A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2065 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2065

Here, not only his subordinates, but also many high-level members of the beautiful country, even the beautiful country’s Tranço also arrived. Seeing him in a rage, all his faces became pale with fright, and he backed off quickly and did not dare to speak. For fear of provoke Adam’s anger, Chi Yu will be harmed.
Even if they are the high-level leaders and leaders of the beautiful country, the most distinguished person in the beautiful country is Adam.
There is no other reason, just that the strength of pure Adam is the strongest. At the same time, Adam is also the guardian of the beautiful country and the totem of the beautiful country.
They have known Adam for a while, but they have never seen Adam so furious, it’s really like God’s anger, especially terrifying.
“Lin Ziming! Lin Ziming! Lin! Zi! Ming!!!”
Adam smashed the contents of the room by nearly half, and finally calmed down, gasping for breath. Originally, for a person of his realm, his physical strength is almost limitless, let alone smashing things, even if he wants him Traveling throughout the beautiful country, he would not be so panting.
However, he was so angry now, so annoyed, that he would be so gloomy.
Everyone present could feel his anger, as well as the murderous intent and hatred from the bottom of Lin Ziming.
They knew that Adam was really intent on killing, and it was not a normal killing intent.
Let alone Adam, even if they are, they hate Lin Ziming, a Chinese man!
When did their beautiful country suffer such humiliation? As the first strong country, they were so presumptuous and murdered by a Chinese person!
But Lin Ziming is a super expert, even if they send out an army, there is no way to kill Lin Ziming.
The only way to deal with Lin Ziming is to know the location of Lin Ziming and activate nuclear weapons!
However, the cost of doing so is too great, and they absolutely dare not do it.
The only way is for Adam to shoot Lin Ziming himself.
No, it’s best to capture them alive, and then torture Lin Ziming fiercely, so as to offset their hatred of Lin Ziming!
A beautiful blond woman next to Adam ran to Adam and cried with her nose and tears, “Master Adam, please take revenge for my brother Scott! Put this damned Chinese to death!!”
This beautiful blonde woman is a lover of Adam, and it just so happens that Scott is the younger brother of the beautiful blonde woman. That’s why Adam was so annoyed. From Adam’s point of view, Lin Ziming was no longer as simple as a provocation, but moved his inverse scales, standing on his head and s**t!
He is a powerhouse at the pinnacle of Adam’s dignity, and he enjoys a high reputation in the world. When has he suffered such a huge grievance!
Even the military god Huangpu Dao didn’t dare to offend him like this, and now, just a little Lin Ziming, an ant-like thing, dare to humiliate him like this!
dead! D**n it! Lin Ziming must die! ! !
He took a deep breath, so strong that a huge air current was rolled up in the room, and the paper and objects around him were also blown up and down.
This shows how powerful Adam’s Dantian is.
After calming down, Adam’s red eyes slowly calmed down, from blood red, slowly faded, and then turned into golden yellow.
Anyone who knows him knows that he is absolutely angry and has entered a frenzied battle mode, which means that he really regards Lin Ziming as a strong enemy. This time he is going to take Lin Ziming. There is no discussion! Even if God descends to the world, it can’t stop him! ! !
“If the order continues, I will personally take action tomorrow to fight Lin Ziming. This time, with my reputation, I want the whole world to see clearly how Adam trampled Lin Ziming to death!”

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