A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2060 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2060

Zhong Fan couldn’t recover for a long time, and couldn’t accept all this in front of him.
what’s going on?
Unbelievable, Scott, who is so powerful, is so scared of Lin Ziming?
His body was trembling, and he kept slapping himself, begging Lin Ziming for forgiveness?
What happened?
He closed his eyes just now, and he didn’t see Lin Ziming hitting Scott forcibly, but he was unharmed, so he is now the monk Zhang Er who has no thoughts and can’t believe that all of this is true. of.
It was too subversive, too unbelievable. In his impression, Lin Ziming was the most useless door-to-door son-in-law of his aunt’s family.
Over the years, even if he was studying abroad, he could often hear about Lin Ziming, except for the uselessness, which was already a joke and shame for the entire family.
To be honest, this time coming to the beautiful country, if the aunt asked him to find Lin Ziming, and said that he had a good understanding of Lin Ziming, he would not want to talk to Lin Ziming at all, and would lose his face.
But the result is that Lin Ziming has transformed into a super man, even Scott is afraid?
The key is not right. Didn’t Scott have a bad attitude towards Lin Ziming just now? How come his attitude changed in a blink of an eye!
He even began to wonder if Scott and Lin Ziming came to tease him.
At this time, Lin Ziming didn’t care about Zhong Fan’s thoughts at all. For him, if it weren’t for his mother-in-law’s confession, he would not bother to take care of Zhong Fan at all.
He also didn’t deliberately conceal his strength, but only when the time comes.
He stared at Scott now, his aura had undergone a tremendous change, he was no longer the ordinary ordinary person just now, but became a super master, an existence that everyone on the scene could not ignore!
He just stood there simply, like a Tarzan, a god, who dare not disrespect him, shivering.
Zhong Fan also discovered that Lin Ziming’s momentum is different now, but it is still difficult for him to understand why Lin Ziming has become like this, in his mind, if it hadn’t been for Scott and Lin Ziming to lie to him, Then he asked the hallucinations.
“You are very courageous. You know that I am in a beautiful country during this time, and you dare to bully my compatriots like this. Do you think I can’t find your trouble in Chinatown?” Lin Ziming said lightly. , It was like saying something insignificant, but his posture and tone reached Scott’s ears. It was a deadly magic sound, which made him even more frightened and nervous!
Because he felt that Lin Ziming’s teasing on him, and cold.
He watched the live broadcast of Lin Ziming’s fight with Hannibal, and that kind of battle can be said to be like a fight between gods, and it is not what an ant of his level can imagine!
Among other things, his punch just hit Lin Ziming’s face, and even Lin Ziming’s face was not broken, but his fist shook back and numbed with pain. He knew that he and The gap between Lin Ziming was as big as an ant and a dragon. He had no idea of ​​resisting at all, because he knew that if he dared to resist, he would die even worse!
With a plop, he didn’t hesitate too much. He knelt directly in front of Lin Ziming and said pleadingly, “Dear Mr. Lin, I have no vision, I don’t recognize you, and I am disrespectful to you. , I feel terribly fearful and regretful! I beg you, my lord, have a lot, don’t see me in common…”

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