A Man Like None Other, Chapter 323

A Man Like None Other, Chapter 323 Lunatic

“Abbot Erasmus died with his eyes open. I tried to close his eyes, but to no avail,” Walter reported sadly. He didn’t even dare to look in Erasmus’ direction.

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Jared got to his knees and caressed Erasmus’ face. “Abbot Erasmus, don’t worry. I shall avenge you!”

After he removed his hands, Erasmus’ eyes had snapped shut.

Getting to his feet, Jared glanced around the hall. There were no other corpses in sight, so he asked, “Where is Abbot Erasmus’ daughter, Renee?”

Walter shook his head. Glen, however, parted his lips to explain, “We don’t know where she is. We rushed here after receiving news and barricaded the scene. There was no one else here. We made sure no one touched the scene.”

Walter gritted his teeth and declared, “I can’t believe a lunatic killed everyone in the monastery! Who could he be?”

Jared had a suspect in mind, but he didn’t reveal his thoughts as there wasn’t any evidence tying the suspect to the gruesome incident.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Grange. I’ve asked the Criminal Investigation Division to investigate the matter thoroughly. I believe we’ll find out the culprit soon,” Glen promised.

The anguish in his voice was evident.

“Mr. Lowe, stop investigating the matter. Ordinary humans can’t find anything. Leave it to me!”

Jared knew this was done by someone who possessed abilities that go beyond that of ordinary people.

Glen was stunned, but he quickly regained his composure and glanced at Jared. Nodding, he said, “All right. I’ll ask the investigators to leave!”

Right after he said that, a commotion sounded outside.

Jared and the rest rushed out to see Leonidas arguing with the investigators. His robe was utterly drenched.

“Let him in!” Jared roared.

The investigators were astounded, but they made way for Leonidas. After all, Glen was standing right beside Jared.

“Erasmus! Erasmus…” Leonidas wailed as he ran into the monastery.

Jared felt his heart ache at the sight of Leonidas’ misery.

Both Jared and Walter headed into the hall after him, while Glen stayed outside to dismiss the irrelevant people. He warned them not to spill a word about that day’s events.

“Erasmus, Erasmus! Wake up! Wake up…”

Inside the hall, Leonidas flung his arms around Erasmus’ body and burst into noisy tears.

Jared and the others stood aside silently. No one spoke a word, for any attempted comforting words were futile.

After crying for a long while, Leonidas put Erasmus’ body down. A murderous intent appeared in his gaze as he clenched his jaw and exclaimed, “Dorieus, we’re enemies from today onward! I won’t stop until I take your life!”

Hearing Dorieus’ name, Jared finally confirmed his guess. A while ago, he had grown to suspect Dorieus. As he had killed Falcon and took the Starry Compass, Dorieus wouldn’t have possibly let it slide. After all, Starry Compass was a rare magical item.

Jared had no idea Dorieus was cruel enough to wipe out the entire monastery instead of coming to him for revenge.

“Abbot Leonidas, how did you know it was Dorieus?” Walter asked carefully.

Leonidas managed between gritted teeth, “It was Diomedes who informed me about it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have arrived so quickly. After we killed Falcon, Diomedes persuaded Dorieus to kill everyone in Lagrange Monastery to avenge his disciple. He then informed me about the massacre so I can deal with the mess.”

“That’s crazy! How could a monk do that?” Glen could barely hide his astonishment.

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