A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2066 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2066

Following the issue of Adam’s order, immediately, the entire Beautiful Nation, and even the warriors all over the world, had their eyes on this side, and at the same time, they were shocked.
Adam actually wanted to attack Lin Ziming!
In other words, Adam challenged.
This is a very subversive message, although they all realized that the reason Lin Ziming dared to act so recklessly when he went to the beautiful country this time was to go to Adam.
However, in any case, Lin Ziming is only a master of the half-step divine realm. He said that he was half-step divine realm, but in fact it was in the innate realm, and he didn’t really step into the divine realm.
As for Adam, he is a master in the realm of God, and as the number one powerhouse in the beautiful country, he has been invincible in the entire Western world for many years!
It’s been too long for them to have heard of Adam’s personal shot. In their opinion, even if Adam shot himself, the opponent is at least a master of the gods!
But now, the other party is just a master of innate realm, and he is also a young man from China. To be honest, it really shocked them.
In fact, most of them thought that the reason Lin Ziming dared to be so arrogant was not because he wanted to challenge Adam, but because of the instigation of the Chinese god Huangpudao.
After all, the God of God is the master of the gods, and there have been constant conflicts between China and the beautiful country over the years. The battle between God of God and Adam is not big news.
But now is it, Lin Ziming personally shot it?
In fact, although Lin Ziming is quite famous now, for many real strong men who have been in retreat for many years, they don’t know Lin Ziming.
So when the news that Adam was about to fight Lin Ziming tomorrow was spread, many veteran experts expressed astonishment. Under what circumstances, when did Lin Ziming pop out?
In an old forest deep in the mountains of Dai Guo, there was a middle-aged man with a fine stature, a bald head and a bronze color all over his body. He just came out of a big rock and exploded, but he was unscathed.
In front of him, there were hundreds of disciples kneeling, and he questioned, “Adam actually made another shot? Who is this man named Lin Ziming? How hasn’t the old man ever heard of it?”
“Returning to Master, this Lin Ziming has only emerged in the last two years. He is…”
After this disciple was introduced, the bald-headed middle-aged man burst into a terrifying light in his eyes, “What?! A young man who has a half-step mastery of the realm, dare to provoke Adam?! Go, I will definitely want to fight this battle. Present.”
At the same time, there are also many places around the world that have the same voice.
“When did China appear such a powerful young man who, with the strength of half a step through the gods, dare to challenge Adam? This battle must be beautiful!”
“I don’t think I have been in retreat for five years, and there are such powerful young people in this world? It’s interesting… Arrange a plane for me, and I will fly to the beautiful country immediately!”

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