A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2069 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2069

In the dream, she was not Chu Fei, but another identity, and there was a voice that kept calling in her ear, calling her to go home, go home…
This kind of dream is too real and scary. Every time she wakes up, she feels very heart palpitations and her face is pale.
However, she felt that the things that happened in this dream should have actually happened, which made her really scared, and there was always a feeling that someone would come to her without knowing when.
She wanted to talk to Lin Ziming a long time ago, but she knew that Lin Ziming was very busy now, and every time she came to her lips, she didn’t dare to talk to Lin Ziming for fear of disturbing Lin Ziming.
“Hope, this is just a dream.”
Chu Fei shook her head and said sadly.
She is very satisfied with this kind of life now, and sincerely does not want to change.
But soon she came back to her senses, knowing that Lin Ziming was going to fight Adam, she was still very worried about Lin Ziming. .
Time seems to have started slowly on this day, and almost people all over the world have set their sights on the beautiful country, the battle between Adam and Lin Ziming.
Finally, after a day and night of brewing, this day has finally arrived!
For the beautiful country, this is not just a simple battle, and even a battle for the dignity of the beautiful country.
Its influence is so great that even some ordinary people know about it, and the hot discussion has never stopped.
As the person involved, Lin Ziming was meditating in his room. He didn’t seem to know that there were already a lot of people gathered around him, many of whom were masters.
When the first ray of sunlight shined through his window into his room, and the light climbed onto his face, he opened his eyes.
There was no wind and waves, and a strong air current blew out from his body, as if all the pores in his body were opened, and he was able to release foul air.
Then, the masters gathered around the room heard him stand up, and at the same time the body made a bang. It sounds like a large machine, working, giving people a full sense of power!
Lin Ziming looks very simple now, his eyes are deep and his temperament is pure, it seems that he is not a modern person, but an ancient person wearing modern clothes.
On his body, it seems to have seen the traces of time.
Therefore, when he stepped out of the room and appeared in front of everyone, all of them had an illusion in an instant.
In their eyes, they really thought that Lin Ziming was an ancient person, who had passed through a thousand years to come to the modern age.

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