arm like a tsunami.

The spiritual energy flowed into his arm and through Dorieus’ fingertips as the older man absorbed Jared’s energy.

Jared’s expression shifted to one of concern. He never expected Dorieus to have such an impressive skill.

“Who would have thought that a young man like you would have such pulsating spiritual energy! I’ll have to savor this feeling.”

Dorieus guffawed, evidently pleased with himself.

As Jared felt his spiritual energy get siphoned out of him, he had an epiphany. Since I can absorb the cultivation of all things with the Focus Technique, does that mean I can also steal a person’s spiritual energy?

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