A Man Like None Other Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313 Try Me

The astonished Skylar was about to go out to investigate when the door burst inwards from a kick from Jared. “Jared? How did you manage to find your way here?”

Skylar stared at Jared in shock. “I told you that I’d hunt you down, even to the ends of the earth!”

Jared regarded Skylar coldly in return. “Where’s Enzo? Didn’t anyone try to stop you when you came to the Rowling residence?”

He was baffled as to why Enzo made no effort to get in Jared’s way because the very reason he came to the Rowling residence was out of a desire to use Enzo to kill Jared.

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Stumped by Jared’s appearance before him, Enzo’s absence only served to compound Skylar’s confoundment. “I’ve already sent him down to ****. It is there that you’ll reunite with him very soon…”

Jared’s gaze narrowed while his eyes permeated with a murderous streak. “What? Y-You’ve killed Enzo Rowling as well?”

Skylar was somewhat stunned. He had not expected Enzo to be taken out by Jared so swiftly, especially since this was Marsingfill, Enzo’s own stronghold.

Having heard of the eminence of Enzo’s magecraft, it astounded him that Jared was able to end him so effortlessly.

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to flee as well, Jared thus preemptively acted to

as he couldn’t allow the latter to escape

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blow in his chest which opened up a gaping and bloodied crevice right

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one could do is succumb to fear. Surrender your body

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an outlandish smile suddenly manifested upon Skylar’s

From Skylar’s lips came a disconcerting laugh. “Not bad, but you’re not going to be able to

wound that was the size of a fist suddenly

was rejuvenated. The muscles on his body emitted a blackish glow, and he appeared as though he


He could keenly sense that Skylar’s body was in a constant state of evolvement and was becoming more powerful while it did.

There was a complete change in Skylar’s entire aura and demeanor; A far departure from what was there before.

“Who are you?” Jared asked grimly, his eyes fixated upon Skylar.

“I am Skylar Norton, of course. Didn’t you want to kill me? Well, go ahead and try…”

The corner of Skylar’s lips lifted smugly, and there was a detached and horrifying look in his eyes.

Although Jared had not quite figured out exactly what was going on, he could already sense the looming threat that radiated off his counterpart.

A golden light began to glimmer as scales of shimmering saffron enveloped Jared’s body while his Golem Body activated.

“Hahaha… Golem Body. Your body will not compare to mine no matter what defensive technique you utilize because mine is indestructible…” rearing his head back, Skylar cackled maniacally.

That yielded no response from Jared. In actuality, he himself possessed an indestructible body as well. So long as the Nascent Soul was not destroyed, he too would be able to recover steadily.

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