A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2071 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2071

This is a mysterious and mysterious realm.
As Lin Ziming progressed, all the strong in Chinatown followed in the footsteps of Lin Ziming.
At the same time, on a tall building in the distance, there are two people standing, one in white clothes and the other in yellow clothes. They are standing on the side. Now this city is blowing a typhoon of a high level. If you change ordinary people and stand on such a high floor, you will be blown up and down every minute, as long as you fall, you will definitely fall into the flesh.
However, the two of them remained motionless. The typhoon blew on them, which only drove their clothes to flutter. It had no effect on their bodies at all. They were like statues built there.
“This guy named Lin Ziming is not simple. It’s a bit interesting to think that in the world, such a master can be brewed.”
“It’s a bit interesting. According to the truth, there are too many disturbances in the world. They only focus on technological development and ignore their own practice. Their practice methods are extremely backward and barbaric, far inferior to ours. But this Lin Ziming, it is really rare to be able to cultivate to this state from the world.”
If Shangguan Rufeng is here, he will be shocked, because these two people are not ordinary people, but big people on the list of immortals!
The one in white is the second-ranked super arrogant, Bu Jingyun!
And the one who wears yellow clothes is the third-ranked super arrogant, Sakyamuni! !
The two of them can be said to be well-known in the entire martial art world, once and Xiaoyaozi with the same name.
However, they actually appeared here and became interested in Lin Ziming. This was an incredible thing.
You know, the two of them are not ordinary geniuses, but the top geniuses in the world today!
They have been in retreat for many years, and in the arena, it has been a long, long time that I have not heard the movement of the two of them.
I heard that they are going to retreat, planning to adjust their state to the best, to participate in the next secret realm development.
This time, the secret realm has been delayed for ten years. I heard that this time there are great horrors and great opportunities in the secret realm. I don’t know how many hidden geniuses are planning to take advantage of this secret realm. Opportunity, break through yourself!
Shakya Johnny dressed in yellow said: “I heard that this Lin Ziming is the champion of the Kung Fu Cup in the secular world. He will also go to the secret realm to find opportunities. I don’t know if I will meet him then? I am a little looking forward to it. It’s been a long time since there has been an opponent that makes me admire, and I hope this Lin Ziming will not disappoint me.”
Bu Jingyun, dressed in white, said, “Hoho, you look down on Lin Ziming too much. He may not even be able to pass Adam’s level. Let’s talk about it when he passes Adam’s level.”
Shakyatuni said, “Oh? Do you think Lin Ziming is not Adam’s opponent?”
Bu Jingyun said faintly: “Adam is the pinnacle of the first-class power of God. This Lin Ziming only has half a step to be able to master the world. It is difficult to defeat Adam.”
“It’s hard to say, if he is a super arrogant, then Adam must not be his opponent.” Sakyamuni had a sunny smile on his face, squinted, and looked very friendly, but his eyes In the depths of his eyes, when looking at Lin Ziming, there was intense coldness and murderous intent, which could not be noticed by people who were not sharp enough.
Bu Jingyun said disdainfully, “Super Tianjiao? Do you think geniuses of our level are so flooded?”
At this moment, Bu Jingyun suddenly stopped talking, because in his eyes, he saw Lin Ziming who was walking suddenly turned his head and looked over to him, as if he heard what he was talking about.

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