A Man Like None Other Chapter 1310

Chapter 1310 Let Us Have Some Fun

Martial art techniques relied on energy, while magecraft depended on mental energy. Watching Enzo’s magecraft unfold, Jared deduced that Enzo was well-versed in magecraft as well. In fact, it seemed as if he was more skilled in magecraft as compared to martial art techniques.

“Since you’re challenging me to a contest of magecraft, let me play along with you,” Jared sneered. “Hahaha, do you think you can beat me in magecraft? You must have a death wish.”

Enzo broke out in unrestrained laughter. Instead of replying, Jared began making hand seals, causing the ground to shake violently. The next moment, as if something was moving underground, wall after wall of earth rose up from the ground.

When the light emitted by Enzo struck the earthen walls, they were quickly destroyed one by one. Watching the scene in front of him, Enzo laughed with growing arrogance.

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“Kid, don’t you know that magecraft requires strong mental energy and powerful hand seals? How dare an inexperienced fool like you challenge me on this?”

Just as Enzo spoke, his body suddenly disappeared together with the pillars of light before emerging right above Jared’s head.

As the pillar of light entrapped Jared within it, an insidious smile broke out on Enzo’s face.

“Let’s see how strong your spiritual sense is.”

Just as he spoke, Enzo began chanting a spell.

began to pulsate down the pillars of light, causing Jared to feel as if there were countless

a sullen expression descended upon his

an attack before where his Golem

an excruciating pain struck him in the head, driving

as if his brain had been

Jared suffer, Enzo guffawed ecstatically, “Hahaha, even with the Golem Body and your powerful energy, you’re still as weak as an insect when standing before

gloat. Holding his head with both hands, he was clueless

popping up on his forehead and eyes turning

could no longer take it and was on the brink of killing himself, the sound of a bell


fog he was

his brief respite was quickly interrupted by the return

as if something had occurred to

heart began to calm down while the headache he felt

calming incantation,

delight, Jared kept it to himself and pretended to still be

Seeing how the tormented Jared was finally brought to his knees, Enzo finally stopped his incantation.

“Jared, I will slowly torture you to avenge my son.”

While Enzo was speaking, he descended from the air and struck Jared’s shoulder with his palm.

The impact caused Jared to stagger forward while the scales of the Golem Body fell off him and turned into dust.

“Hahaha, now that you have lost the Golem Body, let’s see how you’re going to take me on.”

Enzo cackled triumphantly.

“Even without it, I still do not fear you.”

Jared had hardly finished when his entire body trembled upon the release of an explosive aura.

As for Enzo, he no longer saw Jared as a threat.

As he watched Jared throw a powerful punch at him, Enzo waved his hand in a casual manner, drawing a glimmering shield in front of himself.

Through the transparent shield, Enzo stared at Jared with a faint smile on his face.

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