A Man Like None Other Chapter 1309

Chapter 1309 Battle Of The Beasts

“Jared, don’t get carried away. You’re standing in the Rowling residence and have no right to negotiate with me,” Enzo retorted viciously.

Faced with Enzo’s refusal to hand Skylar over, Jared, his eyes brimming with murderous intent, disappeared in a flash and reappeared right in front of Skylar. Sensing the impending danger, Enzo hastily backpedaled. However, before he could get away, Jared’s kick bore down on him.


The tremendous power behind the kick caused the sound of shattering bones to echo through the courtyard as Enzo’s body was sent flying away. By the time Enzo was helped up by his men, he noticed his chest had collapsed into a crater.

The sight alone was enough for him to realize what had happened. Staring at Jared frantically, Enzo had never imagined that he would be defeated by Jared in a single strike.

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As for the rest of the Rowling family, they too were equally shocked by their leader’s defeat. After all, they were cognizant of Enzo’s strength and the fact that he was one of the top fighters in Marsingfill.

“Let me ask you again, where is Skylar?”

Giving Enzo a deathly stare, Jared’s voice sounded as if it had reverberated out of **** itself.

“I don’t know.” Enzo seethed through his gritted teeth.

With a wave of his hand, a sword suddenly appeared in it.

obsidian rock, continuously emitted an intimidating

the only one with a magic sword?” Jared sneered before reaching his hand out

raging inferno flickered from the sword, the

like that, the swords of fire and ice faced off against each

was holding, Enzo scoffed, “I have with me a magic sword I obtained from Terrandya which is capable of cutting through metal like butter.

spoken when he began to channel his pulsating energy into his magic

emitted an infinite amount

“Now, die!”

a slash of his sword, the sword energy he unleashed began to howl as it gradually took the form of

cold look in his eye, thrust the Dragonslayer Sword

sudden, a dragon’s roar

the sword energy evolved into a

that, the two majestic beasts engaged each other

expression froze, especially when he realized that Jared

before grabbing the polar bear with its claws and ripping

energy dissipated into the air while Jared’s continued gliding toward

Enzo frantically raised his sword to block, but alas, he was still thrown back by the explosive impact.

The moment his body crashed into the ground, the magic sword in his hand cracked before shattering into pieces.

Climbing back to his feet, Enzo gave Jared a grave stare.

“Where’s Skylar?” Jared demanded, returning Enzo’s glare.

Enzo didn’t reply but a glow appeared from his feet as he started chanting a spell.

Soon, the light shot into the sky and encapsulated Enzo within it.

At that moment, Enzo gradually ascended into the air within the pillar of light that formed, just like an immortal soaring into the heavens.

“Jared, you might possess the Golem Body and be brimming with energy, but don’t you forget that beyond martial art techniques, there is still the power of magecraft.”

No sooner had Enzo finished than rays of light shot out of his body.

A terrifying power bore down on Jared in every direction, almost swallowing him whole.

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