A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2072 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2072

Bu Jingyun was obviously a little surprised. He didn’t expect that he was standing so far away and he was discovered by Lin Ziming, and the look in Lin Ziming’s eyes was obviously a bit funny. That feeling seemed to be true. I heard what he was talking about.
But Bu Jingyun knew that Lin Ziming was so far away that it was impossible for Lin Ziming to hear what he said.
However, the look in Lin Ziming’s eyes really made him annoying.
He hasn’t been seen this way for a long time. Before Lin Ziming, there was only one man who dared to look at him with this kind of eyes, and that was Xiaoyaozi who had been pressed on his head for so many years!
Xiaoyaozi is known as the chosen son of this era, the first Tianjiao, he has fought with Xiaoyaozi countless times, and he is not Xiaoyaozi’s opponent, he is very convinced of Xiaoyaozi.
But how can this Lin Ziming dare to look at him like this?
So in an instant, he became angry, and his eyes narrowed. Even at a distance of thousands of meters, his murderous intent was still unstoppable, and he stabbed Lin Ziming straightly, as if counting. Thousands of sharp blades pierced Lin Ziming’s pupils heavily!
You know, Bu Jingyun is a super arrogant talent, and his cultivation is only slightly worse than that of Xiaoyaozi. His true strength has surpassed ordinary god-passing masters.
Even if Adam is in front of him, he may not be his opponent.
Therefore, his fierce murderous intent is extremely terrifying, even if he is a master of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, he is so scared that he is so scared.
Isn’t it true? Although these people around Lin Ziming did not face the scared clouds, they also felt a great horror. It seemed that the surrounding air was frozen at this moment, making them feel anchored and horrified, and their scalp numb. !
“What’s the situation? How do I feel a terrible murderous intent? The surrounding air is freezing.”
“Could it be that Adam has arrived?”
“Oh my god, this murderous intent is too fierce, my heart stopped just now!”
“Who the hell is it?”
“It must be aimed at Lin Ziming…”
They were all masters of the innate realm, and felt this terrifying murderous intent, and they all stepped back, their faces pale in fright, and they dared not keep a distance from Lin Ziming.
Sure enough, after they left Lin Ziming, they immediately felt much better, and they also responded that this murderous intent was aimed at Lin Ziming.
However, they also saw that Lin Ziming had nothing to do, and Lin Ziming hadn’t even changed his face, and there was still a faint smile on his face, as if he hadn’t been affected at all.
In fact, he really didn’t have any influence, Bu Jingyun’s murderous intent, I have to say it was terrifying, a bit of a will of heaven, and instantly, it seemed that he was rejected by the whole world.
However, Bu Jingyun was still not in the realm of the gods, and the mighty power still did not pose much threat to Lin Ziming, and Lin Ziming was able to deal with it calmly.
Lin Ziming saw Bu Jingyun’s appearance clearly, he quickly realized that Bu Jingyun must be one of the super talents on the list of immortals, but he still doesn’t know who it is, after all, he hasn’t seen anyone before. .
At the moment he saw Bu Jingyun, he could clearly feel the terrifying aura on Bu Jingyun’s body, and he also sensed that Bu Jingyun was not through the gods, but had the same half-step through. God master.
It’s just that Bu Jingyun’s true strength has already greatly surpassed ordinary God-passing realm masters.
This is kind of interesting.
When he saw Bu Jingyun, he had the feeling of seeing his own kind. This was also a super genius like him.

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