A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2063 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2063

Scott was trembling and begging for mercy.
Lin Ziming just disdainfully smiled, would he spare Scott? The answer is no.
At this moment, Scott also felt Lin Ziming’s killing intent. In despair, he sent a mortal blow to Lin Ziming. Even if he was about to die, he would have to pull Lin Ziming on his back!
However, his desperation, for Lin Ziming, was in no way different from the ant’s counterattack.
Lin Ziming didn’t dodge at all, letting Scott’s punch hit his chest, and when Scott wanted to hit his second punch, he heard a loud noise, and Scott tensed. All of a sudden, his body weakened, and the charged punch also lost the support of strength, and weakened weakly.
Then Lin Ziming threw Scott aside just like throwing rubbish, just in front of Zhong Fan and the others, frightening them. In particular, Scott’s eyes widened, and the look of stubbornness made several dudes scream with fright.
Scott is dead.
This message arises in everyone’s mind, especially for those subordinates, it is even more thunderbolt.
They know very well how powerful Scott is, but now, like a chicken, died in the hands of this Chinese…
No, this is no longer a person, but a demon, a devil! ! !
They saw the coldness in Lin Ziming’s eyes, they reacted all of a sudden, and they dispersed, and decided to run away.
Don’t think they usually don’t take other people’s lives in their eyes, but they are all very afraid of death. The more cruel and tyrannical people are, the more afraid of death.
They used their strength to escape, but in Lin Ziming’s hands, did they escape? The answer is definitely no.
Lin Ziming just snorted disdainfully, and ran after him.
He completely turned into a fierce tiger, rushed into the flock, and slaughtered all quarters.
No, using Tiger and Lamb is not enough to describe the gap between them.
In half a minute, only half a minute, Lin Ziming slaughtered all these hundreds of subordinates.
The ground was full of corpses. This was a scene of bursting. And when Lin Ziming killed so many people, there was no blood on his body, no sweat, and his breathing was still very stable. He patted his sleeves and walked slowly, as if he was just taking a walk after a meal.
However, for the rest of Zhong Fan and those dudes, it was like a devil.
And the other Chinese in this clubhouse, they also looked at Lin Ziming in fear and awe.
Many people also knelt down, begging Lin Ziming not to kill them.
Seeing this scene, Lin Ziming sighed and said: “You are all gone, dignity is your own fight. You have the blood of the Chinese nation on your body. Our Chinese nation is no worse than any race. Remember. .”
A daze flashed in their eyes, as if they didn’t quite understand.
Lin Ziming shook his head, and didn’t have any more to say, he had already done what he should have done.
Next, he glanced at Zhong Fan faintly, and said, “I am very disappointed in you.”
Then turned and left.

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