A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2061 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2061

He kept talking, with an extremely sincere attitude, and kowtowing his head as he said. That appearance can be said to be even more beyond the expectations of everyone present.
For these men present, they all had their eyes open, and they couldn’t imagine at all. Why did their invincible boss actually kneel to a Chinese man and be frightened like this? This is completely unscientific. They all seriously doubt whether this Chinese hypnotized their boss, or they planted some witchcraft on the boss!
Otherwise, how could such a thing happen?
To those dudes, they were all dumbfounded and dumbfounded now.
The corner of Lin Ziming’s mouth is even wider. He said, “You met the windshield rudder, kneeling so simply. No wonder you can sit where you are today.”
Scott didn’t dare to speak, only dared to kowtow constantly. He knew very well how terrifying the murderous god in front of him was.
But for those subordinates, they don’t understand. They think that Scott was confused by Lin Ziming and asked them to kneel down and beg for mercy for a Chinese. They absolutely cannot accept it!
Besides, they have so many people now, and they also have guns. I’m afraid of being a feather.
A subordinate with a relatively hot personality stood up first and said: “Boss! You have been witchcrafted by this d**n Chinese! Boss, brothers avenge you and kill this d**n Chinese!!”
Then, he raised his arms and shouted, calling on the other subordinates to come together and kill Lin Ziming!
Scott immediately raised his head and said, “You…”
He originally wanted to stop, but immediately, his eyes rolled and he shut up immediately after thinking of something.
He knew that Lin Ziming was a terrifying existence comparable to the God Realm, but his hands were hard to beat the four punches. Even if Lin Ziming was invincible, he would be besieged by hundreds of thugs at once, I believe Lin Ziming would not be able to break through immediately!
In this way, he can take advantage of this time to run away.
He already knew that Lin Ziming would definitely not let him go. This was his best chance to escape.
I have to say that his reaction was quick and he could remain calm at this time, but his every move, no matter how he could escape Lin Ziming’s golden eyes, was instantly caught by Lin Ziming.
“Brothers! Let’s go together and kill this damned Chinese!!”
Suddenly, all the thugs on the scene began to besie Lin Ziming. They were all taller than Lin Ziming. Others looked like they had drowned Lin Ziming.
And Scott also took advantage of this opportunity, turned around and ran, using his strength to feed him.
However, just long after he ran, he heard Lin Ziming’s disdainful voice, “Want to run? Do you think you ran.”
Hearing this sound, Scott’s muscles tightened suddenly, his scalp became numb, and he even held his breath.
Immediately afterwards, he heard a few loud bangs, coming from behind him, and when he looked back, he immediately saw a scene that made him stunned!

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