A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2058 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2058

When he shot it, it was like a thunderbolt. It was like a thunder in the ground. It was very terrifying. To everyone present, his shot seemed like the sky was falling apart, and the sky was about to fall.
Especially for Zhong Fan and those dudes, that felt even more fear and trembling from the heart.
There was no thought of resistance at all.
Scott had absolute confidence in himself. Although he could see that Lin Ziming was an innate realm master and his strength was not low, he still didn’t put it in his eyes.
In fact, he is more excited, and the cells throughout his body are active.
At this time, he was more of a cat-and-mouse-like pleasure.
In the past few days, that damned Chinese has been so arrogantly murderous on the ground of Beautiful Country, which is a very uncomfortable thing for him.
But he also knows himself that even a top player like Hannibal is not the opponent of that Chinese, so he is even more inferior.
However, even so, it doesn’t mean that he dare not attack the Chinese.
In fact, the more so, the more he hates Chinese people!
When he learned from his subordinates that there were a few Chinese who wanted to confuse him and recognized him as the boss, he made up his mind and planned to play tricks on these d**n Chinese.
However, the appearance of Lin Ziming, for him, was not jealous, but excitement, an accident.
The more powerful the Chinese, the happier he abused and the more sense of accomplishment he felt.
He shot extremely fast, almost in the blink of an eye, he had already arrived in front of Lin Ziming, punched it, and could directly interrupt Lin Ziming’s head!
Of course, he had no hope that a punch would be able to solve Lin Ziming. His back move was behind. As long as Lin Ziming dared to take a step back, then what was waiting for Lin Ziming would be violent storms, absolutely crushing! !
In his mind, there was already a scene of crushing Lin Ziming to death.
However, when his fist was already in front of Lin Ziming, he didn’t even see Lin Ziming dodge, but instead saw it. On Lin Ziming’s face, there was an extremely disdainful smile.
The next moment, with a bang, his punch hit Lin Ziming’s face hard.
This feeling of solid hitting made him stunned for a moment, and obviously reacted a little, because he didn’t even think that he would hit Lin Ziming with this punch, and his big killer was behind.
Zhong Fan, who was kneeling on the ground, saw this scene. He closed his eyes, his fear was extreme. He knew that Lin Ziming must be dead. This idiot actually dared to provoke Scott and went wild here. A hundred lives are not enough for him to die!
However, there was no imaginary scene of Lin Ziming screaming and flying out.
Instead, Scott let out a painful snoring, and then took two steps back, with horror and disbelief on his face.
With that punch just now, Scott felt that he was not hitting a person, but on a piece of iron, and this piece of iron still has a huge rebound! It shook his fist numb, and it was extremely painful.
However, Lin Ziming had nothing to do, not even a piece of swelling, this scene was really too shocking, too subverted!
“This, this is impossible!!!”

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