A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2064 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2064

Zhong Fan was stunned. The look in Lin Ziming’s eyes a moment ago deeply irritated him and made him feel ashamed as never before!
His face was also hot, thinking of his own performance just now, it was really disappointing.
He slapped himself heavily, deeply regretful.
At the same time, he became excited. It turned out that the real big man was by his side. Although he couldn’t figure out why he killed him, why the former son-in-law who used to come to the door would become so powerful in just a few years.
However, this is not important, what is important is that Lin Ziming is his brother-in-law!
As long as he follows Lin Ziming, isn’t that much better than Scott?
Those dudes finally reacted now and asked Zhong Fan one after another.
“Zhong Fan, what’s the situation? Didn’t you say that your brother-in-law is a trash?”
“Yes, Zhong Fan, your brother-in-law is too awesome, what kind of trash is this, this is an absolute god!”
“Oh my God, your brother-in-law was too handsome just now, he is a master of martial arts!!”
“Zhong Fan, please introduce your brother-in-law to me!”
“I’ve decided, I will f**k with your brother-in-law in the future!!!”
They all surrounded Zhong Fan, very excited, all kinds of flattery.
Now Zhong Fan also reacted, he quickly wanted to chase Lin Ziming, but Lin Ziming was no longer visible.
He looked back and saw the stray body. After calming down, he was immediately taken aback and didn’t dare to stay any longer.
After the dudes reacted, they were too frightened and fled in a hurry.
After coming down, I can’t see Lin Ziming anymore. Even Lin Ziming’s mobile phone can’t be connected. It seems to have blocked him. This makes Zhong Fan particularly disappointed and regretful, and even more panicked. Now that I have seen Lin Ziming’s greatness, if Lin Ziming really hates him, then he will lose a lot!
He quickly called his aunt Liu Suhong and asked Liu Suhong about Lin Ziming. Soon, in Liu Suhong’s mouth, he learned of Lin Ziming’s awesome things in China, and now he regretted it even more. I slapped myself a few times.
As for Lin Ziming, he left there long ago and went back to Chinatown.
What happened just now was just a small episode for him, and it couldn’t cause the slightest disturbance in his heart at all.
At the same time, he also had a hunch that Adam, at the latest tomorrow, he should come to him.
Today he has to take a good rest and adjust his state and mood to the best state.
After half an hour, Adam had already learned that Lin Ziming had slaughtered Scott and the others.
“Outrageous! Outrageous!!!”
Adam was furious, and he smashed things frantically, with fire bursting out of his eyes, and frightened everyone around him.

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