A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2067 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2067

“Hahaha, Adam! You demon, now someone dares to challenge you. I am looking forward to your defeat in the hands of this young man named Lin Ziming, which will ruin your reputation, hahaha… ..”
“Arrange a flight for me. I want to go to the beautiful country right away. I can’t miss this battle!”
“I heard that the law of this world is that every thousand years, there will be a great genius who condenses the essence of most of the world, stepping into the world’s strongest realm, and even aspiring to the legendary fairy road! I don’t know this young man named Lin Ziming , Isn’t that kind of person? Interesting…”
“Quack, if this young man is really the darling of this world, and if he takes away his luck, I will surely be able to wait for me to aspire to immortality, hahahaha…”
Suddenly, the wind was surging, and many super masters from all over the world who had been hidden for a long time were also alarmed, and they wanted to go to the beautiful country to see this battle with their own eyes.
When the message reached China, it only took a few minutes. For the entire Xuanyuan three places, it took a full half a minute for them to accept this fact.
Lin Ziming, really is going to challenge Adam, and Adam is still fighting!
What they were looking at now was Adam’s declaration of war. The words were full of murderous intent against Lin Ziming. Even if the text had been translated, they could clearly feel Adam’s murderous intent.
“This… Instructor Lin is too crazy, he really wants to challenge Adam? Adam is a super power at the pinnacle of the first-class power level! Even the old man, the military god, may not be able to defeat Adam 100%. Right!”
“Could this be instructed by the old man of the military god? By then, it will not be instructor Lin but the old man of the military god who will be in the battle?”
Someone asked this question. For them, the news that Lin Ziming was about to fight Adam was too shocking for them. Even if they had seen big winds and waves, all kinds of big scenes, they still felt that it was very shocking. Incredible.
For Lin Ziming, they asked themselves to be very familiar, but now, they realized that they were not even familiar with Lin Ziming at all.
If someone told them six months ago that Lin Ziming would challenge Adam, they would never believe it!
It’s like someone telling them that ants will challenge an elephant one day, it’s ridiculous, and it’s completely self-seeking behavior.
But now, the facts are in front of them, so they have to believe it.
“Definitely not the instruction of the old man of the military god! This should be instructor Lin’s own intention! Adam has always been hostile to our country. As the champion of this Kung Fu Cup, instructor Lin was originally going to go to the beautiful country and accept Adam’s guidance. But with Adam’s character, he would definitely not be able to give Instructor Lin a good guide, so Instructor Lin did nothing and challenged Adam directly. After all, the best advice is to fight.” Peng Zhuo said in a deep voice.
Someone immediately said shockedly, “But, Adam is a strong man in the realm of the gods. He has dominated the entire Western world for many years. Instructor Lin is only in the congenital realm. What can I use to fight Adam? You know, the realm of gods. The gap with the innate realm is much larger than the innate realm and ordinary warriors!!”
“I don’t know. Based on what I know about Instructor Lin, he must be confident that he dares to do this.”
Then they glanced at each other and after exchanging opinions, they all came to a conclusion, that is, they have to go to the beautiful country in person and witness this century war with their own eyes! ! !
For a time, many people rushed to the beautiful country.

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