A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2062 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2062

But isn’t it? I saw Lin Ziming, like a prehistoric behemoth, directly smashing away the men who stood in front of him!
The dozen or so subordinates who stood in front of him, in front of Lin Ziming, were like paper, they had no ability to resist at all, and they were not able to stop Lin Ziming from being smashed by Lin Ziming. Of flying wildly.
Almost just in an instant, Lin Ziming already broke through the siege.
Or it shouldn’t be described as a breakthrough, Lin Ziming just ran out normally, and the subordinates in front of him were almost like air.
And this scene, for others, is an extremely shocking scene!
Not to mention Zhong Fan and those dudes, even Scott, his eyes are wide open now, he only feels unprecedented fear, his guts torn, the first time he is so scared, comparable to seeing the real devil ! ! !
He grew up so old, and he had never seen such a terrifying person. It was completely beyond his cognition.
Through the gods!
The Chinese man in front of him must be a master at the realm of God, and he is in the same state as Adam. No wonder, this Chinese man dares to provoke Adam!
And he, the ant in the third stage of the innate realm, dare to provoke such a terrifying existence, and he is so arrogant, he only feels that he has done one of the most wrong things, this is looking for death, completely. I’m looking for death.
He couldn’t help thinking so much, only to feel a flower in front of him, Lin Ziming’s figure was already in front of him, reaching out his hand, grabbing it, grabbed his neck, and lifted him up.
And he was still running forward at high speed, but now he was suddenly lifted up, his feet kicking wildly in the air.
Facing him, Lin Ziming had a pair of playful, cold, murderous eyes, and his whole body was trembling violently. It was an unprecedented horror and panic! !
“Do you still want to run?”
Lin Ziming’s voice sounded. For him, it was the most terrifying magic sound in the world. It made him completely unwilling to resist, and he quickly begged for mercy: “Please, let me go, I don’t want to die, I I don’t want to die…”
The way he is now, it’s like a little chicken, caught by Lin Ziming in his hand, that pitiful begging for mercy, it can be said that it greatly stimulated everyone in the audience.
At this moment, everyone finally reacted!
What kind of ants are there for the Chinese in front of you? This is an absolute devil, an absolute powerhouse! It is completely beyond the scope of their perception of humans.
The remaining thugs, looking at Lin Ziming now, only felt cold and shivering. They couldn’t grasp the weapons in their hands and fell to the ground one after another.
But they didn’t dare to run, because Lin Ziming turned his head and stared at them just now, leaving them with a blank brain as if they were struck by lightning. They completely lost the idea of ​​running away and resisting. Some people with such good hearts were directly caught by them. Frightened and slumped, lying on the ground and vomiting white bubbles, Lin Ziming was directly frightened and fainted!
What a pressure this is.
The remaining people also knelt down one after another, begging for mercy one after another, hoping that Master Lin Ziming has a large number of them, and don’t let them go and let them go.
This scene was another shock for Zhong Fan and others.
Let them stay there without knowing what to say.
Lin Ziming held Scott in one hand and said, “I think you don’t always oppress my Chinese people.”
“There is nothing… There is nothing, sir… Please let me go, I am willing to be a bull and a horse for you!”

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