A Life Upside Down Chapter: 2054 by NovelsYou

Chapter: 2054

When Zhong Fan saw this scene, he was very anxious and nervous, but there was nothing he could do.
This is in Scott’s territory, with hundreds of strong thugs around, even if he wants to save Lin Ziming, he can’t do it.
Now he regretted it very much. He had known that Lin Ziming was a troublemaker, so he would not bring Lin Ziming over!
Now he is not only regretful, but also full of resentment, not only to Lin Ziming, but also to his aunt Liu Suhong. If Liu Suhong asked him to take care of Lin Ziming, this would not happen.
It’s good now, when such a big thing happened, he felt that he was being roasted on the fire!
Not only him, but the dudes who came with him are all very nervous and scared now. Don’t look at their bragging yesterday, saying that they are awesome, but when they really encounter things, they are still very nervous. Coward.
For Lin Ziming, in the face of these subordinates, he simply didn’t take it seriously, including Scott, they are all ants. How can people be afraid of ants?
When these two subordinates walked in front of him and shot at him with a grinning smile, the expression on his face didn’t change. They seemed to shoot casually, as if they were slapping two mosquitoes. The tall subordinate was immediately slapped to the ground by his slap, and he passed out to death.
That speed is so fast that it looks to others that those two tall men are just as paperless and vulnerable.
Originally, Zhong Fan was ready to watch Lin Ziming’s unlucky scenes, but when he saw this scene, his eyes widened and he could only feel unbelievable. What is this? Lin Ziming is a trash, when did it happen? Strong force?
Lin Ziming’s shot made everyone subconsciously stunned. There was no expectation that Lin Ziming would stun the two seemingly majestic subordinates so easily, and it seemed that it was completely effortless.
Even Scott was stunned for a moment. Then he reacted, squinted his eyes, looked at Lin Ziming with interest, and said, “It seems that I missed you. You are still a supernatural person. .”
There was a smile on his face, but there was a half smile in his eyes. On the contrary, it looked so cold that the surrounding air was frozen.
After such a thing happened, the atmosphere of the audience suddenly became different.
Originally, most of his subordinates were still playing billiards, but after Lin Ziming took the shot, they immediately surrounded him, staring at Lin Ziming, Zhong Fan and many dandies.
Their eyes were particularly frightening, full of coldness and murderousness, making Zhong Fan and others tremble with fright, and they were about to cry.
Zhong Fan pointed at Lin Ziming angrily and cursed, “Are you crazy!? You rubbish, you dare to hit people, you, you, you…I’m f*****g dying to be exhausted by you!”
Now that Zhong Fan looks like this, it can be said that he is terrified to the extreme, and he is extremely hated and hostile to Lin Ziming, as if Lin Ziming is his father-killer enemy. .
Not only him, but the dudes also yelled at him one by one, and also begged Scott for mercy, and had a clear relationship with Lin Ziming, saying that they didn’t know him.
Seeing this situation, Lin Ziming felt disappointed again in his heart, but he was not surprised, because he also expected this, he never expected how courageous and brave these dudes would be. If they have this kind of virtue, they will not do nothing all day long, eat and wait for death.
To put it bluntly, such a dude still has to be cured.

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