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Chapter: 2068

Yandu compound.
Shangguan Wei’an said: “Brother Huangpu, Adam has challenged, now instructor Lin is in danger.”
Sitting across from him, Huangpudao frowned, and some worries flashed in his eyes, but he still shook his head and instantly laughed and said, “Instructor Lin must have his confidence to do this. We don’t have to worry too much.”
Shangguan Weian said, “Brother Huangpu, you have so much confidence in Lin Ziming? Has he already broken through to the realm of the gods? But he has just turned 30 this year. According to the rules of heaven and earth, he can’t Break through to the realm of the gods!”
The rules of heaven and earth, if this is heard by most warriors, they will definitely be surprised, and even think that Shangguan stalwart does not understand. Cultivation is a way of constantly tempering and strengthening oneself. What does it have to do with the rules of heaven and earth? Xiuxian.
However, Huangpu Dao was not smiling. He nodded solemnly and said: “According to the rules of the world, it should be like this. However, this kid Lin Ziming is very likely to be the chosen son of this era. If he can be in thirty-five years It’s not impossible to break through to the God-Throughout Realm before the age of 10 years.”
Hearing this, Shangguan Wei’an’s eyes widened suddenly, and he said with some surprise, “What? Lin Ziming is the son of the best choice of this era? Brother Huangpu, isn’t it right? Didn’t you say that the son of the best choice? There will only be one in a thousand years, but in this thousand years, the son of the Chosen has already appeared, and that is the strongest Tianjiao Xiaoyao in the martial world. How can Lin Ziming become the son of the Chosen?”
Huangpu Dao shook his head and said, “This is just my guess. According to Lin Ziming’s promotion rate, he might also be the chosen one.”
“If this is the case, then we have to stop Lin Ziming and Adam from fighting! If Lin Ziming is really the chosen son, if he falls in Adam’s hands, it will be a huge loss for our country. !” Shangguan Wei An said anxiously.
As the supreme leader of China, he has a great responsibility to China. He wants to revitalize China. Since Lin Ziming is the son of heaven, he has absorbed a lot of the national fortunes of China. If Lin Ziming really died in Adam’s hands For China, the blow is extremely huge!
He absolutely cannot accept such a thing.
Unexpectedly, Huang Pudao smiled and said, “If Lin Ziming died in Adam’s hands, then it means that he is not the chosen son of heaven. Anyone who is chosen by heaven will not die so easily.”
Hearing this, although Shangguan Wei’an was a little anxious, he couldn’t say anything anymore.
Huangpu Dao patted him on the shoulder and said, “Old guy, don’t worry, Lin Ziming’s mood, city government, and methods are beyond ordinary people. Since he dares to do this, then he must be sure of it. I estimate that he should have defeated a master of the gods, so he has the confidence to challenge Adam, his idea should be to use Adam as a stepping stone, as long as he can escape under Adam’s hand, then, this battle The help to him must be immense.”
“I hope so.” Shangguan Wei’an said with a sigh.
At the Chu family, after Chu Fei hung up the phone, she also sighed for a long time.
She had just finished the phone call with Lin Ziming and learned that Lin Ziming was going to fight Adam tomorrow.
Now she is no longer the silly white sweet who didn’t know anything before. In fact, during this period of time, she has also been practicing, slowly shifting her energy from the company’s operations to the practice.
She is now in the third stage of the Innate Realm in strength, and she has improved very quickly.
But she was very low-key, and she didn’t tell anyone except herself, including Lin Ziming, she didn’t tell anyone either.
As she practiced more and more, she felt that her physique was different, and since she broke through to the third stage of the Innate Realm, she often began to have strange dreams.

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